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Vegitarianism and my weight loss

The Story
august 20th, 1999- I am 16. Im in high school, 125lbs.
November 20th, 2000- I am 16. I give birth to my first son. I am 140Lbs.
May 14th 2003- I am 19. I give birth to my twin boys, Iam 150Lbs.
October 29th 2004-I am 20. I give birth to my daugter, I am 170Lbs.
Febuary 16, 2005-I am 21. I am 160Lbs.
October 18th 2005- I commit myself to being a vegitarian after going to Peta's web site at: Http:// and also commit to loseing the 35 pounds I have put on in the last six years.....

October 18th 2005- Today is the first day of excercising, dieting and being a vegitarian...some people would probley say its too much all at once...but I think I have been mentally prepareing for this for quite some time...six years of being pregnant and raiseing 4 young children is enough to motivate you that you can do anything. This page is a way for me to express how I feel as I work to achive my goal, and hopefully to inspire other to achive theres.

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