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A ballad is a poem with verses. They have rhythm and are frequently found in song form. The traditional format for a ballad is ABCB or ABCBDB.


Hateful Love


I really hate your stupid jokes

I hate your silly hair

I hate the way you look at me

I hate the fact I care

I hate your views on everything

It really is unfair


Unfair that you are on my mind

I can hardly sleep

You're all I ever think about

My love is far too deep


Why do I adore you

Please tell me what's to blame

Then comes the obvious question

Do you feel the same


I hate that I can't tell you

I hate that you can't see

I hate it when you blow me off

You mean so much to me

I hate the fact I've found the door

And yet I've lost the key


But the thing I really hate the most

I don't know what to do

Is that all the things I hate so much

Are the things that makes you, you

That's why I don't understand

You stupid boy its true

That when I look into your eyes

The one I love is you