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About me

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Steven Boydstun(16) and I go to Klien High school in Houston, Texas. Im a very opened minded individual, and am not afraid to admit that I have expermented with drugs. I made this site because I believe a lot of people are mislead by many of the anti-drug propaganda out there. I have no intent to promote drug use. I only want to educate some of the people that are ignorant enough to believe everything they see on T.V. I'll continue to update this site regularly. E-mail me, about what you thing and what to add in the future, i read all my emails and and am open to any ideas. If anyone would care to right a story about how they were on a certain drug and wouldn't mind me posting it up here then please e-mail them to me.

My Favorite Movies

My Favorite past times