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Updated January 15, 2009!

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[Players L-R: Roger Conner, Babe Ruth, & Albert Pujols]

 MLB Scores

Lineup Impact Percentage

Total Indepent Base Index is adjusted for the rated player's home ballpark, measured against the National League, American League, and when it applies, both leagues' mean. Additionally, I have added a value based timeline. These documented statistics are rounded off and are calculated from the Bill James Handbook 2010.
500 plate appearance minimum.

2010 Total Indepent Base Index Leaders

1. Alert Pujols .336
2. Prince Fielder .320
3. Joe Mauer .319
4. Adrian Gonzalez .313
5. Joey Votto .313
6. Derek Lee .311
7. Adam Dunn .307
8. Ben Zubrist .305
9. Lance Berkman .305
10. Hanley Ramirez .304

[Bill James in disguise.]

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