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Andria D. Rogava:  List of Publications



International Journal Articles:



1.    Rogava A. D., Poedts S. G., & Osmanov Z.N.:

       Transient shear instability of differentially rotating and self-gravitating dusty plasma

       Physics of Plasmas  11, pp.1655-1662 (2004).


2.    Rogava A. D., Bodo G.,  Massaglia S., & Osmanov Z.N.:

   Amplification of MHD waves in swirling astrophysical flows

        Astronomy and Astrophysics  408, pp.401-408 (2003).


3.       Rogava A. D., Dalakishvili G., & Osmanov Z. N.:

   Centrifugally driven relativistic dynamics on curved trajectories

       General  Relativity and Gravitation 35, pp.1131-1150 (2003).


4.    Rogava A. D., Mahajan S. M., Bodo G., & Massaglia S.:

   Swirling Astrophysical  Flows – Efficient Amplifiers of Alfven Waves?

        Astronomy and Astrophysics  399, pp.421-431 (2003).


5.    Osmanov Z. N., Machabeli G. Z., & Rogava A. D.:

   Electromagnetic Waves in a Rigidly Rotating Frame

   Physical Review A 66, id 042103 (2002).


6.    Poedts S., & Rogava A. D.:

   Does Spiral Galaxy IC 342 Exhibit Shear Induced Wave Transformations?

   Astronomy and Astrophysics 385, pp.32-38 (2002).


7.    Bodo G., Poedts S., Rogava A. D., & Rossi P.:

   Spatial Aspect of Wave Transformations in Astrophysical Flows

   Astronomy and Astrophysics 374, pp.337-347 (2001).


8.    Khujadze G. R., Poedts S., & Rogava A. D.:

   Shear Induced Phenomena in Dusty Plasma Flows

   Astrophysics and Space Science 277, pp.135-138 (2001)


9.    Rogava A. D., Poedts S., & Mahajan S. M.:

   Acoustics of Kinematically Complex Shear Flows

   Journal of Computational Acoustics 9, pp.869-888 (2001).


10.Poedts S., Khujadze G. R., & Rogava A. D.:

      Acoustic  phenomena in electrostatic dusty plasma shear flows

      Physics of Plasmas 7, pp.3204-3213 (2000).


11.Rogava A. D., Poedts S., & Mahajan S. M.:

      Shear-driven Wave Oscillations in Astrophysical Flux Tubes

      Astronomy and Astrophysics 354, pp.749-759 (2000).


12.Mahajan S. M., & Rogava A. D.:

      What Can Kinematic Complexity of Astrophysical Shear Flows Lead To?

               Astrophysical Journal 518, pp.814-820 (1999).


13.Rogava A. D., Poedts P., & Heirman S.:

      Are Galactic  Magnetohydrodynamic Waves Coupled?

      Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society 307, pp.L31-L37 (1999).



14.Poedts S., Rogava A. D., & Mahajan S.M.:

      Velocity Shear Induced Phenomena in Solar Atmosphere

      Space Science Reviews 87, pp.295-298 (1999).


15.Rogava A. D., Berezhiani V. I., & Mahajan S. M.:

      Acoustic Phenomena in Relativistic Shear Flows

      Physica Scripta 58, pp.622-627 (1998).


16.Poedts S., Rogava A. D., Mahajan S.M.:

              Shear Flow Induced Wave Couplings in the Solar Wind

      Astrophysical Journal 505, pp.369-374 (1998).


17.Rogava A. D., Chagelishvili G. D. & Mahajan S.M.:

      Shear-Langmuir Vortex: An Elementary Mode of Plasma Collective Behaviour

               Physical Review E 57, pp.7103-7110 (1998).


18.Chagelishvili G. D., Khujadze G. R., Lominadze J. G.& Rogava A. D.:

      Acoustic Waves in Unbounded Shear Flows

      Physics of Fluids 9, pp.1955-1962 (1997).


19.Rogava A. D., Chagelishvili G. D. & Berezhiani V.I.:

      Velocity Shear Induced Effects on Electrostatic Ion Perturbations

               Physics of Plasmas 4, pp.4201-4204 (1997).


20.Chagelishvili G. D., Rogava A. D. & Tsiklauri D. G.:

      Compressible Hydromagnetic Shear Flows with Anisotropic Thermal Pressure

               Physics of Plasmas 4, pp.1182-1195 (1997).


21.Rogava A. D. & Khujadze G. R.:

      General-relativistic Model of Magnetically Driven Jets

               General Relativity and Gravitation 29, pp.345-356 (1997).


22.Mahajan S. M., Machabeli G. Z., &  Rogava A. D.:

      Escaping Radio Emission from Pulsars: Possible Role of Velocity Shear

               Astrophysical Journal Letters 479, pp.129-132 (1997).


23.Rogava A. D. & Mahajan S. M.:

      Coupling of Sound and Internal Waves in Shear Flows

               Physical Review E 55, pp.1185-1188 (1997).


