A Review of "Search for Something Sweet"
by Mary Lou Sullivan

Bluzberry Pi plays a contemporary blend of blues and roots rock with a heavy 60's influence. It’s the sound of raw energy; blues with a hard edge that reaches inside and pulls at your soul. The beating heart of the band is Vinny Cervoni, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is equally adept at bending notes or coercing his guitar to cry and sing. Cervoni holds his audience spellbound with a dazzling display of guitar artistry, cranking out scorching leads on his Gibson ES-335 or his Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster.

“Search For Something Sweet,” Bluzberry Pi’s debut CD, highlights the band’s influences with an array of musical styles firmly rooted in the blues and guaranteed to get your feet tapping. “Crying in My Keyboard” is a rocking high-energy number that takes the blues into cyber space. “Here I’ll Be” features infectious rhythms, a catchy hook, tasty guitar solos and a horn section that adds to the exuberant feel. “Something Sweet,” the title song, is a heartfelt ballad featuring mandolin and the sweet sounds of Gina Bianco and Jennifer Russo on background vocals.

“Blue Eyes Cry the Blues” is a tender ballad with vocals that reflect the purity and innocence of the early 60s. The gritty sounds of Cervoni’s screaming guitar conjure up the pain of heartbreak in the lowdown “Monday Morning Blues,” a hard-edge blues tune punctuated by wailing harmonica solos.

The guitar cries and screams on “Losing My Mind,” an in-your-face blues tune that rocks with a vengeance. Jimi Hendrix is revisited in “Voodoo Tie,” a haunting number with unearthly background vocals. “I Could Fall” conjures up images of the 60s, with the heartfelt innocence of its lyrics and vocals and the sounds of a 12-string Rickenbacker guitar summoning up memories of the Byrds.

Cervoni fuses contemporary blues with a reggae beat and an early 80s feel in “Wander On,” which is highlighted by soaring, scorching Claptonesque guitar riffs. “Steppin’ Inn,” showcases his mastery of the guitar, and “Surf Rumble Vibe,” another instrumental, conjures up images of angry waves crashing on the beach.

“Search for Something Sweet” is a scintillating brew of dazzling guitar artistry, haunting melodies, infectious rhythms, and compelling vocals. It’s a debut CD with polish and punch that’s bound to give Bluzberry Pi the recognition it deserves.

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