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Kenny Morin


Descendent of the Half Indian
Buffalo Hunter Joseph Morin

Updated  Winter 2013

New T-shirt for Red River Half breed Association here

New Pictures of me, family, and my car!  Still in counsel with government about land belonging to me under Section 31 of the Manitoba Act 1870.

Bonjour!  Welcome!  I have been busy, away from my acting gigs , dealing with an important issue regarding my heritage.  This is what I was doing fall 2000. Read on...

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    Bonjour and welcome!  Glad you could drop by!  Please bookmark my page -  if you're a casting agent, or if you are casting personnel for a film or television production, definitely do so!  I am an experienced character actor as my list of credits show!  My goal is to do a Western movie or two!  An adult-themed one, maybe, depends on the money!

I'm interested in carrying advertising banners relating to artists' pages or product, and to acting and drama.
If you would like to advertise on my pages, please write
Rates are negotiable.

    I like Blues artists like Lightning Hopkins,  John Lee Hooker,  Sonny Terry, Early Delta Blues Players and not to forget Dwight Yoakam and my fave, Hank Williams Sr.  Fave Actor Jack Nicholson.  For comedians Jim Carrey is my choice.

    Elvis Presley official site

My photograph page and stuff you find !

    Any Hank Williams Sr. fans out there I couldn"t be the only one  . I also like the Dixie Chicks, and their songs I heard on the radio - they shore is pretty things to shore look at!

    Hobbies do I got some well ya I do.  horseback riding is one of them.  Wish I had a girlfriend who owned some - we could go horseback riding on a daily basis,  riding in the woods, through the forest to some quaint secluded little water stream and maybe a picnic basket full of beef jerky or hotrod sticks, until we get tired of it - beef jerky or hotrod sticks.

    I also dig those new Hot Wheels 1:64 size that are coming out, like the 1970 Chevelle SS, 1968 El Camino SS, 1950's trucks, and 1930's cars, all with nice looking  paint jobs!

    I got myself a 1966 Olds F- 85 here's a picture of it - needs a lot of restoring now.  She's got 330 cubic inches under her hood, a nice 4 door sedan, maybe a rare Jet Star.

    My first car was a '62 Pontiac, with a 283 V8.  It was a good one, too bad I didn't have it today - I liked it because it was easy on gas and had power for an automatic, 'nuff said!.