Focus is the Focus

   The lights are on and nearly everyone is home,

   drinking coffee and absent-mindedly fingering the light switches.

    The most dramatic shadows rest calmly on the off-white panels of the ceiling.

   The walls are wide and flat, leaving everything up to the imagination.

   There is a thick black pen sitting next to a shining lamp, but the pen is empty.

    They've poured the ink over every scrap of paper and stuffed the pages into their pockets.

   The coffee cups are abandoned and the room begins to clear out.

    The lights are left on, because they know the bulbs will eventually burn themselves up.

    The most dramatic shadows on the ceiling quietly wait, knowing that one day their source

   will die, suddenly, without warning.  And so will they.

                                                                                                                           - Daniel "DANGER" Gervais