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PLAYGIRL Cover for May Issue Shocker

After months of rumors circulating throughout Morgantown and Kevin Pittsnogle's hometown of Martinsburg, WV, the nations worst kept secret was finally made official today. Pittsnogle will be featured as coverboy in this May's issue of Playgirl and will have a centerfold featuring two female dwarfs in WVU bra and panties. When asked about this controversial centerfold, Playgirl publicist Brent Rockwell reasoned, "We felt it was important to show just how large a man Pittsnogle is and the midget cheerleaders certainly gave us the contrasting look we were going for." Pittsnogle will be the second tallest Playgirl model ever, standing in at 6'11". The only taller Playgirl model ever was Ryan Kane, listed at 7'1".