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Mes Amis

If your still here, you have must have too much time on your hands. But as your still here, let me introduce some of my friends:

Lauren (a.k.a Miss Conspiracy Theory)

Ah, yes. Lauren is my best friend. She spends her free time coming up with obscure theories. For example, when we were in seventh grade, our school took our entire grade on a "wilderness bonding trip". After dinner the first day we were there, she tells me, "Sarah, they brought us out here to kill us. They're going to put rat poison in the food and kill us all!" Low and behold two years later we're all alive and kicking. Lauren is on the school fencing team, and she's pretty good. I mean in the last tournament she was in she got third. Did I mention that she got third out of three? But that really doesn't mean anything because no one really fences in this great hick-state of ours. And she can kick my butt, but seeing as I just started, I would hope so. Lauren LOVES Garbage(that would be a band, for those of you who don't know). Lauren's also a bit of a drama queen. She even has pj pants that say so. You have to love her for it, though. Lauren is in love with Alias, and I'll admit it is a good show, but man, her Sunday nights from 9 to 10 are taken. Poor thing, no new episodes until January. *evil laugh* She's a writer and writes short-stories and peotry in her spare-time. She's brilliant! Lauren's also an internet junky. Surprisingly enough, she and technology don't get all. She's what you might call technologically-challenged. She's trying to make a site now, Lord help her. It's not all that bad though, I applaud her efforts. Lauren and I, again, have no classes together, not even choir. Well, on with my crappy luck.

Dorothy (a.k.a. Puker)

Dorothy's a boarder at my school and we're on the crew team together. We'll have three classes together this year if you include lunch. Oh right, her nickname. Well...crew is a very demanding sport, and you push yourself every day. Well, during a competition, Dorothy pushed herself to hard and ended up regurgitating everything that she had had for breakfast. I don't think I need to say more. Also, Dorothy hates the word cute, especially if it's used in reference to her. Cute describes Dorothy to the nose, her nose in fact, and she hates it. So if ever you would run into Dorothy, don't call her cute unless you want to be hit upside the head with an oar.

Emily (she doesn't really have a nickname, but for the sake of argument, we'll call her Wild Child)

Emily's kinda crazy and always falls for the wrong guys, but what can I do about it? Why, join in on the fun of course, except for the whole falling for the wrong guys thing. In fact, she's dating a 17 or 18 year old that she met at work. Emily's smart, too, but she's a self-proclaimed slacker. What makes me sick is that I bust my butt to get good grades, and she does abosolutely nothing except show up for class, and she still manages pretty good grades.

Jennie (a.k.a. MatchMaker)

Jennie's a very "hands on" kind of person. She has to be involved, in other people's love life. I'll admit she's good at it, but... Jennie's a very bubbly person whenever she's had her sugar. Jennie's moods revolve around her sugar intake. Low sugar=depressed. High sugar=bouncing off the walls hyper and a lot of blonde moments. Did I mention she's a blonde? Don't get me wrong. She's really smart; she's just a blonde. Her hair matches her heart; they're both gold. An interesting fact about Jennie is that she has more lip gloss in her pencil bag than she has pencils and pens. Jennie's going out with McLain (a 250 lb football player/wrestler) it actually funny to see them together. McLain's continuously poking Jennie in the side and Jennie screams and them scratches him with her inch long nails....Ah ammusement at it's peak.

Mat (a.k.a. Hartje pronounced Heart-jee)

What is there to say about Mat? He's perfect in every way. He's sickeningly smart, nice, good looking, blah blah blah blah blah. In short, he makes us want to throwup, but we love him anyway. Mat's in my english class, so we both enjoy staring out the window and hitting our fingers rhythmically against the desk. He's in Crew, too. He's only been on the team for about a month and he's already really good. Excuse me while I go throw up now.

Maddy (a.k.a. Drummer Girl)

Maddy's awesome, there's no other word for it. She's an awesome drummer. Maddy's funny and off the wall. She's really tall, not that that means anything. She's just tall. She's in my english class, too. Instead of staring out the window, she entertains herself by drawing multi-colored cubes in her books. Right now our school's doing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Maddy plays a fairy. This is funny because she's so tall. She's more like the Jolly Green Giant.

Rick (Rick has no nickname at this point, so we'll use Boyfriend Extraordinaire)

Rick's one of those people whose easy to get along with. He's always nice and polite even if he isn't exactly fond of you. The only personality trait he can't stand is incompetence. It's his pet-peeve you could say. He's very intelligent(but not Mat smart, thank goodness!)and kind of quiet. He's on the fencing team, too. He got first place in the last tournament, out of one that is. But he's really good though. We're both in chem and geometry together. So we both share the thought that the Greeks had too much time on their hand's if they actually came up with all of the theorems and postulates. Euclid must have been the worst of all! Rick's a computer and html wiz. He likes strategy games, Halo, and Counter Strike. He's a cat person and he has one. One of his favorite songs is "Wouldn't it be Nice" by the Beach Boys. He's good looking, and really sweet. But then again, I'm probably being biased. If you want to know more about Rick, why don't you check out his site. (link below)

Michael (a.k.a. Ghandi)

Michael's kind of weird, to say the least. He likes randomly speaking in spanish, trying to be ghetto, and torturing...I mean enjoying himself swimming lord knows how many hours a week. Ah yes. Ghandi's a swimmer. Maybe it's all the chlorine that's put him off kelter. Who knows? Anywho, when Michael shaved his head for state, he ended up greatly resembling Ghandi. Hence the name "Ghandi".

Nyle (a.k.a. Buss Boy)

Let me go ahead and explain Nyle's nickname. Nyle's last name is Buss, so naturally, one formats a nickname off of a bizzare or unusual last name. Buss for instance. Nyle's another fencer. He's not as good as Rick; he's about as good as Lauren. He's a boarder from Kentucky and only listens to country music with the exception of Garbage. He also enjoys blankly staring past our english teacher as Mr. Loftin drones on about the Odyssey. Homer must die! Wait...He's already dead. Smart.

Liz (a.k.a. Liz, her real name is Sarah Elizabeth)

Liz hates to be called "Sarah Elizabeth" for reasons known only to her. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Liz is kinda crazy...Ok, really crazy...and she's kind of a spaz...Ok, so she's mondo spazmo(she said it, not me). She's a breath of fresh air in our mundane lives. Quirky and Crazy, that's about it. Oh, and she's on Varsity crew with me. I don't think our hands will be the same. For those who don't know: rowing gives you really bad blisters. She's taking half of the same classes as I am, but we aren't in a single class together. And she hates Bonitzcovich, our evil german Nazi geometry teacher, with a firey passion that burns with the heat of 1,000 suns. Yeah, we don't care for that women all that much.

Jennifer (a.k.a. Jen)

Jen has been a good buddy of mine since seventh grade. We were in the same math and french class then. In eigth grade we had all of our classes together. This year we have french and math together, but we both take chem. Jen's cool. She plays soccer, and she's really good at it. In fact, she was on the varsity team in the fall. Right now she's doing track(crazy runners). She's a blast to be around and never fails to brighten your day.