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Habitat for Humanity: Calcasieu Area Inc.

Habitat for Humanity
Calcasieu Area, Inc.
Lake Charles, LA 70602
P.O. Box 638
P:(318)497-0129 or F:(318)478-5059

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What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity: Calcasieu Area, Inc. is a non-profit ecumenical Christian housing ministry. Established in 1992 as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity: Calcasieu Area, Inc. is dedicated to building decent, affordable homes in partnership with qualified persons, community volunteers, area churches and businesses. The houses are sold to those in need at no profit and with no interest charged.

Since 1992, Habitat volunteers, partner families and area businesses have built eight houses in the Lake Charles area. At least fifteen houses will be constructed between September 1999 and August 2002.

Bell South Telephone Pioneers website showing our first Blitz Build in Lake Charles.Click Here

Worldwide, Habitat for Humanity affiliates have built more than 71,280 houses, providing over 300,000 people in the more than 2,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter. Another Habitat house is completed approximately every 45 minutes, worldwide. According to Builder Magazine, May 1999, Habitat is the 19th largest homebuilder in the US in units completed in 1998.

How much does a Habitat house cost?

Locally, Habitat houses are being constructed for $38,000 - $40,000. Our costs are kept low due to volunteer labor and simple house plans. Qualified families purchase these Habitat homes through zero-interest loans carried by Habitat for Humanity with monthly payments based on 25 percent of the family’s income. Our mortgage payments have historically been between $150.00 - $250.00 per month. Monthly house payments include an escrow for insurance and taxes. Habitat homeowners must also pay a $400.00 down payment at closing. Mortgage payments are reinvested into the local Habitat program to fund future house constructions.

How do you qualify for a Habitat house?

Our Family Selection Committee selects families to partner with Habitat on the basis of NEED, WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER and ABILITY TO PAY. Applicants must be in need of adequate housing, be low and be willing to partner with Habitat by volunteering 400 hours of “sweat equity?helping to build their and other’s houses. Partners must be able to make monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, maintain the home and pay a $400.00 down payment. The Habitat Family Selection Committee reviews applications; pulls credit reports on the families and conducts a home visit to determine the family’s current living conditions.

Where does Habitat raise the money to build these houses?

Financial donations come from generous individuals, churches, synagogues, charitable foundations, civic organizations, business and industry. Habitat also relies on significant gifts of new building materials from local suppliers and the donation of lunches for our volunteer crews from area restaurants. Habitat does not accept government money for construction purposes. Government funds can be used only for the limited purposes of infrastructure development and administrative costs.

Where does Habitat build these Houses?

Habitat’s has build areas located in the North Lake Charles and North Oak Park and Central Lake Charles areas. The affiliate is currently expanding to build houses in western Calcasieu Parish. We are in the process of fundraising to acquire the land and start building our first house in Sulphur.

What is the Partnership Subdivision?

The Partnership Subdivision is the first subdivision being built by our affiliate in the Calcasieu area. It is located on property that was donated to Habitat on Pack Road near the Habibi Masonic Temple. Habitat has received an $80,000 SHOP grant/loan from Habitat International and HUD to develop the infrastructure on the property for eight building lots. The development will be built in two phases. Phase I consists of the infrastructure work (road, curb, sewer, water, etc.) and four houses to be completed by August 2000. Phase II consists of construction of four houses that must be completed by August 2002, under the terms of the grant.

Special Build Events

Building On Faith, September 2001. Area Churches of all faiths are being asked to join us as we build a church-sponsored house during Building on Faith Week, September 10-16th, 2001. The week will conclude with special prayer services on the International Day of Prayer, Sunday, September 16, 2001.

If you want to contribute to this cause, mark your donation as “West Calcasieu Project"

How Can I Get Involved?

Habitat is one of the easiest organizations to get involved with, where you will see immediate, tangible results from your efforts. Imagine the satisfaction of starting with an empty lot, clearing it, having a foundation poured, then framing and finishing a house for a family in need.

To become a volunteer or supporter, please call us! We need skilled and unskilled construction volunteers, as well as people to work on a variety of non-construction Board committees or as staff in our office. A variety of house sponsorship levels are also available. The only prerequisite for working with Habitat is a desire to make a difference in the life of a family in need and in the community.

Habitat for Humanity: Calcasieu Area, Inc.
P.O. Box 638
Lake Charles, LA 70602
Tel. (318) 497-0129 or (318) 478-5059

Habitat welcomes all men and women for employment and home ownership regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, marital status, age or national origin/ethnicity. Habitat for Humanity: Calcasieu Area, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Housing Agency. The Excitement Is Building!

As of March 24, 2000

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