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Boxes of Pleasure

The shadows grew long as the sun began to set over the land they both loved. Once again the fight between day and night found the two lovers deeper in the blend of forever and always their passions ready to burst. Anthony and his beautiful love rode back to the Plantation and to the Castle they called,"Apolina," that sat nestled deep inside the lush green trees and flowers which surround the big estate. Riding naked on the grand steed, still feeling the afterglow of the love they made under the waterfall they rode hard as the sky grew darker and the night sets in. The moon was full,with only a yellow glow,reflecting the bats which flew in the dimming nights skies and the flicker of fireflies in flight like sparklers swirl against the blackness,calling out for their mates as all creatures do when they need their lovers.
Approaching the big house the horse began to canter as if it feared something it senses in the nights softly falling. Anthony looked back at her glowing eyes as they rode,his face was stern and no smile graced his rugged look. His words echoed in her soul,
"You are mine. You will remain mine for all time because you wished it so.”
They rode slowly upon the mighty horse as her deep eyes began to fill with slight traces of fear.
"As I love you greatly and I will never let you go."
Closer now to the big house so close they rode along past the red front doors and around the sides of the great home slowing to a trot around to the lower door which was made of heavy metal in the back of the Mansion. The door was very large and made of solid Iron and its lock big. In gold script were the words, "Always Love" emblazoned on the massive door. Anthony stopped his steed then dismounted,his naked body glowed in the darkness of the moons light and the eyes of his stallion turned an empty white. Quickly he reached up and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down off her horse and on her knees against the dirty earth below. His dark eyes were filled with the blank stare of pain without measure and the void of sorrow without end. He dragged her effortlessly across the lush lawn then down the stairs then slammed her against the big iron door she whisper softly,
"Don't hurt me Anthony I love you."
Her voice weak and the lawn felt rough against her naked bottom. Roughly he dragged her by her hair then opened the heavy door and threw her body inside turning only to lock the door bolting it shut. Anthony whispered firmly,
"There's no need to speak little one."
His voice sounded much rougher then she could ever remember it sounding.
The dungeon dark,he released her silky hair and she fell in a puddle on the hard dirt floor. Walking to the long stick matches he struck one then moved to each of the candles one by one while she cowered in a dark corner trying in vain to hide. The more candles that were lit the more she could see. The iron around the dungeons walls were lined with heavy swords which carresed golden hilts but each one was stained and rusty from countless battles the Master had fought long ago. More candles lit and now they all glowed an erie glow,more than fifty candles lit one by one revealing more of the dungeons vision to her beautiful eyes and her very soul. Shackles on the wall hung down and looked used,dirty with filth and rust,painted in pain from times they were used before as he searched for still greater pleasures for his loves. Whips coiled in circles made from wild leather hung against the walls in various sizes and the smell of burnt leather was everywhere. The candles flickered as her eyes adjusted to more then dim lighting,she could see a large Iron Cage,it's bars thick and it's door small yet big enough to crawl through. Its top domed and it was held in place with a thick chain which hung from the ceiling then around a large wheel mounted on the rafters and down to a wooden crank.
In the corner sat a large iron furnace and the scent of it's embers lingered around the dungeon. Anthony walked over to the cage and open it small door glareing at her. "Crawl to me here!"
His voice boomed around the room.
"No," She said timidly.. "
Crawl to me here please"
He reach for one of the larger whips and then slowly uncoil it.
"No." she said,
He reeled back his arm and sent the whip crashing down hard against the floor. She shouted,
"No Anthony!"
He walked towards her and then raised his strong arm once again then sending the whip crashing over her naked body...
"Now! Crawl into the Cage."
She screamed out in pain and pleasure,"Yes,Yes!."
Anthony watched her crawl slowly over the dirty floor made of stones and red clay. He raised his hand yet again then sent the whip crashing down against her slender back. She scurried into the cage as she felt her desires build. Anthony dropped the whip and slam the door shut. His voice boomed and rang out like a gun shot,
"Better!" He screamed,
Her small soft voice was still filled with love and sexuality,
"What are you going to do to me?"
Anthony said nothing then walked across the room and he grabbed the crank on the wall, slowly he turned it and the chain moved lifting the cage higher and higher as she held on to the bars and closed her tender fawn like eyes. Looking down she watched as Anthony donned a leather pair of chaps and leather vest and walked towards the blast furnace. He slowly open the door then reached down and picked up a shovel and threw more coal inside the opening of the big furnace and immediately the coals burst alive. The edges of the coal glowed white as it's heat began to fill the room. He turned and gazed at her as she held the bars of the cage naked and afraid,
"You are mine for all time,just as you wished"
Anthony's voice screamed over the flames of the furnace. He grabbed one of the many branding irons and slid it into the opening right into the hot coals jiggling it as the sparks flew around the furnaces opening. "No, Anthony! She whispered inside her scream. "Yes for it is I who loves you with every fiber of my being and you would have it no other way." He walked back as the branding iron which began to glow red then he move towards the big wheel and lowered the cage of Iron down to the filthy floor below. Slowly he opened the door watching her cling to the rails,
"Crawl out here now!"
"No," she hung on tight to the bars." you said maybe this will change your mind."
