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Morning Gold

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ABOUT THE ARTIST After graduating from high school and a stint in the Navy, I completed a course of study from Art Instruction Schools. I first studied oil painting with Virginia Blackmon in Texas, and later, with Foster Caddell at the North Light Art School in Connecticut, as well as privately with Mr. Caddell. I am listed in Who's Who in America and I am a member of Oil Painters of America. I have been associated with the Texas Fine Arts Association and the American Artists Professional League (AAPL), and I was accepted to show in the 1987 AAPL Grand National Exhibition. Several of my paintings have been reproduced on brochure covers and prints by the University of Texas School of Law. My work has been featured in North Light Magazine and the American Artist Book Club. I am the author of an art instruction book entitled Secrets From an Oil Painting Diary, published in hardcover in 1988 by Watson-Guptill Publishers in New York. Recently, I was a winner in a national portrait painting competition. The winning work was reproduced in a book entitled The Best of Portrait Painting, published in 1998 by North LightPublishers. I work primarily in oil, but also enjoy painting in pastel. The finished work is the result of several underpaintings and overpaintings and refinements until it is completed. Most of my oil paintings have a slightly textured surface, which is achieved by the use of bristle brushes. Paintings done in the photographic illusion style have a smooth surface and are worked entirely with sable brushes. My alla prima paintings are done in a freer style without attention to detail. I believe that art involves more than the hand and eye; it is inside the artist and must find a means of expression. Art must come from the heart. The personality of the artist should exhibit itself in his or her work. Art should reflect how an artist sees a subject and how he feels about it. Art is a tough subject and one which is never completely mastered. I believe that God gives us certain talents and abilities, but it is up to us to work and develop them. Early in my life, He gave me a love for art and a desire to emulate His creation in the form of paintings. As an artist, I simply paint what interests me and hope it interests other people enough to purchase and enjoy it. My work is in many private collections, including that of Mr. Travis A. Taylor, who owns about a hundred of my paintings. My studio and residence are located in an old Victorian house in Lufkin, Texas.