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Wednesday, 14 May 2008
Important questions for 2008 assembly

Barb Zvatora                                                                     April 24, 2008 

2402 Kreston                                                                 

Terrace, B.C., V8G 0G2                                 

Mr. Nelson Leeson, President

Nisga'a Lisims Government

Tait Avenue

PO Box 229

New Aiyansh, BC V0J 1A0

Dear Mr. Leeson:

Nisga'a Lisims Government Internet Site appears to have been brought up to date so it would be consistant with your interpretations of our Nisa'a Nation Constitution and Nisga'a Final Agreement.

Some of your site information clearly explains Nisga'a Lisims Government's decisions and actions resulting in the systematic obliteration of the Nisga'a Nation as owners of Nisga'a Assets as asserted by the Supreme Court in 1969 and most recently by YOUR Nisga'a Final Agreement's pitiful designation of assets.  Some of the ramifications of SELF government have been no new homes since May 11, 2000 in Gingolx, Greenville, and Canyon City followed by eviction notices and evictions, without any emergency shelters in place; illegal logging on "court injunction" threatened hereditary chiefs' lands; illegal 24/7 Nisga'a Lisims Government fish wheel "communal" fish harvesting - resulting in truck loads of fish leaving the valley as our fishers adhere to rules and regulations enacted without consultation due to manufactured reasons such as insufficient returns, low escapement reports, etc.

Nisga'a Lisims Government, again - without consulting the Nisga'a Nation,  added yourselves as defendants of the Nisga'a Nation Constitution and Nisga'a Final Agreement - What exactly are you defending?

If you are so  concerned and determined to defend certain constitutional and final agreement sections - why aren't you adhering to and defending the following:

Nisga'a Nation Constitution

Chapter 3 Lands and Resources

16.     Determination of ownership of Nisga'a Lands

Ownership of Nisga'a Lands by the Nisga'a Nation and Nisga'a Villages will be determined in accordance with the Nisga'a Treaty.

Chapter 4  Government of the Nisga'a Nation

23.     Governing principles of the Nisga'a Nation

The Nisga'a Nation expects Nisga'a Lisims Government, each Nisga'a Village Government, each Nisga'a Institution and each elected member of Nisga'a Government, to:

(a)  be loyal to the Nisga'a Nation, and respect this Constitution;

(b)  preserve and promote the peace, unity and well being of the Nisga'a Nation;

(c ) provide good, effective, and accountable government; and

(d)  cooperate with one another in mutual trust and good faith, consult and inform one     another on matters of common interest, and coordinate their actions and laws with one another.

24.      Social and economic goals of the Nisga'a Nation

          The Nisga'a Nation expects Nisga'a Government to pursue, among other goals:

(a)  that Nisga'a citizens have access to pre-school to grade 12 and post-education at standards at least comparable to those prevailing in Canada;

(b)  that Nisga'a citizens have access to nutrition, shelter, health care services and social services;

(c ) that Nisga'a citizens have access to housing;

(d) that every Nisga'a child

(i)  has a home with family care or parental care, or appropriate alternative   care when removed from the family environment; and

(ii) is protected from maltreatment, neglect, or abuse including exploitative labour practices; and

(e)  that the environment of the Nass Area is protected from ecological degradation.

Nisga'a Final Agreement

Chapter 3 LANDS

Ownership of Nisga'a Lands

3.       On the effective date, the Nisga'a Nation owns Nisga'a Lands in fee simple, being the largest estate known in law.  This estate is not subject to any condition, proviso, restriction, exception, or reservation set out in the Land Act, or any comparable limitation under any federal or provincial law.  No estate or interest in Nisga'a Lands can be exprorpriated except as permitted by, and in accordance with, this Agreement.


19.     For greater certainty, in accordance with paragraph 3, on the effective date the Nisga'a Nation owns all mineral resources on or under Nisga'a Lands.



3.       On the effective date, the Nisga'a Nation owns all forest resources on Nisga'a Lands.



Nisga'a Fish Entitlements

4.       Nisga'a fish entitlements are held by the Nisga'a Nation.

5.       The Nisga'a Nation may not dispose of Nisga'a fish entitlements.

From these few sections - how do you figure that the Nisga'a Nation is only a meal ticket (per capita receipt of funds) to your government?

Immediately change some of your site reports  according to the Nisga'a Constitution and Nisga'a Final Agreement as it states under Lands and Resources Subsurface Resources (and possibly others:)

Lands & Resources

Subsurface Resources

Nisga’a Government owns all mineral resources on or under Nisga’a Lands, including:

·                     precious and base metals

·                     coal, petroleum, natural gases and geothermal resources

·                     earth, soil, peat, and marl (deposits of clay and calcium carbonate)

·                     sand, gravel, rock and stone

Lisims Forest Resources LLP

In 2003, Nisga’a Lisims Government created Lisims Forest Resources LLP to manage the marketing and sale of Nisga’a forest resources. Wholly-owned by NLG, Lisims Forest Resources LLP seeks to expand and diversify the market for Nisga’a wood, which is used to build a wide range of products from multi-story buildings to fine, handmade guitars. Hemlock, balsam fir, cedar, spruce, and several deciduous species are harvested from Nisga’a Lands. In addition to domestic clients, Lisims Forest Resources LLP sells Nisga’a wood to China, Japan, and Korea, and is actively seeking partners to develop value-added wood products for both domestic and international customers.

Fisheries & Wildlife

Nisga’a Fisheries Ltd.

A wholly-owned Nisga’a Lisims Government corporation, Nisga’a Fisheries Ltd. oversees the harvest and sale of Nisga’a fish. Fresh and fresh-frozen Nisga’a fish are sold across Canada and the United States. Nisga’a Fisheries Ltd. operates three landing sites on the Nass River and is responsible for grading, counting, and weighing salmon for payment, as well as sales of insulated fish totes (carriers) and the distribution of flaked ice to eligible Nisga’a fishers to ensure a superior quality product. It also oversees the transport of all salmon to a central depot located at the Nisga’a Fresh Fish Plant at New Aiyansh. Nisga’a Fisheries Ltd. is actively seeking experienced partners to help further expand our market presence across North America and beyond.

Most importantly - Nisga'a Lisims Government, under your leadership, has failed to consult with the owners of all the lands and all the resources in the Nass Valley - the Nisga'a Nation - the population you are supposed to serve.  As a reminder, your definition of "consult" means provision to a Party of:

a.       notice of a matter to be decided, in sufficient detail to permit the Party to prepare its views on the matter;

b.       a reasonable period of time to permit the Party to prepare its view on the matter;

c.       an opportunity for the Party to present its view on the matter; and

d.       a full and fair consideration of any views on the matter so presented by the Party.

Our Nisga'a Assembly is scheduled for next week, can you address whether your government has followed the Nisga'a Nation Constitution regarding:

Chapter 9 - Financial Administration

52.      Control of financial administration

Wilp Si'ayuukhl Nisga'a must make laws to establish a system of financial administration, through which Nisga'a Lisims Government will be financially accountable to Nisga'a citizens, and Nisga'a Village Governments will be financial accountable to Nisga'a citizens of those Nisga'a Villages, and that includes standards comparable to those generally accepted for governments in Canada.

53.       Nisga'a settlement trust

          (1)     The Nisga'a Nation must establish a Nisga'a settlement trust.

(2)     A document establishing a Nisga'a settlement trust in accordance with subsection (1) must require that the trustee or trustees be appointed only by persons elected to Nisga'a Government.

54.     Lisims Fisheries Conservation Trust

(1)     The President, in consultation with the other members of the Nisga'a Lisims Government Executive and on the recommendation of the Nisga'a Finance Committee, may exercise any power of the Nisga'a Nation to appoint trustees of the Lisims Fisheries Conservation Trust.

(2)     The Trustees referred to in subsection (1) will discharge their responsibilities in accordance with the  Nisga'a Treaty.

55.     Independence of trustees

Trustees of a Nisga'a settlement trust, or of the Lisims Fishries Conservation Trust appointed under subsection 55(1), in acting as trustees, are independent of Nisga'a Government.

55(1) does not exist.  Who are these trustees?  When will they present and distribute audited financial statements to the Nisga'a Nation?

Here is a letter from Mr. Aaron J. GreyCloud written prior to the Nisga'a Final Agreement.  This letter was never published by anyone (Canadian freedom of press) as that would interfere with your job of Indian Agent for the Canadian Government and their path to eradicate their "Indian Problem in Canada" -  one Nation at a time. What he wrote is our reality.  At the assembly, will you address  how your government avoided these scenarios since 2000.  Refrain from referring to NLG companies as they would not have existed if NLG did not steal money from Core Program Funds and the Nisga'a Nation and used the funds to subsidize the Nisga'a economic welfare system for friends and relatives.

Last but not least, Nisga'a (in name only) Lisims Government has been receiving the full amount of social services assistance funds for qualified recipients; however, Nisga'a Lisims Government decides how much is paid to each individual - which was $185 a month.  How did you and your peers arrive at this figure yet the first order of business of the newly elected Nisga'a Lisims Government was to give yourselves increases.  Here are some of the salaries that you found hard to live on in 2004:  President $103,550, Sec Treas $98,100, Chairperson $98,100 and the Chief Councillors, Councillors and Urban reps ranged from $42,000 to $50,000 per year (this does not include per diems.)

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Updated: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 10:50 PM
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007
Illegal Commercial Fishing on the Nass River - not by Nisga'a Fishers


July 20, 2007


Honourable Loyola Hearn

House of Commons

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans

Parliament Buildings, Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada, K1A 0A6



Dear Minister of Fisheries and Oceans:


RE:   Illegal harvesting of Nisga'a Resources


Please immediately investigate the illegal harvesting of fish in the Nass River. 


It was brought to my attention that last week 2 commercial freezer trucks  full of  fish were leaving the Nass Valley.


As you may be aware, commercial fishing on the Nass River for the Nisga'a Nation has not been opened as NLG has told the fishers that not enough fish has returned resulting in cancelled prior scheduled fishing.


Regardless of low returns and/or high river water - the fish are being harvested; however, not by our fishermen.


Please keep me informed of your investigation into this illegal fishing.



Barb Zvatora


Copies: to all those on email list



Posted by blog2/nisgga at 6:52 AM
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Fish Wheel - Making $$$$s while our local fishermen are denied!

Sylvia J. Stephens

July 19, 2007



Nisga’a Lisims Government

Fisheries Department

PO Box 228

New Aiyansh, BC V0J 1A0


Attention:  Floyd Davis, Man-In-Charge

                      Harry Nyce Sr. -Director



Department of Fisheries & Oceans

C/o Terrace Field Office, Scott

5235A Keith Road

Terrace, BC



Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Enforcement:  Mr. Jim Hansen

Terrace Field Office,

Terrace, BC



Dear Sirs:

                                                 Re:  Fish Wheel Program-Nisga’a


As a concerned Nisga’a member, I want to know the status of your fish-wheel operations that is going full-swing 24/7 while you keep canceling the Inland Fishery opportunities for our local fishermen.  For the record, I telephoned Cheryl Stephens, one of your supervisors and made some contact in regards to this issue and I asked her why there is no fishing and she said the rivers are too high.



In that instance, how much are you trucking out on freezer trucks to Jim Pattison and his rich cronies?  As a member of our Nation, to tell you the truth, ever since the Treaty was passed in the year 2000, my smokehouse rarely sees any smoke coming out of it?  Why?  The almighty dollar with your organization!  Before you took over Fisheries, we were always provided for and everyone had ample supply for the winter months.  I want your sales transactions to whoever you are selling the frozen fish to and why don’t you have the consideration to at least give some of our poor elders in each community enough for a feed?  You people are just like your neighbors on the hill, money talks!  Our men will not survive as they depend on their EI stamps for the winter months and what are you going to do about it?  You don’t care as you are still drawing your payroll even though you publicly stated that you are over a million dollars in deficit last year.  Why do you form corporations when there are not enough skilled members and there is probably is not  enough working capital to start with? 


I look forward to your timely response and I hope you refrain from keeping your profits for your own benefits!




Sylvia Stephens


Posted by blog2/nisgga at 6:40 AM
Updated: Wednesday, 25 July 2007 6:49 AM
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Letter to Tsawassen First Nations people

July 18, 2007


Tsawwassen First Nation

#131 N. Tsawwassen Drive

Delta, BC V4M 4G2


Dear Chief & Council:


My name is Sylvia Stephens, 58 year old grandmother of 4, 4th year University student and this is my last ditch effort to plead with your group to really think twice about voting Yes on July 25, 2007.  In seven years time, you will be doing the same thing that I am doing right now.  I voted No against the Nisga’a Treaty but our unfortunate people, to do this day, have no idea what it is all about.  I am a practical and sensible person who thinks business, and one thought that came to me; I don’t think they will ever understand.  I was like that in 2000 when the people danced around celebrating.  When I witnessed the similar celebration unfold yesterday in New Aiyansh, it completely blew me away on what effects the BC Government monies can do. 


