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XSarah's DouchinessX

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Mood:  party time!
Now Playing: Drink Drank Punk
hell fucking yeah man! Weed's the fucking shit! i love it to death... i used to not do drugs. then i ran into Rachel from Quincy and got a little from her... the more crystals, the quicker yew get high! haha.. it's some good shit, and when you're high it releves stress cause you do so much stupid shit that you end up laughing forever about it haha... but then i ran into Robbie. an endless mistake to make it more i ono what the word is, but yeah! haha... he broke me heart cause i was doing weed and i loved him (and still do, i dun think he knows though, tehe)so fucking much i decided to quit... yet, now he's i take it trying to get over me so now i'm back on the shit... yet, i'm keeping it on the down low... and my best fucking fwend, STEPHANY! she's kinda upset about it too... i'm stopping though, hehe... if she doesn't like it, then i don't!

Posted by blog2/vandalteardrops at 4:40 PM
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Sunday, 19 June 2005

Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Kittie - Choke
GUYS GURLS LOVE!!! gag me! Haha. I could just drown in that tortured and painful thoughts of agony. Tempted wounds envied by a blade. Not no more. I've given up on love. Fuck love! Suicide genocide. I'm done letting love hurt me! Every guy has hurt me in so many ways! It's not cool, man. I have feelings for my good friend, Stephie Douchie. She's too kick ass though and I'd hate to lose her over Love. Robbie was a guy I had like the wrost crush on. It took many efforts to get over him. He hurt me so much. Everyone kept telling me to be strong and get over him. Finally, I met Dustin. My loveing bf. I love him a ton. He's nice, funni, and we have a lot in common. I enjoy his love being embraced in my arms. Forever Loveing Dustin. I hope we never fade!!! <33333

Posted by blog2/vandalteardrops at 6:00 PM
Updated: Monday, 20 June 2005 7:12 AM
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Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Mudvayne - A World So Cold
Okay. Friends. First off, there's Stephany Marie Oanes. MY douchie! I love her to death. I wish she lived in California and not Wisconsin. Tear. I still enjoy sending and recieving her letters, talking to her on the phone. Good times, man! She's been there for me a lot more than most of my other friends. I've known her for at least 3/4 years. She understands me the most, too ICH LIEBE DU STEPHANY!!! Then there's Athena Crystal Rydberg who I've known about as long as Stephie Wephie. I love her TOOOOOOOOO. Me and her have fun times skateboarding, prank calling people and just being total dorks we are. She's so fun and out going... I don't think I can be happy and stupid around anyone else, but her! Keep it real home girl!!! \m/!
Alisha Espindola... She's local. She's fun to be around at times. I enjoy her clumsiness, hehe. She's not some chick that just hangs with me so she's not bored. She's a good and true friend who doesn't talk smack. I love her!!!
Cora Pixton (i think her last name's Pixton, hehe). She goes by Kylie, though. She rocks my sox man! I've known her for about half a year, we've gotten into some childish fights that i can't remember what they were about (it's all good though!) and I still love her ass! She's so gorgeous and fun to be around at times. Some times she'll just say "lol" that really buggs me, too. She's there to care and lend a helping hand when i need one, though. I'm glad to have her, she's given me pretty good advice too, now i'm more comfortable with myself, not some suicidal freak!!! I LOVE KYLIE!!!And then there's Jenny. I've known her for about half a year too. She's cool. We don't talk often anymore, I still love her though.
JAKIE WAKIE!!! I've known him for about 2 years. He's so awesome man! I don't have many guy friends. Most hate me. Hehe. But Jake, he's awesome man! We have so much in common. He's hot too! Then there's Sara... aka Pretty Toy, Cyber Trash, and Synthetic Dollie... she's my chat room buddie. I met her in Graveyard 2. I don't even have her added, but I talk to her pretty much everytime she's in there. I love her a ton! She told me about Skinny Puppy, and awesome band... now I can't stop listening to them!!! OMG! I almost forgot Josey!!! Josh Ree's (my ex bf too) ex gf... she's just like Athena. She loves being stupid. She kicks so much ass I LOVE HER!!!
I was in AZ for a bit and i met a good person name Jade Convery. She goes by Zoe, though. She told me about The Vandals. An awesome band. Now I love them. I love her too. She's so cool!!!

Posted by blog2/vandalteardrops at 5:55 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 21 June 2005 2:28 PM
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Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: S.O.A.D
Everytime you drop the bomb you kill the god your child has born. God, why send the poor? The Government should fight in the War. Making innocent others die for freedom that doesn't affect them. Fuck the Government! Leave us be is what I say. Fuck you if you dissagree! This is our country, and we're gonna take orders from the Government to free others being harmed in Iraq, when more of us is getting harmed. Psh! Fuck that!

Posted by blog2/vandalteardrops at 5:45 PM
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