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The Firebird Travels

To The Firebirds!
Nuttin' but tire squealin engine revving Mustang eatin speed limit cheatin road beatin lady pleasin Firebirds, Formulas, and Trans Ams! 'Nuff said.

Long Distance Love
For the ones who have to drive to see their sweethearts, cutie pies, tenderonies, babies, honies, sugardaddies, pookies, snugglebunnies, and all the rest of them names you won't say around other people.

Give 'Em The Bird Again and Again and Again!
Click on this link for more information about my 1991 Firebird, my 1995 Firebird, and my 1996 Formula!

The Freaknik Travels
Freaknik 1998 has come and gone, and once again, it was the wildest party on the face of the earth. Click on the license plate to get a glimpse of The Black College Spring Break.

A Documented Road Trip to Freaknik 1996
Click on the license plate for some samples from Freaknik 1996.

Here I go...back on the road again...
Revised: 2017-0113