I traveled to New Aiyansh on the first day and spotted some of your people and got into heated discussions about the impact of our Treaty.  Time was not on our side and everyone was pre-occupied with the events.  Mind you, it was awesome to witness cultural practices in place but culture should be differentiated with the Treaty.  There were many dancers and singers and drummers and I ask myself, what exactly are we celebrating and our poor people don’t have the slightest clue on what will happen starting next year and in 2012, we lose our Indian Status.  We will have to pay property tax and how can 80 percent of the homes in the Nass pay when they can barely survive on $185.00 month welfare.  You know, I am not the person to be impressed by all the media and why did they not plan for a round table discussion where a few people from each of the 4 villages sit around to discuss the pros and cons of the Treaty?  To me, they came up to socialize and be impressed with our scenery.  All we have in place, we had that before the Treaty.  Our former leaders who have passed on are the ones that fought for School District 92, Nisga’a Valley Health Authority and the Band offices were there since time immemorial. 

I am afraid to say that there are only a handful of us who really know what is going on and our people have been warned to stay away from what information we tell them.  Why?  They will be exposed for what they are, a bunch of lying crooks that use our culture to cover up.  This is lower than low!  I am sure that each Nation enjoys their culture and this is our right and I need to stress that we also have other rights, which are constantly being denied, by all levels of Government.  I have applied for 8 jobs with Nisga’a Lisims Government and was denied and the former CEO resigned and left his $300,000 job as the heat was coming and he is involved with the theft investigation in Terrace Nisga’a Society.  Yesterday, I witnessed an elected representative from the Vancouver Nisga’a Society’s presence.  He was the one that stole over $169,000 from the Society and opened his own MasterCard under the Society name and charged all the Vancouver Canucks games to the card.  A 49-page document circulated after a courageous soul took the effort to investigate.  Once that was done, guess what?  Nelson Leeson, President refuses to lay charges with the RCMP, why?  That is his brother-in-law. While our own people are starving with no foods in their cupboards and people getting so stressed out, these crooks can walk around like they are so powerful.  It’s like sticking a finger up at us, “See what we can get away with?” attitude. Their day will come when they pay for their mistakes and my grandfather always told me that.  If you harm someone, in any way, shape or form, it will come back to haunt you.  I believe in his philosophy.  I get to teach my four adorable grandchildren the same way, stand tall and think big.  If you fall, stand right back up again.  I refuse to be impressed by people who act like trained monkeys and that is exactly what is transpiring. If I want to dance, it will be under my own terms and I usually sing my heart out when I am truly happy.  When I pass my courses, I am happy!  When I see the beautiful flowers come out in the spring, I am happy.  When I see people happy, I am happy.  You know, false fronts don’t impress me!  I saw that all day yesterday.  Not one person from Kincolith showed up.  Why?  All of their lands were stolen and Joe Gosnell gave those all away to the Governments in order to receive his own personal recognition and fame and glory.  He sold us out and I will write a book on the Nisga’a Treaty as I have three boxes of information that I want the future generations to read.  They need to see what happened and who to blame for the results.  Once our Federal and Provincial transfers quit coming to the Village Government and Nisga’a Lisims Government “show and tell” building, what will our poor people do?  I am relocating to a city once I am secure with myself and I don’t want to witness the endless poverty amongst our own people.

Our Chiefs from Laxgalts’ap was not too happy when he read the sign yesterday that said that New Aiyansh is the Nisga’a Nation capital.  Who makes all of those decisions?  They are the ones who are making the Treaty look good and they hoard all of the monies, give them the name.  My heart will always belong to Laxgalts’ap as I was born and raised here and I had loving parents who were business minded and community minded.  My father passed away when I was 16 and attending Residential School in Edmonton and that hurted the most.  I did not have the chance to say good-bye to him and to thank him for showing me true leadership in the most genuine fashion.  He built 7 gill-netters in his boathouse and he owned the biggest general store in our town. He was the choirmaster and mass Band conductor and their practices at our huge home were something to always look forward to.  My mother would prepare lunch for them and it was such an inspiring experience.  To date, I could not find another man in my village that could fit my late father’s incredible shoes.  Times are so different now as our own people have been so trained to accept the little bit that is offered to them and their lives become so predictable and nothing will ever change.  I see a lot of opportunities for myself in the near future, as I want to create my own business and become a successful Aboriginal entrepreneur where I will be always self-sufficient and rely on myself.  The women in our Nation are the backbone of the communities and this is nothing but the truth.  I am faced with an online exam with University of BC political science course this morning and I figure that I have to at least explain in a little more detail the reasons for my concerns. 


To conclude my letter, please take the time to read the document that was hand delivered to Aboriginal Affairs, Mike de Jong last evening and Mr. Fred Doolan stressed to him to read it thoroughly.


I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter and I truly wish you the best in your lives and think of your people before short-term profits.  Have a great day!





Sylvia Stephens


Attach:  Gingolx Grievances in Brief

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Git Gingolx Grievances in Brief

July 17, 2007

                      -    Grievances in Brief – Re: The Nisga’a Treaty –

-         Nisga’a Lisims Government –

  -  From Git Gingolx Members-

-         17   July, 2007 –



Years before the Nisga’a Treaty was approved, we the people of Gingolx supported the notion that we needed a Treaty to improve our lives. We, with the other three Nisga’a Reserves made great sacrifice to raise money to pay our Lawyers Fees and their travel, which were to represent our best interest.

Prior to the Treaty, we practiced our Ayuuklth Nisga’a without fear; it is an ancient Nisga’a Law that governed the way we lived, it ensured fair cultural and political correctness, to be fair to one another, not to take other peoples traditional names, not to trespass on some one else’s lands, their private properties, Ango’askws, other than our own; this was respect.

The Treaty has put a few people to work and only those who work for the Lisims Government, and this treaty only employs the Village Government representatives and not the people within, we are without.

The Nisga’a Negotiators deceived us, the people of Gingolx in order to achieve their Treaty. We do not consider this Treaty part of our Treaty, because it only serves one Village, the Capital of the Nisga’a Lisims Government. It has taken all of the Chiefs and Matriarchs lands under the Gingolx stewardship, and we received nothing in return.

To this day, the people of Gingolx are still suffering from unemployment, no housing issued to Gingolx since the Treaty, our roads in our community are deplorable, and Elders are left without, People are with out hydro, while our Leaders are wallowing in riches, and living in hotels while we are without. The money’s that is supposed to be used for the people are mismanaged and spent by Officials travel, hotel, meals while our people live on $185.00 a Month. This is deplorable. We have become a “Third World Country,” in a rich environment, called Canada, and nothing is done to help us. Canada and the Province don’t listen to our plight.

Therefore; We the Git Gingolx presents you with this brief in order that you will see first hand that the Nisga’a Treaty does not work for all Nisga’a. The following are the grievances of the Git Gingolx taken from the public meeting minutes.

-Gingolx Grievances –

1.     The Chiefs and Matriarchs lands were taken in trade for the  Nisga’a Treaty, without consultation, without consent, without compensation.

2.      Due to our lands being taken, we have no lands for economic development, No economic development for permanent jobs or for housing, without our lands we have nothing.

3.      Our lands are illegally put on the Stock Market in Toronto and Berlin Germany. Other Nations are going to own our lands, this is genocide.

4.      The Lisims Government has logged off Ango’askws that are inherited through generation and generation to Chiefs and Matriarchs to be protected for generation yet to come. This is genocide.

5.      We want our lands returned to the Chiefs and Matriarchs and Families who own them before the Treaty; these lands were inherited from our great grandfathers and our great grandmothers to be passed down to the next generation to come. Without the land, we are nothing.

6.      Our birthrights are in question, as we have to apply for Nisga’a Citizenship. Why do we have to apply to be Nisga’a Citizen when we are Nisga’a? Only those who are from the outside tribes and are married to the Nisga’a should make application to become a citizen.

7.      There are no Human Rights with the Nisga’a Treaty, there is no place to take our grievances, if we speak up about our concerns; we are ostracized, and so are our families.

8.      There is no ombudsman to listen to our grievances, no intermediate to settle disputes, our only alternative are the Provincial and Federal Courts and we do not have the financial resources to keep going to Court. Therefore we are in dire straits and there is no change. There should be an Ombudsman available to hear our grievances and to remedy our concerns before it get s to the court.

9.      Where we used to fish for our winter supplies and our livelihood, we are allowed 4 spring salmon a year, 500 sockeye, which we must sell at half price to the Lisims Government agent, pay them rent for the boats we use, If we do not sell to the Lisims Government, our boats are taken away, and we live in poverty for the rest of the year.

10.     To many are living below the poverty line, and living on $185.00 a month welfare. We are worse off now than we were before the treaty.

 11.    There has been no housing for the Git Gingolx since the Treaty was approved. We are the same as those who live in third world countries,

12.    There are no housing repairs for those who need it, whatever is available goes to those in power and their families.

13.     Elders in Gingolx are having a hard time to get groceries, they have to pay $60.00 from their meager allowances to get to Terrace, which leaves them little to live on, their monies are spent before they get the food.

14.    There are no recreation dollars to keep our youths occupied all year long; therefore there is depression, oppressin alcohol, and drugs to fill their spare time. Spare time they have a lot of because they have no jobs.

15.    There is no law and order in Gingolx, bootlegging, drugs is being sold and we have no one to take our concerns to. The RCMP come after the fact and caters to the Capital of the Nass River only. There are no workshops from the RCMP to our youths and adults to make them aware of the law.

16.    There are no rehabilitation Centers on the Nass to heal our people from depression, oppression, alcohol and drugs, family problems, and to get off habitual drugs.

17.    The treaty monies are misused and mismanaged from all levels of the Nisga’a Government. They are not accountable to anyone but to themselves. This is unacceptable.

18.    The Lisims Government is not listening to the concerns of the average Nisga’a Member. They have forgotten the main reason why we all wanted the treaty; it was to make our lives better, not worse.

19.    Our Nisga’a Culture is water down and only used as a big show when other people come to visit our Territory. We want our Culture back under Ayuule’lth Nisga’a rather then under the political Modern day Nisga’a Lisims Government Treaty.

20.    Our Nisga’a language does not sound like the Old Nisga’a Language. A foreign dialect was incorporated to our Nisga’a Language words and now our language is in jeopardy, without the proper Nisga’a Language our Culture and our Traditions will disappear; this is Cultural genocide to which was once a great race of aboriginal people.

 21.    We have Elders abuse in our villages, and this is not our Nisga’a Culture, we used to have respect for our Elders. What has happened our culture, where has our tradition gone? This has happened after the treaty, we no longer have control over our identity

22.    Nisga’a Lisims Government and the Village Government are having meetings behind closed doors, like they did when they negotiated the Treaty. We are the people; we are supposed to be the government .We need the protection of the Canadian Constitution.   

23.    By 2012, everybody will be paying taxes, and this will come as a shock to the people. We did not give consent to give up our tax exemption. This was a right given to us by the Crown, in the Common Wealth.

24.    The Lisims Government is accountable only to themselves .It is imperative that the financiers ensure proper fiscal management to ensure transparency to the Nisga’a People and the taxpayers.

25.    That a forensic auditor be provided by the Federal and Provincial Government for all accounts of the Nisga’a Lisims Governments, The Village Governments and all the Urban Locals. To ensure that monies are spent where the money is supposed to be spent.

26.    That the health issues be a priority to the Nisga’a people by the Lisims Government. Gingolx is the furthest away from Terrace and our Clinic is important to us, it is not our fault that health monies are mismanaged by the Lisims Government and our health benefits should not be jeopardized as a result, If they cannot managed the monies, than we should be returned to the DIAND.

27.    Due to the high cost of travel to Terrace and Prince Rupert by the Git Gingolx to see their Doctors and Dentist, a mobile Doctor and Dentist should be hired to attend the sick, and to maintain good health for all Nisga’a people. The Doctor and Dentist should reside in Gingolx, as we are the furthest to travel to Terrace and Prince Rupert, B.C, travel for the Doctor and Dentist should be on a weekly basis to the other Villages, and to ensure that medication is available for the Nisga’a people at all times.

28.    That each Nisga’a Village and The Lisims Government hire Nisga’a people first before hiring outside help, and that the hiring practices is equal with all villages. That the jobs be posted to ensure all Nisga’a are notified of all job openings.

29.    That there be no selective discrimination as to who is and who is not a Nisga’a. Those of us who were conceived as Nisga’a, born Nisga’a and will always be Nisga’a till the day we die, and even in our graves we are Nisga’a. We should not need to apply to become a Citizen of the Nisga’a Lisims Government, as we are Nisga’a. Only those who were not born Nisga’a and who are married to a Nisga’a should make application to be a part of the Nisga’a Government. This is selective discrimination, and should be stopped.

