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Always on my mind

The sun is setting now on the day that I last saw you.
the day that I last held you.
the day that I last kissed you.
But although we're apart and the skies might look grey,
We're never really alone because we have bonded.
and our minds have bonded.
and our hearts have bonded.
The twisted piece of steel that we call a train,
is taking me away from you now,
and every inch brings more pain to my heart
and more memories to my mind,
and more tears to my eyes.
But there will come a time, soon,
When we'll once again look into each other's eyes,
and into each other's hearts.
And say "I need you"
and "I want you"
and "I miss you"
and "I love you"
When that time comesmy heart will rejoice.
But until then I'll wait and anticipate.
And I'll love you. Always.