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October 2005

October 18th 2005-
I went out this morning after dropping my son off at preschool to attempt to go on a "jog" I decided to walk around my block which is not very far walking it only takes about 20 minutes if your walking at a quick pace...I walked the First half of my "jog" down a hill, and as I rounded the turn to go back up the hill I decided that if I was going to actually Excercise I was going to have to try and run a little I started to jog at a slow speed up the hill...I can honestly say I probley Jogged for only 2 Minutes before I had to stop, If I would have kept jogging I swore my legs would crumble beneth me and I would be left laying there in the side of the road in the middle of suburbia. Instead I walked the rest of the way up the hill at a slow pace- panting and weezeing all the way up, till i got home...I decided to do my push ups and sit ups in my room to spare my dignity. I got down on my hands and knees knowing that there was no way I would be able to do a "real" push-up. And I started...One...two...three...four...five...six....that was it..I collapsed on the floor after that one. I rolled over on to my for sit-ups...Lucky my stomach muscles arnt as shot as my arms...I started with 10 crunches forward, switched to 10 with my left leg, 10 with my right and 10 with my feet bent like I was sitting in a chair on its back.....I flopped my feet down on the ground and laid there, my heart beating hard....Man! I was thinking back to when I was 16 and I could run at least a mile before I dropped dead. I could do at least 60 push ups and countless amounts of situps...I was disturbed.
Today wasnt as hard as I thought it would be... Im still sick from yesterday, looking on the peta site. so that has helped curb my appitie from eating meat today.
For Breakfast I had a bagel with sugar free rasberry jam. and a cup of coffee.
For lunch I had a saled with a cup of mandarin oranges and a cup of milk. and Im still thinking about dinner.

October 19th-
didnt get out today to do my jog....but did really well at staying on my diet. It's day 2 scince I have declared becomeing a vegetarian. I had a carnation Instant Breakfast this morning, and Unfortunatly Wasnt able to eat anything for lunch (too busy today) but I did eat 2 saandwitches with cheese and mayo for dinner , I have realized that I might need to purchase a book on vegetarian recipes, as I dont want to be stuck eating cheese and crackers and bread and cheese everyday... Tomarrow I am going to the store to pick up a multivitamin. and after I drop my son off in the mornign I am going to go to our local park to walk the big 3 mile track they have.

October 24
Tomarrow will be a week. One week is a looooong time... My daughters birthday is also at the end of this week. It has been an Entire year scince i gave birth to her. It has gone by so quickly I almost missed it. I stepped on the sacle this morning for the first time scince decideding to be a vegitarian. I weighed exactly 160Lbs every day for the last 3 monthes....Today I looked down to see the scale at 153Lbs. Its the most weight I have had off scince I had my daughter. Im hopeing that it is not just temporaryly left me because of my diet change. But Im pritty confident it wont as long as I keep going to the park every morning to exercise I think it'll be ok..
I have began posting a new picture up every month. I want to see in the photos every month if I can actually tell if i Look Diffrent.