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First blogofkickassness (pwn=WTF?)

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

First blogofkickassness (pwn=WTF?)
Topic: WTF?!?!
PWN. We've all heard it. But WTF?!?! I was playing CS one day, and somebody said Oh DUDE you just got PWNED LOLOL!!!11. So i asked him "whta T F is pwn?" And he said "Ef off you effing n00b befroe i am forced to use my l337 skillz to pwn you!" I was like forget this. And i asked somebody a bit more MATURE, and he said somebody made a typo saying "own" and thought it looked cool. EFF THAT. Why don't people just say own? I mean, own LOOKS better and FEELS more right, but still not cool. How about we just start saying "DUDE I just blowed your ass up" Instead of "dude i just PWNZED your ass LOLOLOLL!!!!!!11". Thanks alot, FUCKHEAD-THAT-MADE-A-LAME-TYPO-AND-THOUGHT-IT-WAS-COOL!

Posted by blog2/nickkrumwiede at 9:31 PM CDT
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