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True Love Lost

There was a time when all was right;
When the moon was full and the stars were bright.
From that day when we first met,
I knew for sure my life was set.
Not meeting you sooner than we had met,
Was one regret that we both shared.
Your eyes,your face,so Perfectly formed,
Just one glance could keep me warm.
You stripped my heart of all past hurts,
And filled it with your loving words.
You and me,we both didn't hide,
Our hopes and dreams,for which we'd fight.
But then he came,to claim your heart.
He claimed you his,right from the start.
Just like that ,you walked out on me.
With tears i thought:how could this be?
Within my heart were little cries,
playing back the hurt and lies.
I fell for you;i didn't know why
I don't know why and i won't know why.
From the moment you were gone,
An emptiness in me was born.
I think about the hurt and lies
Was it your fault or was it mine?
I'd have to think of us as two,
And mend this shattered heart anew.
The wound has closed but the scar remains,
From the hurt and pain i have sustained.
What love i've found i've kept in me,
But not where you were supposed to be.
Kept vacant for you till the end of time,
And till these words of mine don't rhyme.
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