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Sue Lee: alwaiis dere when yoo need her ;] she makes the most funniest joke but not on purpose haha thats what i love bout her she dont try to be funny haha she was born funny...<3 lover yuu suee xP we gotta hang more

Jennie Seng: so cutee *(;< everytime she laugh, you gotta laugh too ;]* omfg she have this smile that makes her extremely cute hehe xD loverr yuu manqs<3

Jenny Oh: one of my best friend even if we had beef and shiet still loverr yuu manqs ;)* you were here foh me thick or thin and im here foh yuu thic or thin swty<3 lover yus

Grace Min: one of the prettiest and werdest friend >_<;; knew you since 5th grade harrharr we were mad titee and stupf...and was hoping to get to noe yuu MORE but...why dah fcuk yuu gotta move hunsss??? fcuk that!! imma tape yuu to my house hehee<3 lover yu

Susana Kim: once you get to know her haha you will love her liek crzy shes so cute and mad funny haha ;]* like jenniee she haff this smile that you cant resist manqs lolzz do i sound gay when i write tat? you cant resist her smile? HAHAHA well its the truth so...lucky for yuu felllahhs she SINGLEE ;]<3 loverr yuuu susanaaa

Amanda Chiu: my wifey number ONE!!!! haha lover yuu even thru.out beef and shit you still my wifey we be unseverable ;]* you gotta tutor me manqs cuz i noe foh a fact yuu gonna get to stuy I WANT YOUR BRAIN WHY YOU SO SMART!!!!!??? o0os yur my wifey hehe does that make me smart to?! hahhaha lover yuu<3

Vanessa Jan: hahaha this gonna sound gay but vanessa YOUR HOT hahahahahhahahahah jpjp she so cuteee though and guess what manqss?? she SINGLE uhoh!!!!! ^^ haha shes alwaiis here for you thru. thick or thin shes alwaiis here baking you up no matter what! we gotta hang out moree swtyy<33 lover youuuu

Susan Yang: oOohhs hehe i love lemons to susan hehehehheh

to be continue