We are the victims of this Modern Day Nisga’a Treaty. The Gingolx people did not want the treaty. The Gingolx people made a “Resolution “to withdraw from negotiations, and this Treaty was forced upon us. We want our Wilps, Chiefs, Matriarch, our Ayuuk’lth Nisga’a and our Culture recognized and protected under the Canadian Constitution and The Crown.

We want the Federal and Provincial Government to intervene on our behalf. We want fairness and justice for our people and our plights. We believe and have faith in the Canadian Institutions and the Canadian Government to do the right thing for the Git Gingolx. We have become destitute in our own Country and this is shameful for a bountiful Country like Canada.

This is our presentation to the Provincial Government, and a copy will be forwarded to the Federal Government, for action.

These are a few grievances of the people of Gingolx taken from the minutes of all our public meetings in Gingolx.

Thank you for reading and listening to our concerns.

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To: tswawwassen first nation

July 14, 2007

My name is Sylvia Stephens-58 year old grandmother of 4 and 4th year University student-obtaining Minor Degree in Political Science and BA in First Nations Studies spring 2008.
I am very uneasy on your visit to the Nass this month as the BC Government is treating your nation like a bunch of puppets who can be swayed by monies being thrown your way.  What about your future?  We are only on this earth for so long and you must do the right thing by not signing Yes to the vote as I did not but somehow, it was passed.  There is alot of information that I wish to pass on to you and I will make sure that I at least hand over these crucial documents to you in person when you are here.  Please make a point of talking to the average citizen as the display is on to hide all the evidences of corruption and theft of monies, etc. etc.  One elected represented was caught stealing $169,000 and Nisga'a government will not lay charges as he is the President's brother in law.  To day, he still draws his $4,500 monthly per diem even though he is banned from the office.  Is this justice?  Out own people are starving on $185.00 per month while the Executive act like monies grow on trees.  Too much is at stake and trust me, I know the truth and the BC Government should be so embarrased on what they are trying to pull.  Do the right thing, say No.  I pray for your people and please don't make the same mistakes our leaders did.  God Bless.  Please makes copies of this document for the following:
Chief Kim Baird
Councilor Laura Cassidy
Councilor Andrea Jacobs 
Councilor Andrew Bak
Councilor Remo Williams
Sylvia Stephens
ATTACH:  Where and when will we see the truth - show and tell doc.

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Where and when will we see the truth?
Hi All:
Please read the attached 2 page documents that you must read and please, pass it on to others who you have email contact with.
We are fed up with this "show and tell" circuses.  When will it all end?  As a government, NLG does not even have an Estates person in place and now were to deal with BC Estates and what about self-government?  So many questions need to be answered.
Sylvia Stephens
4th Year University Student-UNBC

MEMO:                       NISGA’A LISIMS GOVERNMENT


FROM:                               Sylvia Jessie Stephens


DATE:                                 July 12, 2007




Since you are going to promote the modern day Nisga’a Treaty, go a step further to show the world the financial and audited statements for the various Village Governments, Corporations, Development Groups and just how much we owe as a Nation.


Why do you not display the other three Nisga’a Communities?  What are you so afraid of?  Are you afraid to show these people the truth?  I believe so as there is 80% unemployment in other communities while one of the Forestry companies is setting up a white man’s logging camp on the outskirts of our village of Laxgalts’ap.  


Do the right thing and involve all the other Nisga’a communities and even if you don’t we have a web site that displays all of the corruption that we live with and go to


This memo will be sent to all email contacts around the country and this is just to show them that the Nisga’a Treaty is not like you try to portray it.  Our nation needs to take back control over affairs and take responsibility for reshaping our future so that we can lead to economic successes as other prospering nations throughout Canada.   We have a unique lifestyle and culture and a new approach to economic development and governance will lead to greater nation building measures so that we can each enjoy our modern day Treaty to pass on to future generations to come.


Conclusion:  One Indigenous professor quoted:  “The Band Councils are extensions of Canadian authority and law.  The fact that Canada tolerates a situation where some First Nation leaders are earning more than the Prime Minister while their people live in Third World conditions is a telling sign, he said, because it shows that Canada is willing to pay a lot to those who co-operate.”

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Clarification to our Nisga'a Nation
From:"Rose Doolan"

June 5, 2007

Hi Nelson 
We apologize  to you and your family for not been there for Uncle Art Leeson's stone moving feast but because of the injustice we continually face,we were unable to attend, but we said a prayer for you and your family.
As you will remember , in our conversation on September 18 2006 outside the court room in Vancouver.I asked you "Why did the Nisga'aLisims Government get on board themselves when the  Chief Mountain court challenge was against the Federal and Provincial Government  and the Nisga'a Treaty" and your response was that the Lawyer was prejudice and against treaties.
I asked you at the time to clarify to our Nisga'a Nation that Chief Mountain and Nisibilada and Wilp Git Gingolx  did not file a law suit against our nation,just the treaty because this treaty took away  to much from our people.Especially those from Gingolx.
I also asked you why our people from Gingolx was not hired as promised from this treaty for Kitsult and you replied that "maybe they didn't pass the drug test."
The reason I am asking you this, is because I have not seen in any news letter where this has been cleared up ,I have seen agendas written by the Council of Elders ,and we addressed this at their meeting and  they were suppose to apologize for the article that was improperly written about  our brother Sganisim Sim' augit Sagaw'een.
This  article was presented to our Elders in Prince Rupert which needs to be addressed and corrected .
My answer to their statement is from your own Nisga'a Constitution. Which clearly tells us that we have a right to make political choices ,which seems to not apply to certain nisga'a people.
This was in the Council of Elders agenda book for their meeting:
Discussion on Chief Mountain Anties


Chair: This person broke Ayuukl Nisga’a. He did not have the authority nor the backing of his wilp when he took legal action against his own people, the Nisga’a. In his appeal the court papers state that he is representing all of these people in his house.


"Chapter 2 Rights The Constitution of the Nisga’a Nation:

(Pg.9) Every Nisga’a Citizen has the right to make political choices, to participate in political activities, and to express a view on any public issue."

  (5) Nisga’a Traditional Territory

"2:Nisga’a individuals and families have a deep spiritual attachment to the land and natural resources, which together with our culture, language and ancient traditions, define what it means to be Nisga’a."

"(3) In the same way that attachment to the land is central to the identity of every Nisga’a ,the connection of families and communities to their traditional land has always been the basis of traditional authority within our nation.


It is incumbent upon this council to take him to task now.

 He is still against the nisga’a treaty .The Treaty is already enshrined in law. They’ll never win; the Judge will throw it out.

Mr. Robinson is open to a lawsuit himself for wasting peoples time and money.


Chair: Next meeting I will bring all the information on the code of behavior for a Simoogit .If you approve of it I will show it to our Lawyer for her opinion. I will show how this simoogit breached the codes of  behavior.


Our family is in full support and we do not see this court case as breaching any code of conduct , as we remermber our Respected Elders and Chief's came forward and asked our brother to defend our Ancesteral Lands and Aboriginal titles that were been signed away in this treaty.James  was also told by our Elders that as a Heretidtary Chief, this is your duty,.

According to your Nisga'a constitution that tells us the land is central to the identity of  what it means to be a nisga'a ,the connection of families and communities to their traditional land has always been the basis of traditional authority within our nation.

So what does this mean to our nation today?Without the Ancesteral lands we have no identity  or authority.So there are no Hereditary Chief's.


We pray that you ,as our respected  President  of the Nisga'a Nation  will correct this statement as there is a big difference between "the Nisga'a Treaty" and the Nisga'a Nation.As you know Nelson, politics should never be personal and should never be brought into our cultural activies and yet ,it is like that against our family.


Thank you


Rose (Fred) Doolan

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May 29, 2007

We would like to thank you in advance for taking time to read this letter. This concerns the Celebration with the Nisga’a Lisims Government in New Aiyansh June 11 to 14 2007, where Our People of Gingolx are once again been asked to put on your regalia and dance. Feed the hundreds of people that will be there. Where is the money coming from?  Those that receive $185.00 a month need that money to survive. People living on a pension need to survive.

 But keep in mind that On Thursday June 14 2007 Sganisim Sim’augit (Chief Mountain) and Nisibilada (Mercy Thomas) will appear unrepresented (without a lawyer) before three Justices of the BC Supreme Court of Appeal in Vancouver. And they are not in it for the money or for themselves. Nisibilada (Mercy Thomas) will be representing our case on behave of all those Matriarchs and Chiefs who lost their Ancestral lands through this treaty.

 They are fighting for you, Our Dear People of Gingolx and for the future of your children: They are in court for our Aboriginal title and Ancestral Lands that belong to Gingolx; for all the injustice that is happening to all Nisga’a People in our Nation who are to afraid to speak out for themselves.

As we mentioned in the meeting at the Long House, “Why give Joe Gosnell the honor on your behave to speak at this celebration in New Aiyansh? After all, Joe Gosnell signed away our Aboriginal titles and all Kincolith Lands, when he signed the treaty.”

There is a letter, which I will attach concerning millions of dollars missing in our Nisga’a Lisims Government; there is information about moneys stolen in the Vancouver Nisga’a Local of approximately $150,000 thousand dollars plus taken by an Elected Member and The Terrace Nisga’a Society (and this is all facts not gossip.) Lee Stevens from the Terrace Nisga’a Local received 50 hours community service for thousands of dollars stolen from the Terrace Nisga’a Society money and this does not include the Lisims Money, which was in the Terrace Standard.

When will we see accountability on all this stolen money? And When will we quit honoring those who are doing wrong and lifting them up as examples to our children. These are Elected Members that are suppose to be trust worthy. Is this, what the treaty is all about to our Elected  People? Or are they practicing that Nisga’a Law Prevails? With no consequences of their action.

Our lands are illegally been put on the stock market in Germany, shares been sold. Nass Valley Gateway Ltd with the company’s controlling shareholders are the Nisga’a GITXAT’IN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (GDC) is getting the monies from this deal .Why is Kincolith negotiating for 2% when they originally owned 100% before the treaty was signed in 1996 as you will see on the letter attached. Our lands are been logged off and everyone is silent except for a few Respected Elders that are speaking out in our Nation and have not been heard by the Lisims Government or Village Government.

There has been no new house’s build for the past 7 plus years in our community. Elders are required to pay for their own repairs. If you’re honest with yourself, you will admit that our medical is cut back to the bear bone, and in 2012 we will pay for our own medications, hospital visits, travel etc. It’s beginning to happen already.

There are no permanent Jobs for our people as promised when they presented the treaty, the promise was that everyone will be working. Only a handful of the selected few are employed permanently while others are unfortunate to have to survive on $185.00 month welfare, and when we speak out we are ostracized.  

Taxation is just around the corner; we will pay taxes on ALL OUR PAYCHECKS, PENSIONS, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, PROPERTY/LAND, UTILLITY BILLS, PRIVATE BUSINESS, FISHING VESSELS etc. and everything that we purchased, so with that, we will need to make adjustments in our financial budget. Are we all prepared for this?  Paying taxes is not like putting money in the bank as one young man said to us.  It is not optional. EVERYONE HAS TO PAY TAXES, RICH OR POOR. We spoke to the Representative of finance for the Federal & Provincial Government and this is what he told us.

Please look deep into your hearts and see where your children will be in another 10 years. There is no accountability in our Government where the Nisga’a Dollars are concerned. They do not report to anyone who will hold them accountable.




Let’s start walking in the truth. GOD REQUIRES US TO WALK IN TRUTH AND HONESTY.

We love you all and we will be praying that you will do what is right in your hearts for your children, grandchildren, and future grandchildren yet to be born.

Thank You:

Mr & Mrs Fred (Rose) Doolan 


From: barb zvatora
To: Minister of Justice & Attorney General Hon. Robert D Nicholson ; Ministry of Attorney General Honourable Wally Oppal ; NLG Director of Finance
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 10:26 PM
Subject: Nisga'a Lisims Gov,, Federal Gov., & Provincial Gov. Commits Fraud on the Nisga'a Nation

Barb Zvatora                                                            May 18, 2007      

2402 Kreston St

Terrace, B.C., V8G 0G2



Mr. Fred Tohlmie, NLG Interim CEO & Director of Finance

Hon. Robert Douglas Nicholson, Minister of Justice & Attorney General of Can.

Hon. Wally Opal, Attorney General of British Columbia

Via email addresses



Dear Sirs:



RE:  Nelson Leeson, Nisga'a President's Message



The attached May 8, 2007 show and tell statement by Nisga'a President Nelson Leeson demands a response and raises more questions as the lies continue to flow.


