12 - 6 -01
Well, here it is December already...
time is going by quickly...
but it's been pretty great these past few months...
Saturday will be our 1.5 year anniversary for Taneesa and I!
Amazing...! We're doing terrific, it's great!
I've been shopping on ebay lately. Probably too much.
But I've bought some really awesome things.
75% of them are cds. Go figure.
But I have to stop, to let my savings catch up to where it was
before I got my debit card.
I got Liquid Liquid from Grand Royal!! Sweeet!
And I got This Rimy River from Ginkgo Press!! Wow, dreams come true...
Very cool! Check it out down below,
in the lower right corner of the page.
All photos by Daniel Gervais.
I haven't done any new ink drawings... I made an interesting painting awhile ago..
I should scan it in.
For now, look at the photographs, and please feel free to dowload some music!:
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Check out the  new art/photo additions below!

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Today's Picture is:
  Slow Neon

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