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                                                                         DRACO BOXER 

                                                                       (1999 to Jan 28th, 2002)

Draco was born sometime in the early 1999. His family had other things to do and did not take care of him. He had no food, and not enough water, and he was outside all the time. He had to bear the vagaries of the Texan weather---horrible heat in summer and then chilly winter. He also had to tolerate the mosquitoes. Being outside all the time amidst the mosquitoes eventually gave Draco Boxer heartworms. Draco was also very very thin. Then suddenly a group of people descended on him and took him away. They were people from the Houston SPCA. They then got in touch with the Lone Star Boxer Rescue who took him to their center. Draco Boxer was neutered and was treated for his heartworms. And that is when we went to see the Lone Star Boxers and got adopted by Draco Boxer. That day was the 26th of August, 2000. A warm sunny day. Draco Boxer entered our lives. And we entered his. Everything seemed so nice. Draco Boxer took us for long walks, showed us how to swim after ducks and generally terrorize all the small critters, starting from squirrels to kittens. Then in June 2001 Draco got a human sister. It was love at first sight for both of them. In September 2001 Draco became very sick. He was diagnosed with a rare and fatal form of fungal disease of the intestine, called pythiosis. Dracos holistic treatment started. Draco bravely fought his battle and on Jan 28th, 2002 at 3.05 a.m. Draco gave up. He decided it was time to go to the wonderful place called Rainbow Bridge.

I miss you big guy and I will always love you.


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