For example, Mr. Tohlmie witnessed the following important questions raised by Mr. Hubert Doolan and Mrs. Mercer at the May 2006 Special Assembly:


"Hubert Doolan:  (he spoke in Nisga'a and said that Ed Allen said about 8 years ago that the Nisga'a moneys are yours and you have a right to know how much you have.) How much money do we have - for the public as well.


Ed Wright, Sec. Treas. response:  ….next week we get another advance of the treaty funds.  On the first year of the effective date we received 22 million dollars and the next year we received 22 million dollars.  In those 2 years the elected people decided to keep back an amount, half, 50% of it to spend - put the rest of it into trust.  As you heard this morning we now have 55 million dollars value in the trust that's there now.  So this will be our 7th payment and the payments go right until year 14 - that we will be receiving funds from the trust and at the same time we will be paying off  the loan of  little under 50 million dollars that is - that also includes interest and that  will all be paid off in the 14th year also.  So the projection I think you may have missed is that we will have over 270 million dollars in the trust if we go on the basis of our plan by year 25 from now.  And while we are doing that we are going to spend, all of us, planned through budgeting, over 136 million of that money, not the money that's in the trust but some of  the earnings so there will be moneys spent and we will be building the trust so there is a lot of money in there for present and future generations.  Thank you.



Unless Mr. Wright gets permission from the Federal Government to establish a "Nisga'a Mint" - there is no way at the rate of spending and theft of our moneys that we will have $270,000,000 million in the trust in 25 years.


There are two Nisga'a Final Agreement Proceeds.  The first Nisga'a Final Agreement Proceeds are receivable annually over 15 payments - totalling $280,585,311.


These figures are misleading as the interest that is earned on these moneys are being spent.  My perception is that in 2003 the balance should have been $223,529,008 and in 2006 it should have been $184,490,485 as following:

AFS yr


Nisga'a Final Agreement

Nisga'a Final Agreement

Int. %

Interest Earned



payment received

Proceeds Receivable


and receivable













Mar 31 01

May 11 00





Mar 31 02

May 11 01





Mar 31 03

May 11 02





Mar 31 04

May 11 03





Mar 31 05

May 11 04





Mar 31 06

May 11 05











Actual Audited Financial Statement Apr 1, 2002 to Mar 31, 2003

AFS yr


Nisga'a Final Agreement

Nisga'a Final Agreement

Int. %

Interest Earned



payment received

Proceeds Receivable


and receivable













Mar 31 03

May 11 02





These calculations are based on the Actual Audited Financial Statement balance Apr 1, 2002 to Mar 31, 2003:

2002    $181,968,000 - $22,021,731  =  $159,946,269

2003    $159,946,267 - $13,012,841  =  $146,933,428

2004    $146,933,428 - $13,012,841  =  $133,920,587

2005    $133,920,587 - $13,012,841  =  $120,907,746

2006    $120,907,746  - $13,012,841 =  $107,894,905


What happened to the balance and to the interest?  Who stole it?  If these audited financial statements are correct the Nisga'a Mafia agreed to a deal that would benefit themselves and the Nisga'a citizens were misled and voted on a final agreement that didn't and does not exist as presented to the public!!!!!!



If the Nisga'a Final Agreement was followed according to what the Nisga'as believed they were receiving  and is posted as the final agreement the Nisga'a Nation should have had a 2003 balance of  $223,529,008 - not as it states in the 2002/2003 Audited Financial Statements an amount of $168,480,000 as it also includes interest earned which spent.



Payments were to commence on May 11, 2000 - so in 2006 the Nisga'a Nation should have had $197,503,326 receivable if they had not received the May 11, 2006  $13,012,841.



Has the Federal and Provincial Governments withheld some of the moneys that were supposed to be transferred to the Nisga'a Nation.  Are the natives in Canada another sponsorship in the making and are moneys that are supposed to go to the natives being diverted to federal parties in Ottawa? 


Either this was the biggest scheme on us as it appears that what the Nisga'a nation voted on was meaningless and what the Federal and Provincial Governments voted on was incorrect or Nisga'a Lisims Government, the Federal Government, and the Provincial Government has stolen the moneys that Nisga'a were supposed receive prior to the final agreement.   Is this why since 2003 when we first raised the money theft from the Nisga'a nation - no one seems to have jurisdiction over what the Nisga'a Mafia are doing with our moneys and now with our lands?



The second Nisga'a Final Agreement Proceeds  is the Capital Finance Commission Proceeds.  On May 2000 there was $107,640,000 then in Mar 31, 2003 there was $98,670,000 and in Mar 31, 2006 there was $89,700,000 (these figures are based on the annual receipt of $2,990,000 unadjusted to the rate of inflation.)




The question asked by Mrs. Mercer and the response by Mr. Wright was:

Mrs. Mercer:  I am going to base my question on the Nisga'a Final Agreement Chapter 11 under Nisga'a Government.  It says that the Nisga'a Nation will have a Nisga'a Constitution consistent with this agreement which will require a system of financial administration comparable to standards generally accepted for governance in Canada through which Nisga'a Lisims Government will be financially accountable to the Nisga'a citizens.  My question is.  Since effective date, it was just announced by the Secretary Treasurer here, that we did receive 22 million in the first 2 years. 

According to the Nisga'a Financial Agreement that we get 13 million paid each year to the Nisga'a Nation up until the 7th anniversary.  According to my calculations the payments have totalled 95 million of settlement trust that we have received and you have just reported that we have 55 million in the trust account.  So I'm asking for an accounting of the 40 million that has been spent since May 11 2000.  That's my only question because  I noticed in your handout that you did earlier, it did talk about the settlement trust but it only talked about the future of the settlement trust - it didn't talk about how the 40 million has been spent.  I can be corrected if I'm wrong but again I only based it on the Nisga'a Final Agreement Note #1 to schedule A where it outlines exactly how much money the Nisga'a Nation was going to receive.  So if you can probably not today but in the future do a proper accounting of the settlement trust money that gets spent every year.


Ed Wright, Sec. Treas. response:  In the 2004 special assembly I had a separate handout of the moneys that were provided to the villages over a number of years.  For your information, we first started receiving money when we signed the agreement in principle in 96 and a lot of that money that initially came in went to use - there was a vote by the whole nation at the time.   After 2000 it still continued where lump sums were paid out to the villages for economic opportunity projects but also for debt pay down and that continues today.  And then the other portions of the money were budgeted right in our budgeting process - but earlier there were lumps of money that our members, each of the villages,  and so on wanted to be withheld.  Previously before this year we always kept back 50% and put it right into our budget.  This year ?% of the principle of the capital to the trust and then we will draw off it through a budgeting process without spending it before it goes in and we just feed off the cash flow through a budgeting process.  So we will provide that information and so it can be????  We are aware of it..???? 390 million is approximately about 280 some odd million dollars after 14 years.  But of course you subtract probably about 80 million of the loan repayment from that.  So the net amount is still over the 190 million."


If you compare the answers that Mr. Wright gave within a few minutes - they are contradictory.  In his answer to Mr. Doolan - $270 million in trust after 25 years and in his answer to Mrs. Mercer $280 million in trust after only 14 years minus the $80 million loan (that was in the first answer was under $50 million).  So the net amount is still over $190 million.  What about the shortfall of  moneys received, moneys spent, and moneys stolen?



Mr. Wright also tells Mrs. Mercer " we first started receiving money when we signed the agreement in principle in 96 and a lot of that money that initially came in went to use - there was a vote by the whole nation at the time."

We do not know where that money went.  If we did receive the Nisga'a Final Agreement moneys in 1996 - What exactly did the Nisga'a Nation vote on to ratify the agreement and how and where did the money come from when the federal government did not ratify the deal until 2000?  Who authorized the payments on the "Agreement in Principal"?  Is that why when Nisga'a citizens wanted to ask questions, voice concerns,  and/or speak against the agreement that they were either cut off or drummed out before the ratification vote?  This reinforces my perception that the Nisga'a Nation was blindly led and lied to by all levels of government - Nisga'a Lisims Government, Federal Government, and the Provincial Government along with their lawyers - we had no lawyers to protect the general Nisga'a populations  interests.   There are no explanations for the discrepancies in the Audited Financial Statements on the Nisga'a Final Agreement Proceeds Receivable and the moneys that are missing and certainly no explanation  how we are to have the amount of $270 million Mr. Wright is so freely quoting  in his answer to Mr. Doolan then within a few minutes quotes to Mrs. Mercer $280 million.  It appears that the Secretary Treasurer and those who are charged with the duty to follow the promises in "Nisga'a Nation will have a Nisga'a Constitution consistent with this agreement which will require a system of financial administration comparable to standards generally accepted for governance in Canada through which Nisga'a Lisims Government will be financially accountable to the Nisga'a citizens" can pick any numbers they want as no financial statements were ever submitted to the Nisga'a Nation Citizens and when the government executive deal with the audited financial statements the copies are taken back at the end of the session.  We have also heard that you cannot take any notes if we view the audited financial statements.


It would appear that interest is missing from the Nisga'a Interim Settlement Trust.


In 2003 (Apr 1 2002 to Mar 31 2003) no money was put to Nisga'a Interim Settlement Trust as according to note 15c transactions subsequent to Mar 31/2003 Cash of $5,506,420  was transferred to the Nisga'a Interim Settlement Trust.  What happened to the $13,012,841 principal transfer and the  interest of  $12,264,694.87 or where was it held since May 11, 2002 - what happened to this money plus the interest that was earned on the $25,277,535?  Mr. Wright stated 50% goes to Trust - he failed to explain that is after the $2,000,000 that the Canadian government automatically withholds.  What is Lisims Holding Trust - where is the 2003 interest and how much money is in there? 


Regarding the balance of the Nisga'a final agreement loan, Mr. Wright states in his answer to Mr. Doolan that " we will be paying off  the loan of  little under 50 million dollars that is - that also includes interest and that  will all be paid off in the 14th year also." A few minutes later his answer to Mrs. Mercer is " subtract probably about 80 million of the loan repayment from that.  So the net amount is still over the 190 million."


In 2003 the loan was $57,039,000 and in 2006 it was approximately $60,062,925 even though we had already paid $8 million


If this is actually the agreement, next year, 2008, the capital transfer we will be receiving is $22,637,828; however, $10,339,822.44 is deducted from the capital transfers for the loan so we will receive an amount of $12,298,005.56 - all loan payments are automatically deducted from the capital transfer amounts made by Canada.


The Nisga'a Final Agreement Debt's accrued and expensed  interest in 2003 is $2,865,000 and for 2002 is $2,803,000. 


As per the following INAC letter - $2,000,000 is deducted from the capital transfer before it is received by the Nisga'as - are the $865,000 and $2,803,000 invested in or designated to a special purpose fund and where is this accounted for? 


As Nelson Leeson is claiming we are doing so well - what has happened to all our moneys? 


If we had started receiving settlement moneys in 1996 according to Mr. Ed Wright and we also were receiving these moneys (attach 1 Debates of the Legislative Assembly Dec 10 1998) in Nisga'a Lisims Government consolidated financial statements 2003 (Nisga'a Interim Settlement Trust Fund) there is $27,818,764 which includes cash of $5,506,420 that was transferred to the Nisga'a Interim Settlement Trust after March 31, 2003.


From 1996 - 2002 we should have in trust $132,130,386 + for 2003 $13,012,841 which total of settlement fund should have been $145,143,227 - instead we had in 2003 $22,312,344.   So who is doing good?  Select few with the moneys that are missing or was it a Nisga'a Final Agreement built up so that the people would be fooled into accepting it because by the time the Nisga'a Nation voted on it the received moneys were already squandered and/or stolen?!!!!  How is it that Members of the Legislative Assembly don't know of any moneys that the Nisga'a had received since 1996 as there is no mention of it in the debate?



Library of Paliament


Prepared by:
Mary C. Hurley
Law and Government Division
9 February 1999
Revised 24 September 2001

The initial FFA provides for annual transfers to the Nisga’a of over $32 million, 90% of which is already available under current arrangements with Indian Act Nisga’a First Nations. 



1998 Legislative Session: 3rd Session, 36th Parliament

Official Report of






Volume 12, Number 25


(second reading continued)

The next question I get asked very often is: what is the total cost of the Nisga'a deal? The fact is that we don't know what the final costs will be. The government has identified costs totalling at least $490 million, including $320 million in cash costs and $170 million in land and other costs. Of that amount, B.C. taxpayers will contribute $227.5 million through the provincial government -- or almost 47 percent -- in addition to their share as Canadian taxpayers through the federal government. These costs do not include the $29 million annually that the Nisga'a government now receives in federal and provincial transfer payments, which will be increased to $32.1 million per year under the Nisga'a treaty.


