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Home At Last.

I found Penny on our DDEAF adoption pages. As soon as I saw her, I knew she belonged to our family. Luckily she was still for adoption and I became her new mom. Now the hard part. Finding a way to get Penny from Oklahoma to Florida. That's when Eli stepped in. Eli is a member of our deaf dog list and he offered to set up a transport to get Penny to Florida. Also helping Penny and me, was Kathy Skinner and her family. Kathy offered to pick up Penny from the owner and take her to her home until the transport was complete. Kathy and her family did a wonderful job of fostering little Penny, and even gave her her name of Penny. And they also discovered that Penny wasn't deaf at all!

While Kathy kept Penny, Eli went to work setting up a transport. Because of all his hard work and the wonderful people who donated their time to drive Penny along the way from Oklahoma to Atlanta, Georgia, where Wayne picked her up and flew her with him to Orlando, Florida, Penny is now home with me. She is the cutest, sweetest and best puppy you could ever ask for. Here are some pictures of her journey home and Penny with her new sisters, brother and cousins. Thank you everyone!!

Penny's on her way to Memphis
with Tom, Brenda and Donna.
Another picture before leaving for Memphis.
Penny getting love. Exhausted Penny - on to Birmingham.
Holley, Matthew & Cole Edwards - on her way again. Wayne, Sandy and Penny in Atlanta - almost home!
Penny in Florida. Penny and her new family.