Showdown Low-Down

We don't write stories about poison apples anymore.
We don't even talk about apples anymore.
We like sex and lots of it.  We like owning and fucking huge cars.
There's an oily black pistol pressed to the Temple of Allah.
The gun is shaking, the arm is shaking, the oil is spilling.
Today- America's image slips worldwide.
Today- There are no scheduled inspections.
Baghdad accuses them of spying.  We don't think they're spying enough.
Surely they can find some legitimate reason to pull the trigger.
I wonder... what does it feel like to hold 110 trillion cubic feet of
natural gas?  Or 112 billion barrels of Black Booze?
Meanwhile, back home, Lady Liberty takes a shower in the War Wash,
and I watch the Showdown Low-Down on Fox News.

DJG 2003