Nisga’a Final Agreement 2002/2003 Annual Report 36/

Extended Family Values

Programs & Services

During the reporting period, Canada transferred $36 million to Nisga’a Lisims Government under

the Fiscal Financing Agreement (ffa) to support the delivery of programs and services in the areas of

health, education, social programs, income assistance, and local services. British Columbia contributed $1,323,862 to the Nisga’a Valley Health Board specifically for physician, diagnostic, and treatment services. Each year, nlg allocates over $150,000 to each Nisga’a village specifically for the delivery of programs and services for youth.


The following 2002/2003 audited financial statement lists only $34,064,641. 




Someone has stolen $1,935,359 from the Federal Government - the difference between 36 million that was transferred and 34 million listed in the audited financial statement.  IS THIS THE REASON WHY NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE JURISDICTION?????


In 2002 - 2003 the Nisga'a Nation was supposed to receive 36 million dollars in Federal and Provincial transfer payments.  $3,103,665  Capital Finance Commission Proceeds, $13,012,841 Nisga'a Final Agreement funds, $12,204,694.87 Interest on the Nisga'a Final Agreement funds, plus all the grants and  most of them are missing in the above statement.  All the moneys received including moneys for the first 5 years from the transition and implementation funding and somehow the Nisga'a Mafia spent everything and ran a deficit of $6,000,000. We have documented and questioned other moneys lost in transit such as the $1+ million in stumpage fees lost between Greenville and Nisga'a Lisims Government, $80,000 grant for enTel, etc. etc. etc.


Has our President looked into the eyes of  our  people who are trying to survive on $180 a month social assistance and seen hope, determination and pride?  At least before the Final Agreement, our people had their dreams of what they could accomplish with all our lands - even those dreams have been stolen.


Barb Zvatora


Copy:  All those on email list

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Sylvia J. Stephens

May 9, 2007

Nisga’a Lisims Government

PO Box 200

New Aiyansh, BC V0J 1A0

Attention:  Mr. Nelson Leeson, President

                  Mr. Edmond Wright, Secretary Treasurer

                  Mr. Fred Tolmie, Interim Chief Executive Officer

Dear Sirs:

The purpose of this document is to direct you to an issue that I feel is directly in “conflict of interest:  in regards to WSN elected leader and the elected Council of Elders representative.   Please read the following document that spells out my allegation:

 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. - Appointment of Advisory Committee     Stock Symbol: CNQ - NVGL     VANCOUVER, May 8 /CNW/ - Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Messrs. Nelson Andrew Clayton, Willard Martin and Chester Moore have agreed to join the Company's Advisory Board. These new additions to the Advisory Board are hereditary Chiefs of the Nisga'a Lax Gibuu Tribe, Nisga'a Gisk'aast Tribe, and Nisga'a Ganada Tribe respectively.    Mr. Clayton was the past Vice President for the Prince Rupert/Port Edward  Nisga'a Tribal Council from 1997 until 1999 and from November 2000 until November 2004 was the Chief Councilor for Gingolx Village Government. Both positions require involvement as a committee for the Nisga'a Tribal council and the Nisga'a Lisims Government. As Chief Councillor, Mr. Clayton was the representative on the Nisga'a Lisims Executive Board for the community of Gingolx. Mr. Martin is the head chieftain of a Wilp (Lodge) of the Killerwhale Clan (Giskaast) and is currently the chief councilor of the Laxgalts'ap Village Government under the Nisga'a Treaty. He is also currently a member of the AFN Chiefs Health Committee and a founding board member of the First Nations Health Council of British Columbia. He is a director of the Skeena Native Development Society and was a member of the Board of Directors for the Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (Tricorp), past President of the Kemode Friendship Society and was a board member of the Vancouver Indian Centre for six years. Mr. Martin's previous experience includes working as a civil servant with Indian & Northern Affairs Canada and as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of School District 92 in British Columbia. He has also served as the Director of Finance for the Nisga'a Valley Health Board and has been employed by various First Nations communities as a Band Manager and an Economic Development Officer. Besides serving his community, he has also been actively involved with the Kinsmen, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Elks, Lions Club as well as many aboriginal organizations.   Mr. Chester Moore is hereditary Chief of the Nisga'a "Ganada Tribe" and a designated Nisga'a Master Carver. Mr. Moore was an officer of an operating village company and is now the Chairman of the Nisga'a Counsel of Elders.     The Company is also pleased to announce that it has granted a total of 45,000 stock options at an exercise price of $0.31 per share for a term of five years to the Advisory Board members.  Nass Valley Gateway values the participation of all advisory board Members to the decision making process in all important areas of the Company's Development. 


           As you can ignore the grammar errors in the posted article that I have extracted of the Internet, I would advise the author to enroll in some courses to learn how to spell and write in a fashion where the entire world of users can understand.

 Members’ Code of Conduct:  Part II-Conduct of Members-2. (3) Members are responsible to make reasonable efforts, from time to time, to
(a)   make themselves available to hear their constituents opinions and questions on matters of public interest
 Part III – Conflict of Interest:
 10.Avoiding conflicts of interest (2) A member must not use their office to make, participate in the making of, influence or attempt to influence a decision on a matter in respect of which the member has a conflict of interest.
Part V-Complaints and Penalties
11.Complaints:  (1) A Nisga’a citizen may, in the prescribed form, submit a written complaint to the Speaker that a member has contravened a Rule.  
At this time, I would like for you as the President of the Nisga’a Nation to deal with this conflict of interest with the elected persons who are selected to sit as Advisory Board Members for Nass Valley Gateway.  I feel the need to ask for complaint forms that deal with this issue and I know that it has a lot of merit and justification to follow up.  Please mail the forms to the above address. Either they ask to be removed from their elected positions and enjoy their Advisory Board capacity or vice-versa.  
 I look forward to a timely response.
 Sylvia Stephens  

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Barb Zvatora                                                               March 27, 2007

Nisga’a Lisims Government                                                              P.O. Box 231                                                                                      New Aiyansh, B.C., V0J 1A0

 ATTENTION: Mr. Nelson Leeson, President; Mr. Edward Allen, Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Ed Wright, Secretary Treasurer; New Aiyansh Chief and Council;   Gitwinksihlkw Chief and Council;   Laxgalt'sap Chief and Council;   Gingolx Chief and Council

 RE:  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.

Can  you please respond, in writing via email  as soon as you can,  to explain and assure me that my conception of this deal (as presented in documents filed at the stock exchange) is not along the lines of "what has taken us over 100 years and over $80,000,000 (by the time the loan is paid)  to negotiate has taken Laxgalt'sap Village Government's Gitxat'in Development Corporation a couple of years to give away illegally and without Nisga'a citizens' consultation or consent for possibly several hundred thousand dollars in proceeds from sales of shares.  If my concerns are valid that Gitxat'in Development Corporation has potentially handed over 87.5% (75% in Nass Valley Gateway and 12.5 % from Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc) of Bay Point  mineral rights to Mineral Hill Industry Ltd under what legal authority was this carried out?  If Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc has exclusive exploration rights to all our Nisga'a lands another 50% of all our mineral resources goes to Mineral Hill Industry Ltd as they are 50/50 partners with Gitxat'in Development Corporation." 

Correct me if I am wrong but it doesn't matter how I view it - I see the Bay Point Project, where we had originally owned 100% of the land and minerals, as potentially giving away 75% of our mineral rights for a mere 12.5% interest of minerals in return to us the Nisga'a Nation if the property goes to production.  I do not see any safeguards for us besides attach #1  ie. It appears as if the whole contract  is an open contract  - no date to go to production before the contract expires, maximum years to bring the property to production, etc.

 I am concerned that both parties, Mineral Hill Industries LTD (50% partner in Gitxatin MHIND World Link Inc) and Gitxat'in Development Corporation (50% partner  in Gitxatin MHIND World Link Inc) are still maintaining that they own 40.5% each in Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.

 My reason for thinking this is simply that they do not own their 7,250,000 shares respectively - they are in Escrow at Pacific Corporate Trust Company awaiting the proceeds after which time the shareholders own a percentage interest in Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. 

11.1 Escrowed Securities (included)

(i) to (v)(included)

Escrowed Securities will be released from escrow in equal blocks at 6 month intervals over 36 months following the date the Issuer's (Nass Valley Gateway LTD) common shares are listed on the CNQ (stock exchange).   That is 15% of each Principal's (Mineral Hill Industries LTD and Gitxat'in Development Corporation/Laxgalts'ap Village Government/ NLG/ WSN) holdings being released in each block with an initial 10% block being released on the date the Issuer's (Nass Valley Gateway Ltd) common shares are listed on the CNQ.

Escrow Agreement Dated August 11, 2006....(included)

It seems to me that, at the end of the day,  there is the possibility that all Laxgalts'ap Village Government and the Nisga'a Business Alliance will have is whatever shares they have in their possession and what is left  of the proceeds from the sale of 7,250,000 shares and ½ of the obligations of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. to Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc.

Table of issued and outstanding common shares subject to the escrow agreement....(included)

To me - it appears that in 36 months all shares will have been  released to the public unless one of the Principals tenders  a take-over bid.  Which means that all we, the Nisga'a Nation are going to have at this time is a 12.5% interest in Bay Point mineral claims through Gitxat'in MHIND World Link LTD - that is in the absence of a law suit regarding the contract obligations or by virtue of more non-Nisga'a Board of Directors in Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.   It should have been obvious to whom ever negotiated this deal that there can be problems when only 2 Nisga'as are on the Board of Directors in Nass Valley Gateway LTD as this Nass Valley Gateway LTD consists of an unlimited number of common shares - the Board of Directors make the decision on how many shares are released, to whom and when, share splits, reverse splits, etc.

And that can change as:   The term of office of the directors expires annually at the time of the Issuer's annual general meeting. The term of office of the officers expires at the discretion of the Issuer's directors.

The following raises more concerns and should have raised  questions


It appears to me that:

Mineral Hill Industries LTD (as soon as the shares were released to the public) owned 30,000 shares - via 10,000 Special Warrants


This gives Mineral Hill Industries Ltd more shares and a higher percentage than Gitxat'in Development Corporation.

 Who  illegally gave  exclusive mineral exploration  rights within "our approximately 2,200  square  kilometer Nisga'a Core Lands,"  without Nisga'a consultation or consent, to Laxgalts'ap Development Corporation and Mineral Hill Industries Ltd? The following is  from Mineral Hill Industries LTD documents filed at the stock exchange:


MINERAL HILL Industries Ltd (“MHI”) and the Nisga’a GITXAT’IN Development Corporation (“GDC”), the Company is pleased to announce that the Steering Committee between GDC and MHI has developed and refined its so called Nisga’a MHIND Coalition Matrix and Strategy (“NMC-Strategy”) to fund, develop and explore the Nisga’a Core Lands. In order to implement the NMC-Strategy, GDC andMHI have incorporated and established a Centre Corporation called GITXAT’IN MHIND World Link Inc. (“GMWL”) and entered into a Shareholders’ Agreement (the “Agreement”) with GDC on a 50%/50% basis. MHI in connection with GMWL will design and implement a five year exploration plan for the approximately 2,200 square kilometre Nisga’a Core Lands in order to enable GMWL to provide options on certain mineral properties within the Nisga’a Core Lands on an earn-out basis to venture companies interested in doing exploration work on a joint venture basis.


I think there are several options that  can be  used to take over Nisga'a mineral claims and transfer them to privately held mineral claims  - by individual Nisga'as or outsiders with the help of Nisga'a  insiders or to simply be taken over by the majority share holders and/or by our whole government, who were elected caretakers of our Nisga'a assets,  carelessly  giving  away our resources  as long as they get their pay cheque. 


It is puzzling how Mel Stevens and Dieter Peter are stating on TV news that the Nisga'a are the first natives that hold  40.5% of a publicly traded mineral exploration company when in order to  secure funds for exploration Nass Valley Gateway has to issue more  common shares which dilutes the percentage of the company shares held by shareholders (not the amount of each individual's shares unless the shareholders sell some of his/her holdings.) Which means Mel Stevens and Dieter Peter would have to keep buying most of the new shares (that are issued to secure the funds for exploration) to maintain 40.5% of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd which would make no sense going public unless the only reason was to become the owners when or if the mine is to become a reality which only the majority of common share owners decide.  In order to become a completely private company a group of shareholders can get together to pool  90% of their common shares in which instance they can force a take-over on the remaining 10% of shareholders by simply paying them the going rate of shares and possibly a premium and they now own 100% of the 75% of Nisga'a mineral rights that were optioned to the Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.  Which would leave the Nisga'a Nation with only 12.5% in the Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc - we would also be getting only 12.5% of the production profits - we wouldn't know it was only 12.5%.  My perception of this contract stems from the fact that  the details of the contract have been kept under wraps and we wouldn't have known about it if Sylvia Stephens, a Nisga'a living in Laxgalts'ap,  had not heard about it.


