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Setting up a Linksys EFSP42 Printserver for Linux

(redhat 7.3)

I have had one heck of a time getting my print server set up correctly, so I thought I would pass on the method for easiley making this work

There are only a few easy steps (which is different than many linux projects)

These things sound difficult but are actually quite easy. I saw this on a linux discussion board and followed the directions (except those extra parts I will mention)

Below is the web link to the Linksys product support page that explains this very well... except the very last part.

Linksys Product Support Page

Since those pages at vendor's sites have a way of dissappearing, I will copy that info here ... and then add my part:

My copy of the Linksys Product Support Page

Setting up the printcap the way that it is suggested in the links gives a "stair step" print. Instead of setting up this printcap file, open a console and type: printtool ... a printer window will open

You should have a working printserver for your Linux system

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