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Dream of a better World for all
and help make it happen.

Donating to charities will help us
awaken to a brand new World.
You can help make a diference in a small way, every day.
All it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Each click you make will generate a donation
from awakened advertisers (*)
who also care about our World.

Although consumerism has gradually destroyed
the natural resources of our once plentiful planet,
along with the many varieties of life that have evolved and lived upon her,
it is awakened advertisers who are now contributing valuable funds,
financially assisting in repairing the damage greed and consumerism
have inflicted on our world and all who live and breathe.

You can help eliminate

Dream of a better World for all
and help make it happen.

*No endorsement of the companies participating in any of the
following sites is either expressed or implied.


Helping Others: Links

Help Your Fellow Beings by clicking on the following links
.. a free way to help others!

The Hunger Site

Historically, visitors to The Hunger Site have generated over 4 million cups of staple food a month.

An estimated one billion individuals worldwide -- children, mothers, fathers, grandparents -- simply don't get enough to eat. Approximately 24,000 will die today. 75% of them are children. The Hunger Site is a proven way you can make a difference. Click today and every day!

Charities for Cancer is committed to cancer care, treatment and research worldwide and the organisations that are members of the program are located in many countries throughout the world.

By clicking here, donors contribute directly to many member cancer organisations, which are all non-profit.

Charities for Cancer

Reduce Global Warning

Global warming refers to an expected rise in global average temperature due to the continued emission of greenhouse gases produced by industry and agriculture which trap heat in the atmosphere. Higher temperatures are expected to be accompanied by changing patterns of precipitation frequency and intensity, changes in soil moisture, and a rise of the global sea level.

Reduce Global Warming

Save Old-Growth Forests

The Ecology Fund site currently provides six opportunities
for you to assist in saving wildlife, wildlife habitats and forests.

Save Old-Growth Forests for FREE! CLICK HERE!

Save Endangered Cats

Save endangered Jaguars, Snow Leopards and Tigers.
Simply visit the "Race for the Big Cats".
Choose a wild cat to support, then click to make your free donation.

Save Endanged Species

Save the Rain Forest

Over the last decade, 113 million rain forest acres
have been destroyed.
Of the 3,000 plants that have anti-cancer properties,
70% grow in rain forests.

Please also click the following text link to make a free donation to THE RAINFOREST SITE.

Save The Rainforests

Restore Forest Ecosystems

Help ENN, IKEA and American Forests' Global ReLeaf program plant trees! Every 20 clicks (but only one click is registered per day) plants a tree to restore forest ecosystems that provide clean air and water for everyone as well as habitats for endangered species and wildlife.

Restore Forest Ecosystems


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