The simplest way for outsiders to get control over Nisga'a resources is through the shares because 50% -90% shareholders have control of Nass Valley Gateway  decisions and at 90% they could force a complete takeover and go private.   If that is what happened here then it is basically done because all contracts by partners within a company prior to going public do not apply as the exchange regulations apply which basically means that the more shares you hold - the bigger piece of the company  you have and can control.  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd has only common shares and consists of an unlimited number of common shares.  The Nass Valley Gateway Ltd  board of directors could keep issuing as many shares as they want and as stated earlier Mineral Hills Industries Ltd  has more board of directors and they basically have the majority vote in how many shares are issued and to whom as referenced in the following private placement notice. (included)


Our interest in the Nass Valley Gateway Ltd is diminishing already because on March 23, 2007 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd proceeded with the  non-brokered private placement  of 1,500,000 Flow Through Units at  $0.37 per unit (flow throughs carry a 100% federal and provincial  tax-deduction in Canadian mining companies and if the company is working in BC it also carries provincial tax credits as well as the federal tax credit) and 1,000,000 Non-Flow-Through Units at $0.28. attachment #2.  If completely exersized the total increase in common shares to Nass Valley Gateway Ltd is 3,750,000 from already issued  outstanding and reserved for issuance 19,398,200 resulting in a total of (19,398,200 + 3,750,000)  23,148,200 common shares.  This would result in Gitxat'in Development Corporation's 7,250,000 shares being less than the 40.5% as it would now be 31.32%.  A few more offerings and  Gitxat'in  Development Corporation is going to hold less than 10% of the  total common shares - at this  point if other holders of common shares get together - they can force a take over resulting in the Nisga'a Nation having only 12.5% interest in any development on Bay Point Project.


It is also puzzling why Dieter Peter and Mel Stevens of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd held "public  information" meetings  in Laxgalts'ap and Prince Rupert where only the elders were invited - this was after Sylvia Stephens made it public.

I can't see it any other way, unless there is a legally binding side agreement between Mineral Hill Industries Ltd and Gitxat'in Development Corporation (Nisga'a Business Alliance as per attach,)  the control of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd belongs to the majority owner(s) of the publically traded shares.  Please provide me with information so that I can properly view what is happening with our lands.



Barb Zvatora

 ATTACH 1  Notes to the FS for yr ended Dec 31 2006 and and period from Oct 25, 2005 (date of incorporation) to Dec 31, 2005


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Justice Delayed - Justice Denied - Elder Abuse

Sylvia Stephens

March 20, 2007

Nisga’a Village Government

Laxgalts’ap Village Government

Gingolx Village Government

New Aiyansh Village Government

Gitwinksihlkw Village Government

Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society

Terrace Nisga’a Society

Gitmaxmak’ay Prince Rupert Nisga’a Society

To:  Chiefs and Council                                                                            Programs and Services & Legal Counsel                                          Board of Directors                                                             Nisga’a Lisims Government Executive

 Re:  Justice Delayed-Justice Denied-Elder Abuse

We generally assume that elected representatives have this task to be trustees of the public interest; that they are not in this game for themselves, but for you and me.  They are to watch out for our best interests…to enhance our best interests, and so on….       

Political corruption has two distinct phases.  First, there is the substantive part, that is, the actual act of political corruption.  Then, there is the procedural part of those duplicitous to conceal that act (as in a cover-up) along with the gradual pulling back of the curtains for all to learn what transpired.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST:  When a public official uses their position to gain personal benefits for a family or their party or government that would not otherwise be available to the general public.

I will list the political parties who are funded by both Provincial and Federal Government each year.  What really bothers me is that I have written to your organizations for many years and not once have you acknowledged receipt of my letters.  What is your mandate?  How do you actually help the average Aboriginal citizen in Canada?  I hear bellyaches from such leaders as Mr. Phil Fontaine complaining about poverty-stricken reserves.  Where and how does the monies given to these organizations flow and what are your success stories?  I can see that you schedule annual conferences at the richest hotels in large cities and what is wrong with meeting in our own territories?  Are you too afraid to relate to the average down and out First Nations person?  It is high time that we see monies and I am talking about the millions that you receive go to a worthy cause and acknowledge that we call have internal problems that your should discuss and try to solve on a national level.  You are always saying, take it to your local government; but that is a polite way of saying, “Don’t bother me”.

  • First Nations Summit
  • Aboriginal Financial Officers Association
  • New Relationship Trust
  • BC Treaty Commission
  • Indian and Northern Affairs
  • Assembly of First Nations
  • Edward Daniels-National Achievement Foundation

 My records show that I have faxed and emailed letters of concern to the above organizations. To date, I have not received one response over the years.  I also view your agendas and it is like a repetition of the last year’s conference and all you seem to do is re-appoint yourselves again.  As Aboriginal funded groups, is it not time for you to step up to the plate and give help where it is needed.  No one can afford lawyers and the only privileged government officials have no problem hiring one when they see fit, on our public expense.

Now, I will disclose to you all what I have witnessed in my community of Laxgalts’ap over the past couple of days.  On Thursday March 8, 2007, I read a google alert under the word, “Nisga’a” and it was from the stock exchange dealing with Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.  If I did not accidentally run into this article, the whole business operation would not have unfolded to the public.  Mel Stevens, Matthew Moore and D. Peter are the main players in this business.  D. Peter is from Mineral Hill Trust, Vancouver and Mel Stevens joined partnership with him last year and Mel applied for a portion of land and as far as I know, their business dealings have gone completely out of control and I will list the conversations I had with Matt Moore.  I talked with Mel about a month ago and I asked him what was happening to his application and he brushed me off stating that nothing was going on.  I called Mel that morning and I asked him if he knew about Nass Valley Gateway and his response was hesitant but he said, Yeah..Nothing else and I guess that I was not supposed to know anything.  The Internet and computers are powerful tools with loads of knowledge and information. From the hour that I called him, he networked with both Matt Moore and D. Peter to inform that that it was leaked.  I know that it was leaked;  as the official documents are all dated March 1, 2007 (Elder’s Certificate),  and the shares were being sold on March 9, 2007.  A friend of mine from Terrace started the ball rolling be writing letters of request to all different bodies involved and how they could issue a Certificate of Clearance. 

Over the weekend after I disclosed my dissatisfaction to all parties in writing, suddenly a News Release from Mineral Hill Industry Ltd. surfaced on the Internet as all of our friends share information and forward to each others.  Jack Cecil, Manager of Prince Rupert Nisga’a Society, wrote an alert to all elders to attend these meetings in Rupert.  It was not until Monday March 19, 2007, when I called Matthew Moore, CEO, Gitxatin Development Corporation and asked him to give me some explanations on what is going on.  He told me that Nisga’a Business Alliance agreed to give 1,500 shares to 30 elders from each community and at the time, each share was worth 38 cents /share,  He said that they can hold them for 3-4 months.  I asked, who are the elders and he did not know.  I asked, who picked the elders and he responded the local Elders Society.  He may be lying here, as we would have known as my mother’s name cropped up on the list.  Genevieve McKay somehow was hired as an Administrative Assistant (Mel’s niece and Matt’s first cousin) and her job location is in Vancouver office.  He told me that she will walk door to door to get the signatures from elders and I told him that if they enter my mother’s property, they would be sued for harassment and trespass. I don’t want my mother to have any ties to a crooked company.  I want to take her Certificate and tear it into many pieces in from of all of them.  Tell them to shove it and leave the poor elders alone as they don’t understand at all what they are doing.  My mom does not know what a share is and she could not be blamed for lacking the knowledge as all they knew when they were younger was how to live in harmony and in honesty.  They were the ones that built this community and ones the corrupt individuals surfaced, they are all like snakes in the grass, out for a fast buck.  This is insanely illegal.  These are disputed lands the and next BC Supreme Court date is May 30, 2007 in Vancouver, BC. 

All afternoon on Monday, I made public announcements on the VHF marine radio for elders not to sign anything if they don’t know what’s in front of them.  Marina Mercer pleaded to the elders again to come out to sign and she also told the families of the deceased to sign on their behalf.  That takes the cake! That is illegal, they are using the deceased persons names for their own benefit.  This definitely has to be brought to the court of law as that is fraud and false representation. 

The meeting was held at the church basement (Sacred surroundings) and that is where the elders were sucked right into D. Peter’s white hands and he intimidated them telling them lies and more lies. Someone from their company told the elders also that no one owns angooskws (Traditional lands owned by elders/families).  History will you that not one family of these angooskws gave consent to surrender these lands and only Joe Gosnell, who calls himself a King, rightfully gave away 90 percent of our lands.  I hear that he received a multi-million dollar settlement when the Treaty was passed.  I do not think that Honor should come to any individuals who can become so obsessed with money and taking from the unfortunate. 

I borrowed xxxxxxxxxxx’s documents that the individuals gave to them at last night’s meeting.  I was unable to sleep all night as I worried about the price that our elders may pay for being swindled by the crooks.  They should be all ashamed and they have to be given the biggest award in Canada for being the most unprofessional and the classiest crooks of all time.  You will note that Winnie’s certificate reads March 1, 2007 and they signed on March 19, 2007 and I asked Matt Moore if the dates were amended and they were not so everything should be trashed and I am willing to burn them all in my smokehouse as fire starter. 

The drama unfolds!  Before Matt’s office closed yesterday, I told him that they could be all sued for “Intellectual Abuse” against our elders who do not understand what they are being forced to sign.  He replied, “Go right ahead.”  I even left two messages on Sharon Stevens voice mail to try to contact all the elders on the list and intervene.  She is the In-Hone Care Supervisor and she recently went through a difficult time with family so I could not pressure her too much.  I talked with her today and he understanding was that all the meeting would be about was the parties to explain what it was all about.  She believed them and she did not know that their signatures would be needed also. 

Barb Zvatora called me to view the documents that she sent out the previous night and one document from their company lists 297 members of Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.  Our poor elders were already been falsely represented and if I did not accidentally find out, the parties would have been relieved of any questions and signatures.  After the meeting on Monday evening, I called xxxxxxxxx and I was dismayed that they all signed as the forms were being distributed.  It takes a handful of persons to help these elders and I could not say that I did not try.  I was desperate to prevent them from being involved. I will document a letter to Mineral Hill Industries to see the list of names under their total of 297.  An elder phoned me today and told me that she could not sleep and she said that she cried as she was sorry for signing those forms.  That is the main purpose of this letter, to disclose the intentions of the parties, to exploit our elders who are innocent.

When are our elders going to be represented in a dignified manner?  Why do they continue to be stepped on and it is not their fault for not knowing.  It is time for the political parties to start dealing with these concerns and they won’t go away.  I consider myself a mini elder at 58 years of age and I will be damned if anyone tells me to do something that is against my good judgment. 

I have four University courses this winter semester and I will receive a minor degree in Political Science and a BA in First Nations studies next year.  To date, I have received 4 certificates, namely:  Business Technology-Accounting, Business Technology-Office Assistant, Nisga’a Studies Certificate and First Nations Certificate from UNBC.  I dream of becoming an Aboriginal lawyer so that I can be of help to the Aboriginal society and what I am doing for now, I am gaining tons of knowledge and experience and I will continue to stay persistent in my endeavors.  I gain my inner strength by prayer and I know that someday, we will all live in harmony and respect for each other.  God Bless!    I thank you for your understanding in this important matter. 


Sylvia Stephens

 Sylvia J. Stephens



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Prince Rupert Meeting

March 21, 2007

Peter Dieter,   Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. CEO &  Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc  Director  &    Mineral Hills Industries Ltd. Manager

Mel Stevens,   Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. President &   Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc  Director &   Gitxat'in Development Corporation Director &     Laxgalt'sap Village Government Employee &  President of Gitxat'in Housing Society &  Laxgalts'ap Forest Company Ltd. Manager

Patrick Stewart, Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. Director Hugh Maddin, Nass Valley Gateway Ltd., Director                

Edward Skoda, Director Nass Valley Gateway Ltd., Board of Director Cerro Minerales SA de CV Director (Mineral Hill  Ltd. Subsidiary)

Dear Sirs:

 RE:  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.  

Before you start waving the signatures of our RESPECTED ELDERS for "show and tell" that they basically agreed with everything because you gave them some shares - CAN YOU PLEASE ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING!!!!!  I will definitely read your Prince Rupert meeting minutes.


