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Kwon Sang Woo's Profile

Kwon Sang Woo



Birthdate : August 5th ,1976
Birthplace : Dae Jeon
Blood Type : O
Religion : Christian
Hobbies : Swimming, Health club, Basketball, boxing
Height : 182 cm (6')
Weight : 70kg (154 Lbs)
Family : Mother, Elder Brother , Sister in Law, Niece
Education : Dae Jeon elem./ Dong Myung mid./ Chung Nam high./ Art Education Department of HanNam University

Movies he's been in :
Hwa San Goh [ Volcano High -2001 ]
Il Ddan Dwee Uh [ Just Run - 2002 ]
DongGab NehGee GwahweehHaGi [ My Tutor Friend - 2003 ]
SK telecom Sehgyeh Chwehcho Mobile Movie [ my good partner ]
Maljok Gori Janhoksa [Miracle On The Han - 2004 ]

TV shows/ Dramas he's been in :
MBC miniseries - Masheehnnen chunghon [ Delicious Proposal ]
SBS Open Drama - Nam Gwa Yuh
SBS Drama - Shinhwa [ Legend ]
SBS Drama - Jigeumun YunAe Joong [ We're Dating Now ]
SBS Drama -Taeyang SokeuRoh [ Into the Sun ]
SBS Drama - Chun Gook Ui Geh Dan [ Stairway to Heaven ]

CF ( Commercial Film ) :
Kookmin Passcard
Hang ten
Ice cafe
Ibros Model
Biltmore Model
Hite Beer
KTF Fimm
Han Nam University
KTF Anycall

Music Videos he's been in :

Ji Young Sun - First Love 
Jo Sung Mo - Ace of Sorrow
Papaya - Smile Smile
Project X

Awards :
Rookie award of 2003(Baek Sang Film Award)
Rookie award of 2003(Dae Jong Film Award)




Favorite looks : Gym suits, Jeans
Goals : Painting Artist
Close Celebrity friends : Song Seung Hun, Park Jung Chul, Kim Young Jung, Lee Yi Jin
Favorite Foods : all Korean food, DdukBuhKee, Sashimi, Fruit
Actor/Actresses he likes : Jung Woo Sung, Song Kang Ho, Sul Kyung Gue

Favourite Movies
: 'Just Run' of course!  and 'Going Home'
Favourite Season : Spring
Favourite Cologne :" I don't really have a favourite scent, but i like anything that my fans send me ^^ "
Favourite Song to Sing at Noraebang : Kim Jang Hoon's " babo "
Favourite Words : Hope, Dream

Dream girl : Good personality and has nice skin
Sport that makes him happy : Weightlifting and Basketball
The movie that made You the happiest : Cinema Heaven
The time in his life that he will always remember : Middle school because his school was really small
The place he travels to most often : California ( a gymnasium..^^  )
His Happiest moment : When he gets to personally meet his fans
His Saddest moment : " Hmm...i don't really know. Lately, because of my fans, I've been really happy "
His Fashion style : Anything comfortable
The time he falls asleep : 2-3 in the morning
Something he values : his Aprilia custa scooter
His handphone decoration : Mashimaro Bunny ^^
People he values : His Mom and Brother
Words for his fans : "I'm always thankful for you guys...I want to see and talk with you guys often "

credits : his official homepage, Hayanjangmi ( translations ) and little information from Soompi & Sangwooforever






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