24.Chagelishvili G. D., Rogava A. D., & Tsiklauri D. G.:

      Effect of Coupling and Linear Transformation of Waves in Shear Flows

               Physical Review E 53, pp.6028-6031 (1996).


25.Rogava A. D., Mahajan S. M. & Berezhiani V. I.:

              Velocity Shear Generated Alfvèn Waves in Electron-Positron Plasmas

      Physics of Plasmas 3, pp.3545-3555 (1996).


26.Machabeli G. Z., Nanobashvili I. S. & Rogava A. D.:

      Centrifugal Acceleration Surprises

               Izvestia Vuzov Radiofizika 39, pp.39-45 (1996).


27.Tsikarishvili E. G., Rogava A. D. & Tsiklauri D. G.:

      Relativistic Hot Stellar Winds With Anisotropic Pressure

      Astrophysical Journal 439, pp.822-827 (1995).


28.Machabeli G. Z. & Rogava A. D.:

      Centrifugal Force: A Gedanken Experiment

               Physical Review A 50, pp.98-103 (1994).


29.Tsikarishvili E. G. & Rogava A. D.:

      Linear Hydromagnetic Waves in an Ultrarelativistic, Collisionless Plasma with a Pressure


      Physical Review E 50, pp.3050-3054 (1994).



30.Chagelishvili G. D., Rogava A. D., & Segal I. N.:

      Hydrodynamic Stability of Compressible Plane Couette Flow

              Physical Review E  50, pp.4283-4285 (1994).


31.Rogava A. D. & Tsiklauri D. G.:

              The Structure of the Accretion Disk Boundary Layer Around a Rotating, Non-magnetized Star

              Astrophysics and Space Science 204, pp.9-18 (1993).


32.Rogava A. D.:

      Viscous Shear in General-Relativistic Astrophysical Flows

               General Relativity and Gravitation 25, pp.1175-1183 (1993).


33.Rogava A. D.:

              General Co-moving Frames in Stationary and Axissymetric Metrics

      General Relativity and Gravitation 24, pp.617-624 (1992).


34.Tsikarishvili E. G., Lominadze J. G., Rogava A. D. & Javakhishvili J. I.:

      General Relativistic Hydrodynamics of Collisionless Plasma in Strong Magnetic Field

               Physical Review A 46, pp.1078-1083 (1992).


35.Chagelishvili G. D., Lominadze J. G. & Rogava A. D.:

      Fast Variation of Cygnus X-1 and Related Sources

               Astrophysical Journal 347, pp. 1100-1106 (1989).


36.   Chagelishvili G. D., Lominadze J. G., &  Rogava A. D.:

      Millisecond Variability of Black Hole Candidates

              Advances in Space Research 8, No. 2-3, pp. (2)211-(2)215 (1988).



Local Journal Articles


1.    Machabeli G. Z., & Rogava A. D.:

       On the Possibility of the Centrifugal Force Reversal in Removable Gravitational Fields

        Journal of Georgian Physical Society 3, pp.1-6 (1996).


2.    Rogava A. D.:

   Special-relativistic Flows of Viscous, Incompressible Fluid

        Journal of Georgian Physical Society 3, pp.7-15 (1996).


3.    Kahniashvili T. A., Lominadze J. G., Rogava A. D., & Chagelishvili G. D.:

        On the Generation of a Large-scale Magnetic Field by Turbulence in Relativistic Accretion Disk

        Bulletin of Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory 68, pp. 167-176 (1989).


4.    Rogava A. D.:

   Hydrodynamic Instability and Transition to Turbulence in the Relativistic Region of the Black Hole

       Accretion Disk

       Bulletin of Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory 68, pp. 177—190 (1989).







Conference Proceedings


1.    Poedts S., & Rogava A. D.:

   Nonmodal phenomena in differentially rotating dusty plasmas

   AIP Conf. Proc. 537, pp.76-83 (2000).


2.    Rogava A. D., & Poedts S.:

   What May Spring up in Solar Tornadoes?

        Proc. of the 9th European Meeting on Solar Physics (Firenze, Italy, September 12-18, 1999), Ed. A.

       Wilson, ESA Sp-448, pp.355-360 (1999).


3.    Chagelishvili G. D., Chkhetiani O. G., Khujadze G. R., Rogava A. D. & Tevzadze A. G.:

        Mutual Transformation of Waves in Smooth Shear Flows

   Proc. of the IMA conference ``Wind-over-Wave Couplings: Perspectives and Prospects" Oxford

        University Press, Oxford pp.169-175 (1998).


4.    Chagelishvili G. D., Lominadze J. G., & Rogava A. D.:

   Problem of Non-Rotating Black Hole Accretion Disc Main Energy  Release Region Extension

   Proceedings of the Joint Varenna-Abastumani International School & workshop on Plasma

       Astrophysics, edited by T. D. Guenne ESA SP-285, Vol.1, pp. 265--269 (1988).