I wonder if our elders that were made shareholders, living or deceased,  wondering as I am???????? Why did Nass Valley Gateway Ltd have no problem suddenly issuing 1,500 shares to each elder, after the fact, and with no shareholders meeting - were they told that they have to get a stockbroker and pay commission to sell them as well as paying taxes on capital gains?  Why were they not also given shares in the non-reporting Gitxatin Mhind World Link Inc? Is it possible that Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. Is nothing but a work horse in this deal?  After 2  years Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. (NVGL) has the option to own 75% of Nass Bay mineral claim after they pay Gitxatin Mhind World Link Inc (which owns Nass Bay mineral claim) $300,000 and give Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc 2,250,000 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd shares and have spent on work in the Nass Bay $500,000 in 3 years - As per attachment. Because Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc and Nass Valley Gateway Ltd.  have the same board of directors my perception is that in after 2 years March 10, 2008 it is established that enough minerals is present to start production,  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd will simply stop any further work on site and Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc simply buys back the 40% that Nass Valley Gateway LTD accumulated in the 75% option of property by giving Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc $175,000 in 2 years time plus 1,350,000 shares of Nass Valley Gateway LTD (which most likely will be sold before the stopping of work) and spending $300,000 on working the claim. For example, Nass Valley Gateway LTD spend 1,000,000 on work (which is all the money they get by selling stocks to investors from their 40% - 7,250,000 stocks Gitxat'in Development Corporation and Mineral Hill Industries Ltd).  In two years the Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc will pay Nass Valley Gateway LTD $1,500,000  and  Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc now owns 100% of Nass Bay mineral rights which if production starts,  profits are divided 50  50  between Mineral Hill Industries LTD and Gitxat'in Development Corporation as they own Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc. This can result in the shareholders of 18,100,000 Nass Valley Gateway LTD will have to share $1,500,000 which results in each share (if you hold on to yours) is going to be worth 8 cents - may be even less. The way I see it is that the only benefactors, if production is to start, is going to be owners of shares in Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc.  So tell me - Why didn't the elders get any shares in Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc?   Why didn't Mineral Hill Industries LTD and Gitxat'in Development Corporation (50/50 partners in Nass Valley Gateway Ltd) each give the elders 750 shares or make the elders partners at the same percentage as the elders have been given of the Nass Valley Gateway Ltd shares. Nisga'a citizens owned Nass Bay  100% prior to this deal - after no consultation or Nisga'a nation consent, Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc (owners Gitxat'in Development Corporation and Mineral Hill Industries Ltd) will not give our RESPECTED ELDERS shares in their companies that are actually going to be making profits if production is going to start.  Even if Nass Valley Gateway Ltd is still in operation in 5 years - Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc would still own 25% of Nass Bay mineral rights proceeds after the buy back option date - Why didn't the elders get Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc shares? 

 At least you could have added some beads!!!!!

Barb Zvatora ATTACH  1:   Deferred Exploration Costs (Buy Back Option)


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Monday, 23 July 2007

Barb Zvatora                                                                                     March 12, 2007

Honourable Carole Taylor, B.C. Minister of Finance                 Corporate and Personal Property Registries                                         PO Box 9048 Stn Prov Govt                                                           Victoria, BC, V8W 9E2

 Dear Madame:

RE:  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd - We had never heard of this company

 I am one of the Nisga'as that is affected by the final agreement between the Nisga'a Nation, Federal Government, and the Provincial Government, which was fundamentally based on a per capita basis.  I'm one of the 60 to 70% of Nisga'a that is living outside the Nass Valley.

 One of your departments has issued the attached Certificate of Good Standing.

 In order to issue this certificate certain documents have to be filed.

I would like to view these documents -  what procedure has to be followed in order to receive all the documents that were filed in respect of this company.

 Also, I would like all information on these other companies (ATTACH #2) as we have never heard of them before even at the May/06 Nisga'a assembly  - most importantly I would like to find out how they received the exclusive rights to explorations on our land without our Nisga'a Nation citizens permission as we had given up many rights and approximately 94% of our land in the final agreement.

 I would also like to know if all information is available for Alcan Forest Company i.e. who are the board of directors.  Alcan Forest Company was created with one company from Alaska and one from the Nisga'a  privately owned company.  To this day, we do not know whether we, the Nisga'a people, are getting any financial compensation from the company cutting our logs and how they received permission to log our lands. 

 Please do not refer me to Nisga'a Lisims Government for information as we have been in self government since 2000 and to this day - no audited financial statement has been presented to our Nisga'a Nation.  We have been told that millions of dollars of our money is invested in the stock market (this is the story and we have no official record of it)  and we have not had a single shareholders meeting or financial reports.  We heard that the reason the new NLG inhouse lawyer quit after 3 months was because she was not given time to address the decisions/actions that did not follow procedures as set out in the Nisga'a Constitution and Final Agreement.

 How do I find out all the companies  that have registered to operate within Nisga'a Lands.

Thank you,

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April 26, 2007


Nisga’a Lisims Government

Nelson Leeson, President

Fred Tolmie, Interim CEO

Edmond Wright, Secretary-Treasurer

Lily Jorgenson, Board-Vancouver Society

PO Box 200

New Aiyansh, BC V0J 1A0


Dear Sirs/Madam:


This letter will serve as a request for information to ask why you, the Governing body of our Nisga’a Nation do not deal with theft cases.  Facts are true and sources of information that back up my allegations are spelled out in the 49-page documents that were distributed amongst Nisga’a members.  We have the right to seek answers from you and if you continue to refuse any type of action, we will start a petition to have you all removed, as you are not doing a good job.  Records strengthen my strong statement and I want to know how we stand financially as a Nation and how broke are we?  Why don’t you have the decency to spell it out on one of your monthly newsletters?  We don’t want to see unimportant news and whom are you trying to impress anyway?


If I want to know more about the Youth Council, I can approach them and how much time and money are you continually wasting printing off these articles?  As a Nisga’a member, I have a keen interest in our financial status and ever since the Treaty was passed in 2000, we have not seen one financial statement on how we stand as a Nation.  The continuous crooks who are supposed to be looking after our affairs are bragging that they will not be dealt with but, we are persistent in our quest for accountability and transparency. 


Why don’t you as traveling Executive inform the Nisga’a why you travel so much and what do you come back home with?  What did you learn and what is the intention of your trips and do you justify your time away from your high-paying jobs?  I can see you all traveling at least half of the month at a time and what reports can you give to us?  You are spending our monies and we need to see those reports and itineraries.  It seems that you cannot stand to stay home as we all know what is going on and I always say that you can run but you cannot hide from the truth.


I discussed with Lilly Jorgensen about the update and she told me that they are going to form a committee (tribunal) and they are not just sitting back.  They are going to come up with something.  Give me a break!  We will not give up to see charges being laid to the thief who probably stole from Day 1.  Forensic audits should be performed on the entire Nisga’a Nation dollars.  I will forward this letter also to the Auditor General. 


I had written a letter to seek the services of the Vancouver RCMP and I enclosed the 49 page documents but in response, they told me that the Board has to lay charges.  An elder from the Vancouver local membership will seek to draft a Resolution to that effect and if the persons in charge at the present don’t have the guts to do that, we have to assume that they are involved in this activity.  This is an issue that has been overlooked for too long and action needs to be taken as soon as possible. 


Mr. Leeson was approached by telephone by a lady from Gitwinksihlkw about a month ago and he told her that NLG won’t lay charges and it was up to the Board.  Of course, he does not want to go that route, as he is the brother-in-law.    To make matters worse, Lily told me that Ben Stewart is still getting his monthly per diem in the amount of thousands of dollars.  For what?  It must be nice to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and still get income from the source.  This is a mafia type of government where we are being stripped of our rights to seek legal action.  Remember, the next court case will happen in Vancouver on June 13th and Matriarch Mercy Thomas has discussed with me her statement that she will present to the 3 Supreme Court judges and if she does not succeed, she will run for the President of the Nisga’a Nation.  That is music to my ears as she is more intelligent than the entire bunch of you who think that you are on the Executive level. 


I will quote to you what was written in the Hak’ak’a’a October 1, 2001 and documented by the former CEO, Edward Allen.  “Your Nisga’a Government here to serve you!  When we say Nisga’a government belongs to Nisga’a Nation, we are saying many things, including that Nisga’a citizens have the right to know what their government is doing on their behalf, and to answer to their questions when they ask them.  This right is reflected in our Nisga’a Constitution, which provides that the Nisga’a nation expects the public service of the Nisga’a Nation and each Nisga’a village to be administered in accordance with certain values and principles, including responsiveness to public needs and provisions of timely, accessible and accurate information.  This means that we at Nisga’a Lisims Government must respond to your needs and provide you with a response to your request for accurate information.  This is your right as a Nisga’a citizen, protected by our own Nisga’a Constitution.” 

What happened to those empty words, did you trash the Constitution?  You were being blindfolded by the white man’s set of laws and you try to instill those laws to me, no thank you.  I live to the highest standard and will not tolerate anymore your lies and more lies and deceit.   I finally got an Aboriginal lawyer from Alberta and she is willing to take on some of the outstanding cases that I have against you.


Feel free to respond to my letter with an open mind and that as a government institution, you cannot continue to disregard our concerns as the past is the past and the future is what I am concerned with and how will we ever survive as a Nation with the rate that you are going?  What will be there for the generations yet to come?  I look forward to a response from each one of you and now you can justify for your high pay and six figure incomes.  Have a nice day!





Sylvia Stephens


c.c.  Auditor General for Canada

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March 19, 2007

Mr. Wilf Blonde, CEO Nisga'a Commercial Group. Dr> Joe Gosnell, BOD NCG,  Hon. Mike Harcourt, BOD NCG,  Mr. Milton K Wong, BOD NCG,  Dr. Brent Mainprize, BOD NCG,  Mr. Chris McNeil Jr., BOD NCG, Mr. Jean LaRose, BOD NCG

Dear Sirs:

 RE:  Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. Listing Statement March 6, 2007

 Mr. Blonde reported to the May 2006 Nisga'a assembly that there was going to be a Nisga'a Commercial Group board established to over see the Nisga'a Corporations and other opportunities - the board of which you are members.

 Mr. Blonde's report also included  the forming of the Board of Directors for the corporations - he stated "in the past, most board members were employees of Nisga'a Lisims Government.  The new board will have no Nisga'a Lisims Government employees and will come from the business community with a mixture of skills, education, and backgrounds."   He also reported that the Chief Operating Officers had been set up for each of the organizations - Fishery, Forestry, and Communications - NO MENTION OF MINERAL EXPLORATIONS.  From what I could gather the Nisga'a Corporations included:  Nisga'a Fisheries Ltd., Lisims Forest Resources L.P., EnTel Communications Inc. Wilp Sy'oon Wilderness Lodge Ltd.(although Wilp Sy'oon Wilderness Lodge Ltd had already been dismantled and some assets sold or given away),  Nisga'a West Coast Stevedoring (1999) Ltd., Lisims Backcountry Ltd. 

 Was mineral explorations not included because Nass Valley Gateway Ltd was a private company operating on our lands as this is the list of dates and their activities:

 - Nass Valley Gateway Ltd was incorporated October 25, 2005.  Without consulting the Nisga'a Nation whether we approved or not - permission was given to them for exploration and ownership to Bay Point - there was no nisga'a nation approval on this.  Who authorized it and why were there not in depth discussions about it at the May 2006  assembly as it appears all these companies were already registered - some were registered in 2005 and 2006 - and many had not heard of them.  Our core lands does not belong to a certain village or a certain person it belongs to all the Nisga'a citizens. 

 - Option agreement dated March 10, 2006 between Nass Valley Gateway Ltd and Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc.  Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc (non reporting) ownership is as follows:  Gitxat'in Development Corporation (owned by Greenville/Gitxat'in Village Government who own all the shares of Gitxat'in Development Corporation) owns 50% common shares and Mineral Hill Industries Ltd owns 50% common shares which without any approval from the Nisga'a nation claims they own Bay Point situated by Gingolx.





Why is there only one Nisga'a on the board of directors for Nass Valley Gateway Ltd? BOD: Dieter Peter, Chief Executive Officer. Chairman and Director; Melvin Stevens, President and Director; Patrick Stewart, Director; Hugh Maddin, Director; and Edward Skoda, Director.   If there are some issues with this company that the Nisga'as do not agree with - we are going to be basically out voted even though we are dealing with our lands and we have only one board of director.  It's our land and resources that were brought to that company - what did the other company contribute besides hired experts that have to be paid through sale of shares? 

 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. Issued in 2006 300,000 common shares to companies (Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc - GMWL) with common directors for cash proceeds of $90,000.







 The holders of the Common Shares are entitled to receive notice of and to attend and vote at all meetings of the shareholders of the Issuer and each Common Share shall confer the right to one vote in person or by proxy at all meetings of the shareholders of the Issuer.  Who voted on all the decisions that were made to this date?

 Nass Valley Gateway Ltd lists Dieter Peter and Melvin Stevens (only Nisga'a) as the Named Executive Officer Directors, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Maddin, and Edward Skoda as the directors who are not also Named Executive Officers.  Who are all the board of directors of  Gitxat'in Development Corporation and Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc who may be part of those referenced in the Compensation of Directors as on January 31, 2007, the Issuer (Nass Valley Gateway Ltd) issued a total of 410,000 incentive options to its directors who are not also Named Executive Officers and a total of 230,000 incentive options to its directors who are Named Executive Officers.

