SummerFire, AutumnRain:

One Boy's Story

Disclaimer: I didn't hire a lawyer, so this is just in plain English. This website is largely about my youthful sexual experiences, many of which were homosexual in nature. It's essentially autobiography and not fiction, and that should mean it's no different than someone else's autobiography, about a childhood spent collecting stamps, or competing in BMX events, or whatever. But some may consider it different, legally, and so I must say to you:
If you're not old enough according to the laws where you live to be reading this, you need to leave, now. Same goes for any of you who might be offended by explicit sexual descriptions.
I genuinely don't want an audience who doesn't want to be here, or isn't supposed to be here. This is not pornography. But some may disagree with me on that issue, and this statement is to protect all concerned. Okay?

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