Who Are You?

[A encouragement originally posted

in my LiveJournal, 17 August 2007]

*sitting under a pear tree,
dave speaks with White Tiger,
the physical embodiment of human courage*

White Tiger: “So, you would like your name
to be famous all throughout deep heaven?”

dave: “yeah, baby, that would totally rock!”

White Tiger: *shaking his head sadly*
“How has the Faerie Queen, Titania,
put up with you these many years?

“If you wish to be ‘famous’ in heaven,
then your name should be feared in the dark realm.

“Come and follow me.”

*White Tiger touches the tree,
and it becomes a mirror, a portal*

dave: “hey, it’s like the mirror of Titania!
How did you do that? I wanna be able to do that!"

White Tiger: “God grants each creature
all the gifts it needs to become
all that God wishes it to be;
you would do well not to envy my gifts,
yet rather to seek to develop those you already have.”

*he steps through the portal, and dave follows*

*they emerge in a dark section of forest;
a fire burns, and a disheveled man sits before it;
as White Tiger and dave approach,
they see the man is holding a small kitty on its back;
the poor little thing is dead and sliced open,
and the man is using a piece of reed like a straw
to drink its blood*

dave: "Oh my God! where are we, the outer fringes of hell?"

White Tiger: "We are scarce five of the units you call miles
from your own home. The whole universe is fallen,
and Chaos is all about, not just in one place;
yet keep heart, the One reigns over all; watch and listen."

man: *noticing the Tiger*

"What have you to do with us, White Tiger?
Have you come to torment us before the appointed time?

*notices dave, and hoots for joy*

"Or have you come to bring us meat, blood,
and a soul to feast on?

*looks sad again*

"We need blood, but the Lord of Chaos feeds us only sand..."

White Tiger: "Peace, demon, answer only as I ask!"

*indicates dave*

"Tell this human why you fear me."

man: "The One we fear, for the One is opposite to our Master,
though our Master tells us one day he will replace the One,
...yet we scarce believe that, for we know our Master lies.

“And He-Who-Rose-with-the-Dawn, we tremble at his true name,
and we speak it never, for we fear his mighty power;
we know he sang the Song that called all things into being.

“The Faerie Queen is also known throughout the dark realm,
and feared greatly, for she lives in the One.

“And White Tiger likewise fills us with dread,
for he is aligned with the One,
and lives in the power of He-Who-Rose-with-the-Dawn.”

*points to dave*

"Yet you we neither know nor fear...who are YOU?"

White Tiger: *roaring* "Silence!
Your speech is ended, and your time here is done.
In the Name of the Name, the Power that Preserves,
I command you to come out of that man!"

*the man screams, as in agony,
and a screaming cloud of darkness
comes out of him*

man: *looking at the sad little kitty he disemboweled,
and the blood he has been drinking*

"Oh my God! What have I done?"

White Tiger: "You have lived your life out of alignment
with the One, and allowed darkness a foothold.
Go your way, and walk in the light;
and I will pray for you
that the Spirit of God would live inside you,
and the peace of God,
which surpasses all human understanding,
shall reign within you.”

man: *nodding in agreement*

"Let it be even as you say."

*walks away*

White Tiger: *looks sadly at the smashed body of the dead kitten*

*speaks to it softly, yet loudly enough for dave to hear*

"In the name of He-Who-Rose-with-the-Dawn, arise, little one.*

*to dave, it appears that time folds backwards
even while moving forward;
one second, there is a small dead body,
all blood and lifeless fur;
the next, there is a small gray tabby cat
standing as hale and whole
as if she had never been otherwise,
and nuzzling White Tiger's nose*

*White Tiger speaks to the risen kitty
in an ancient tongue,
that spoken by all the animals
back at the Dawn of Time*

*the little kitty listens,
but speaks not, for she is mute;
she cocks her head to one side and thinks;
then she nods gravely, just once,
and trots off into the woods*

dave: "Where is she going?"

White Tiger: "Here she will remain for a time,
fed by God's hand;
and hence a year and a day,
she will be found by a young girl,
who will take her home, and love and care for her.

"And through the love the girl has for this little creature,
she will learn things,
things about how God cares for each of the lost,
and for the smallest and most unloved of all,
for nothing under all Creation is unloved by the One.

"In the fullness of time,
this girl will write a book,
and the book will turn many of the lost,
the brokenhearted, and those bereft of hope
back to the Source of all hope.

"What did you see when we arrived here?
One of my small brethren, my little sister,
smashed, broken, and dead?
A sad thing in itself, yet I saw more;
I saw hearts broken, souls crying in great distress,
and a hole in deep heaven where they were meant to be.
Yet now the balance is restored
...would that you had eyes that could see such things."

*dave listens as White Tiger tells him yet again
of the things which were, the things which are,
and the things which must yet come to be*

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