He reached for a small wooded box on the floor near the cage and then he opened it and the screams of rats raced through the room. He watched her eyes then threw the box into the Cage of Iron and the rats leaped out of the box scurrying along her toes. She screamed out with fear blended with passion. "Anthony!"
He laughed and she quickly scurried back out and hugged his leather covered legs, her ass resting on the floor was covered in flith and dirt.
"No, Anthony please."
Anthony yanked her hair once more and dragged her to the chains which hung from the wall, pulling her up and throwing her against it. Her face hit hard against the rocky wall and while she was dazed he reach for the chains and clamped her wrist into the iron shackles,then working quickly clasped her other wrist tightly. The candles flickered wildly as the fire in the furnace grew ever hotter. Her body hung from the wall with her slender wrist in chains. No escape but she didn’t wish for escape,her only wish was just to be taken by his storm,her feet barely touching the floor and her ass so creamy and round exposed to Anthony's eyes of pure fire. She moaned softly, "Anthony, no please."
He refused to listen,and she didnt show the secret sign they both agreed upon that would free her. He walked to the furnace then shook the branding iron,sliding it out of the furnace when it glowed more then white hot. He smiled softly..
"Oh, but Love yes,you are mine,for all times,for the rest of your life you will wear my brand and never forget me or whom you belong to and even in death my name will haunt your spirit."
Anthony move closer to her with the hot branding iron in his strong hand and as she leaned in against the rocky wall to try to find shelter he push the hot iron against the right cheek of her sweet ass and her flesh burned and smoke rose up from her searing flesh wound. Her skin sizzled as she screamed in passion and pain so loudly it frightened even the angels above that watched in horror!
"Hold still my Love!!"
Anthony's voice could barely be heard over the sound of her silky smooth burning flesh and the roar of the blast furnace. She reared up and he remove the iron from her skin and her leg buckled, it left it's mark, the mark of the crow,the outline of his black bird.
"There!" his voice softens,
"Your mine for all time."
“Thank You,” She cooed.
She screamed with desire and love, The candles flared up and shone brightly in the dungeon. Anthony moved back to the furnace then slammed the door shut,placing the branding Iron back in it's holder. Her whimpers went quietly unheard. He walk back then he slid off his leather pants exposing his hard thick throbbing cock, he stroked it slowly as she watched hungrily. He stopped and reached for the whip on the floor,picked it up and raised his arms then he brought the whip down against her creamy flesh,it seared her with pain and yet even more pleasure. Once again he rose the whip up and brought it crashing down against her creamy deilcate satin back!
"Mine do you understand? Mine!"
He threw the whip down as she screamed out in sweet pleasure. Walking closer to her he grabbed his cock and forced her legs apart with his feet, grabbing her hips firmly then he moved the head of his cock inside her tight plush ass. She moaned loudly as the head of his cock pushed in deeper and deeper. Anthony held her hips in place thrusting in again and again driving his shaft in until she could take no more and yet she longed for as much as she could get. She screamed out,
Slamming hard back and forth inside her more then tight ass, it spread wider with each of his masive thrusts but he pushed with passions fire and even deeper then all the way inside her dark pleasures then he held it there.She was breathing heavy as he reached around her body,then he pull her clit tight between his finger tips then pull it as he pinched it to the right and then the left and release it with a fast spank against her throbbing need. His cock moved again inside her darkness, faster inside her and slowly he glided it from her depths as she gasped out from the pressure of her ass banging at his will,hard full strokes they pushed back and forth as the candles flickered and the scent of burning coal mixed with the flames and the fires of hell,filled the room mixing with the scent of both of them. Relentlessly pounding in repeatedly as she screamed out loudly and with fear,his cock swelled as his thrust became deeper and fuller. His hands move over her nipples and he pull at them feverishly away from her body. Pure animilstic pain mixed with savage erotic pleasure. His cock lumbered inside her ass then exploded in a white fireball of lust deep inside her tight creamy bottom. Waves of orgasms rushed through both their bodies and they came hard together,his pumping became more fierce and forever wild. His shaft now slick with her love,he slid his wet cock out from inside her then walked back and grabbed his black leather chaps.He slid his chaps back on his strong legs then looked at her limp body hanging on the wall. Her beautiful head was thrown back and the cum ran down her perfect ass then down along her silky legs.up very large "You are mine remember that always because we love." The candles flickered wildly and she was too weak to utter a word. He walked to the big iron door unlock it and opened it looking back at her beautiful hanging body. "Mine!"
He SHOVED his long finger pointing at her,
And with that he walked out the door leaving her hanging by her wrist. Slowly he shut the door behind him whispering, "mine."
The door slammed closed. Anthony left her in the glow of the candles and she could hear the door lock behind her and she wondered when he would return to her and release her from these chains that bound her. The night cold outside the mansion and only the lonely owl could be heard in the distance,the horse they rode on still waited for him. He stroked the horse softly then mounted it briskly then rode off slowly looking back at the door of Iron and riding back into the night. "Mine." He repeated to himself...
"Mine." His words haunting.
He rode back into the deep forest on the plantation's grounds guided by the stars in the Heavens above...
"Mine." Back in the dungon she could almost hear his voice and she repeated softly,
“His because I love him."


*~Dalton Anthony~*