Under the radar in San Francisco

Hi. My name is Seth. Welcome to my web page. Either you have found this accidentally or, more likely, you have been personally (if not specifically) invited here by one of the scraps of paper with this address on it that I have been leaving around the City. Either way, I hope you’ll be entertained enough to make your way back here for the future updates, which will occur about once a week. But I’m getting ahead of myself… We haven’t even been really introduced yet, so let’s dive right in:

As I said, my name is Seth. I am 21 years old, a ~ahem~ virgin, and one of the newest residents of San Francisco. I moved here from Massachusetts in August of 2004, and this will be my account of my experiences here --the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. Oh, and speaking of ugly, I should also mention upfront that I am gay, so all you horny straight boys who were hoping for “beaver shots”, as the guys on my baseball team liked to call them, are out of luck. This site will be a description of my experiences in the gay social scene in what is quite possibly the most gay-friendly city in the United States.

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