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Samira Saeed

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Samira's Biography:

Real Name: Samira Ben Saeed

Birthday: January 10th

Place Of Birth: Rabat, Morocco

Nationality: Moroccan

Horoscope Sign: Capricorn

Usual Place Of Residence: Cairo, Egypt

     Social Status : Was previously married and then divorced from the Egyptian Musician Hany Mehana, Samira remarried an Moroccan Businessman who lives now in the United States Mostafa Naboulsi who changed her life completly. They have a boy called Shadi.

    LifeStyle : Samira loves calm, simplicity, and neatness she hates lies, betrayal and dishonesty. She is a very simple person with a very classy style. Her favorite Designers are : Sherrer and Fendi. Samira likes to wear earth colors and follows fashion only if it suits her. She like to apply her make-up by herself however when she goes on stage, Amira Akel from Syria takes care of her Make up.  Her favorite cosmetics brands are Christian Dior and Chanel and her favorite stone is of course Diamond. Samira is never afraid of changing her hair style or color and always like to try new styles only if she thinks that it will make her look good. Samira does not have any special or particular hairdresser. Samira's favorite flowers are the Violets. As for her Favorite Colors, she used in the past to like bright colors, but nowadays every color has its own special meaning for her.

    Eating Habits: Inspite of the fact that she cannot cook anything, Samira likes to eat a lot. Her favorite dish is "Harirra" a traditional Moroccan  Soup. She also likes to eat fish and adore Italian cuisine. Samira likes to eat sweets a lot especially French Patisserie.  She does not follow a regular routine diet and has been most of the time around her average normal weight.

    Favorites Stars : Samira's Favorite Actress are Julia Roberts and Jodie Foster and her Most favorite International Favorite Singer are Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. As for her Favorite  Arabic Singers she loves Abdel Haleem Hafez, Layla Mourad and Najat Al Saghira.

    Hobbies : Samira likes to read Arabic and French on her free time especially for Moroccan Writer Taher Bin Jaloun.  She also reads Arabic and International newspapers to stay aware of what's happening around in the world. Tennis is amongst her favorite sports. She also likes Rollerblading, and loves to practice it especially when she is in Paris. She's now teaching her son Shadi to rollerblade too. Samira like also to watch football games whenever she have the time and is a great fan of the Moroccan Team "Al Fateh" Samira loves to travel around the world and is most of the time on the run between Morocco, Egypt, Paris and The US (where her husband reside) . One of her favorite dislike is mathematics.. she was never so good at..!


Unfortunately the audio and video contents are not available now.

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