 It appears that not too many people were fully informed about these companies in Greenville or the general Nisga'a population.

 We have asked before and we are asking again - were moneys that were designated for other services used for seed money to start this company?  The reason I am asking this is because Laxgaltsap/Greenville  Village  Government had no problems transferring core program monies into Laxgaltsap Forestry which is against the Fiscal Financial Agreement and our show and tell laws.

  Who purchased the shares that are being released for trading at almost triple the value they were purchased as warrants.    Who were the investors that purchased these warrants?  Who is benefiting now? Who are the following 297 holders.

Can you please contact Haywood Securities Inc. (the exclusive agent for the purpose of offering of the common shares on the exercise of the special warrants - seed money for company) to find out who were the initial investors.

 Was there any moneys paid to Nisga'a Lisims Government for the permit/license to go ahead and make the claim?

 Note that Greenville/Laxgaltzap Village Government (who own Gitxat'in Development Corporation) are members of the Nisga'a Lisims Government and members of the Wilp Si'ayuukhl Nisga'a - there is obviously a conflict of interest where they make decisions on behalf of our whole nation and they have a direct interest in these companies. 

 Can I please get the minutes where the decision was made regarding this corporation and how the members voted on it.   How long will it take before the directions of our constitution and final agreement are followed?


Barb Zvatora

 Copies to all those on email

 Attach:  2



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NLG NVGL Private or Public?

Barb Zvatora                                                            April 13, 2007   

Mr. Nelson Leeson, NLG President

Mr. Fred Tolmie, NLG Interim CEO

Mr. Ed Wright, NLG Secretary Treasurer

P.O. Box 231

New Aiyansh, B.C., V0J 1A0


Dear Sirs:


RE:   Nass Valley Gateway Ltd - Private or Public?


Nass Valley Gateway Directors issued 1,200,000 special warrants at $.45 which would have amounted to $540,000.  They claim that they had 297 private investors and used Nisga'a moneys to put in Nass Valley Gateway Ltd -  $540,000 (possibly the whole amount) as in the past the Laxgalt'sap Village government had no problem transferring moneys from other "Core Program Funding" accounts to their forestry company. The special warrants were split 1 special warrant for 3 common shares and put 3,600,000 common shares for public offering.


If common shares are sold for $.45 they would now have for their transfer of $540,000 of our Nisga'a moneys received $1,620,000 and I am assuming (but has never happened before) they would put $540,000 Nisga'a moneys back leaving them with a nice profit of $1,080,000; however, in order to maintain the 40% interest - approximately $341,200 would have to be used to purchase 40% of the March 23/07 new offering of "Non-Brokered Private Placement."  They would still have  $738,800 and I am assuming if the minerals are in enough quantities to go to production then they would go private and if not they would start selling off 7,250,000 old shares and 1,000,000 of new shares. Even if the  8,250,000 shares sell at only $.10  it would amount to another $850,000 and if the shares sell higher then more profit for them - that is in addition to what they already made from before.  These scenarious are the reason why this was all done in secrecy just like all other contracts on Nisga'a lands are done.  It would appear that our NLG executives and chosen employees had moved on from stealing Nisga'a moneys to stealing our lands and resources to benefit themselves and a select few.


What are the Nisga'a receiving from this venture besides the elders, including the deceased, being given 1,500 shares?




Barb Zvatora



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Date:Fri, 20 Apr 2007 05:05:51 -0400 (EDT)
From:"barb zvatora" <>  Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
Subject: Fwd: RE: Nass Valley Gateway Ltd Initial Shareholders,
Dear Ms. See & Mr. Peter
I clearly requested the list of 297 original investors prior to Nass Valley Gateway Ltd going public.
I find it absurd that you are asking for $100 as I'm a Nisga'a elder which clearly qualifies me for your 1,500 shares - your generous exchange for something that we the Nisga'a Nation own lock, stock, and barrel - "what a joke" - and will have cost us over $80,000,000  by the time we pay it off. 
It must be difficult deciding which living or deceased Nisga'a elders qualify for the unexpected modern day bounty of beads. 
Instead of purchasing 1,500 shares in my name - please sell 1,500 shares (35 cents a share) - keep whatever you deem appropriate for the list of 297 initial Nass Valley Gateway Ltd investors and donate the balance of this unexpected bounty to a worthy charity that will issue me a receipt for income tax purposes.
Thank you,
Barb Zvatora

Josephine See <> wrote:
From: "Josephine See" <>
To: "'barb zvatora'" <>
CC: <>
Subject: RE: Nass Valley Gateway Ltd Initial Shareholders
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 10:27:02 -0700

Dear Ms. Zvatora:
Please see attached.
Josephine See
-----Original Message-----
From: barb zvatora []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:45 PM

Cc: Sylvia Stephens
Subject: Nass Valley Gateway Ltd Initial Shareholders
Request of list of original shareholders

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Barb Zvatora                                                            April 19, 2007      

BC Securities Commission

PO Box 10142, Pacific Centre

701 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, B.C.

V7Y 1L2

Dear Sir/Madame:


RE:   Nass Valley Gateway Ltd


I sent this email request to Nass Valley Gateway Ltd:


Barb Zvatora                                                                        April 10, 2007

2402 Kreston St

Terrace, B.C. V8G 0G2




Nass Valley Gateway Ltd. Management, Directors, & Officers:


Mr. Dieter Peter, CEO                                                 Hugh Maddin, Dir.

Peter Kohl, CFO                                                          Edward Skoda, Dir.

Melvin Stevens, President                                           Patrick Stewart. Dir.                                        

Peter Lewis, Senior Vice Pres. & Chief Geologist

Josephine See, Secretary & Treasurer


Investor Relations:

Pamela Keck, Manager Investor Relations

Genevieve McKay


RE:  List of names of 297 first share holders


I am a Nisga'a citizen, member of the Terrace Nisga'a Society, and member of the Nisga'a Business Alliance Corporation (NBA) and as per the actions of your News Release March 12, 2007 - "Mineral Hill and GDC each owns 40.05% (7,250,000 shares) in the share capital of Nass Valley Gateway." ….."The GDC is a member of the Nisga'a Business Alliance Ltd. ("NBA"), which comprises the development corporations of the four Nisga'a villages and the Nisga'a Societies of Terrace, Prince Rupert, Port Edwards and Vancouver.  The GDC has agreed to transfer to NBA its interest in Nass Valley Gateway and Gitxat'in MHIND World Link Inc. ("GMWL"), which will then be jointly controlled by NBA and Mineral Hill.  GMWL is a joint venture company formed in March, 2006 by Mineral Hill and GDC."  I am a shareholder in the Nass Valley Gateway Ltd (NVGL). 


Under the "Business Corporation Act (SBC 2002) Chapter 57, Division 5 - Company records," I am requesting the names, addresses, and amounts of shares each of the 297 initial investors held on the listing date Friday March 9, 2007 prior to public trading.




Barb Zvatora


Copy: Sylvia Stephens, Greenville, B.C.


This is the response I received:




575 -1111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2J3

Telephone: (604) 685-4170  Fax: (604) 685-2360 Email:





Via Email:


April 11, 2007


Ms. Barb Zvatora

2402 Kreston Street

Terrace, B.C.

V8G 0G2


Dear Ms. Zvatora:


Further to your email and fax today, please be advised that in accordance with section 49 (1) of the Business Corporations Act, SBC 2002, Chapter 57, you will have to include an affidavit and a certified cheque for $100.00 plus GST for the shareholders’ list.  Upon receipt of the requisite documents, we will authorize the transfer agent to issue the shareholders’ list to you.  An extract of the Business Corporations Act is attached herewith for your reference.



Yours truly,




“Dieter Peter”


Dieter Peter

Chairman & CEO



It is obvious that my request is ignored and I'm being restricted to only names of shareholders 14 days prior to them receiving my request with payment.


I would appreciate if  you can, in any way, assist me to receive the names of those 297 purchasers of 1,200,000 special warrants which, prior to going public, were split 1 warrant for 3 shares. 


Also could you please let know what rules apply to none reporting companies that were set up with public moneys and are based on Nisga'a lands.  Does any agency have jurisdiction?




Barb Zvatora


Copy: Hon. Carole Taylor, Ontario Securities Commission


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From: Rose Doolan

Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 11:54 AM
Subject: NLGNLEAEWVanExectheft031207
Dear Honourable Members and Respected Chiefs
My name is Sim git Luu t’aa, from the House of Sganisim Sim’augit Sagaw’een and my husband Niy’s Wii Amootka from the House of Nii’is’lis’eyan, and we are both elders in our community of Gingolx B.C, and in our nation, we have never been so appalled with the action of our elected representatives who are suppose to be looking out for the best interest of our people in our respected nation.
There is a celebration happening in June 11 to the 14 2007,in New Aiyansh when all the BC Indian Chiefs are coming to our Nation to apologize for not been in support of the Nisga’a treaty as we understand. What happen to the views of Saul Terry of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs back in August 1998? Has there been a change of heart?
   We do not see anything to celebrate with honour of all the theft that is happening with our treaty monies, the taxpayer’s money, Ancestral land titles, Aboriginal titles and Hereditary Names.
 No Justice has been served and it seems our people suffer in silence, our respected elders are not been heard, which once again reminds us of the Residential School strategy where you are stripped of your native identity, and then when occasions like this celebrations happen, we are told to wear your regalia and dance like a good little Indian. Where is the dignity in all this?
Our Ancestral Lands are been sold illegally on the stock market in Germany and no one is saying anything, our respected Elders were once again been used for this by enticing them with 15000,shares of Ancestral lands that are still in dispute in the court. With all respect due to these elders, the deceased’s names were also used to pass this through with no remorse for the dead. A Package was delivered to my husband for his shares and he bluntly told the young lady Miss Wright “I WILL NOT SIGN FOR THIS CERTIFACATE, and her answer was “YOU DON’T HAVE TO, WE ALREADY SIGNED IT FOR YOU.”  Our rights to say no are been violated.
 We are reminded of letters written concerning this modern day treaty and what we will become in the future. And even back then no one was listening. I have included sections of a letter written by Saul Terry of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. Did this letter also fall on deaf ears? And we don’t understand why the BC Indian Chiefs are apologizing when letters were written like Saul Terry’s and then turn around to support this treaty.
Why The Nisga'a Agreement Must Not Be The Blueprint
Khatou News, August 1998, by Saul Terry - Union of BC Indian Chiefs
Treaties and their certainty provisions are really about 'TAKING - OUT' (extinguishing) the Indian Nations. Changing Nations to mere delegated village council or federal municipalities. In some parts of the world it is now called "ethnic cleansing". It is practiced to a much more subtle level upon our people but it is still genocide. The most deplorable fact in this case is that they expect us to provide our consent. Genocide may seem harsh terminology, but this treaty once and for all, alters the reality of Indigenous Nations. We are being asked to give our consent to eradicating or renouncing that we are distinct Peoples, with distinct identifiable territories, with our own governing systems, with our own distinct languages and histories.
Nowhere in any of the media, is it seriously reported that lawsuits have been filed by Nisga'a hereditary chiefs and ordinary citizens against the apparent neo-colonial administrations that have been negotiating these treaties of surrender and capitulation. There seems to be a deliberate policy of hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, therefore report no evil. The Gitanyow people, as a part of the Gitk'san Nations have experienced first hand the dishonour of the crown as demonstrated in the land overlap issue. This has exposed the Canadian treaty policy of first come, first served.
We continually pray everyday for our Nation and Leaders and as the word of God tells us, we can take comfort in knowing that one day we will give account for everything we do whether it be good or evil. We will give account.
As you may know, there is a Chief Mountain Court Challenge on June 14 2007 against Federal and Provincial Government and the Nisga’a Treaty, at the B C Supreme Court of Canada, where we are in full support to get our Aboriginal titles and Ancestral Lands back. And if you believe that this treaty Alters the reality of Indigenous Nations you are more than welcome to show your support.
We are in full support of treaties and self-government but just not this Modern Day Nisga’a Treaty that has stripped us our Ancestral lands and Aboriginal Status, AND OUR RIGHTS TO SPEAK WITH OUT BEEN OSTRACIZED
Thank you,
Niy’s Wii Amootkw gans Sim Git Luu T’aa
 Mr, & Mrs Fred and Rose Doolan
612 Front Street
Kincolith BC V0V 1B0
(250) 326 2363
Please continue to read this letter from another Elder of our Nation and her concerns:
Barb Zvatora                                                               March 12, 2007
2402 Kreston St
Terrace, B.C., V8G 0G2
Mr. Nelson Leeson, President
Mr. Edward Allen, CEO
Mr. Ed Wright, Secretary Treasurer
Nisga’a Lisims Government
P.O. Box 231
New Aiyansh, B.C., V0J 1A0
Dear Sirs:
RE:   Continuing theft of Nisga'a Nation's funds

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