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Friday, 30 December 2005
A new start
Mood:  bright
Topic: Website News
It's been nearly a year since I last edited the website. Find that the old one was a little juvenile in it's page design, so finally revamped it this hol. I still prefer to stick to a simple main page menu but no more irritating 'sign guestbook' popup, you are stil very welcome to leave comments and email me any questions that you have on red-eared sliders. :)
I have been keeping res since 1995. I received my first res when my father's friend gave a res to us. it was smaller than my palm then but has since grown much and getting on in age. My second res was bought with the intention of giving it company. Unfortunately it died shortly because I didn't know how to take care of it then. I was only 10 years old then and thought that it is normal for the res to be scared of human. It keeps hiding beneath the pile of stones I put in it's container and didn't get sufficient sunlight. In the end its shell softened and it died.
My third res is still around now. It has a huge appetite but is extremely picky about it's food. It hates vege and loves prawns. I tried feeding it with vege but it just refused to eat but it seems to be surviving pretty well only on meat. I bought it in 1995 too.
A couple of years ago I bought another pair of res because I passed by a petshop and the coin-sized baby res looked really adorable. Baby res has very poor immune system. They both contracted sore-eyes. After much care, one of them survived but the other one died because it refused to eat. So I learnt a lesson. If your res ever contracted sore-eyes, no matter what, make sure it EATS. try all means, dangle the food in it's face, let it smell the food, leave the food before it if it's frightened and check that it eats. Clean it's tank regularly once it starts clouding. Let the turtle bask well in sunlight for some time each day.
So now I have three wonderful res. They are all as huge as 10 inches now! I hope in the near future I can get them a bigger housing, maybe an artificial pond or something cos currently they are living in a meter-long container and in the day I will let them out to crawl.
If you want to know more about res, please look at the care sheet section in my website.

Posted by blues/coolsliders at 1:09 AM WST
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