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[Greg's Web Site]

Well the site is finally up. I just threw this one together so that I could get a rough draft on the net. You might think of this as a little preview of what something on the actual site might look like. The main objective of this site is to let you see what is going on behind the scenes of my "Game Developement" and to let some of you see what I have been doing for the past years that I have been in hiding.

Date: 3.23.05

I started coding the site. Again not a massive project but I needed to get this out there so that I could focus more on the second version of my Breakout remake, "Break-In '05." If you haven't played the first one, there is a link to it on this site but that is the only game that is available. There are screenshots for any project that I am working on. Most of the games that I were working on either got (1) destroyed or (2) hit by a fucking virus. If I find the peice of shit that gave me the Gedza worm, I'm going to kill him/her. Anyway, the point is that I lost sleep over that one. That was like two months of development down the drain. But the development doesn't stop there. The remake of Break-In '04 will feature some things like:

Date: 3.26.05

I started work on a project that will mix the RPG elements of Chrono Trigger and the battle system of the Mana series. The battle system will focus more on the functionality of Legend of Mana for the PSX. I have a movement demo that is available for download. Please keep in mind that this might not make it off the drawing boards but I thought that it was something that might be interesting. Break-In '05 is still in the works although I don't have a WIP for that. Click on the button below for the draft.

I apoligize for the massive amounts of errors that appear when the site loads. It's the damn advertisement that Angelfire places on the free pages.

Date: 4.4.05

I am sorry that I haven't been paying attention to the site. (Not that anybody comes here anyway) I have been programming my new 3D first person shooter. I'm updating the site at 12:14 in the morning on a school night. I have to go to ITT Tech tomorrow and my mom is making me stay home. *fake sobbing* Anyway, you may have noticed that the download buttons show an error message. I found out that when you have a free account you can't download files with it. (I think that was a n00b concept there) The files have been removed from Angelfire's servers. I am working on storing them on my friend's server so that they are available for download but until then, they are gone. You are not allowed to see the un-mastery of Greg Martin. But there are some new things that I have put on here. The links page has been updated with more links to sites that I think totally kick ass. And then there is a page that features some really annoying shit that I think is hilarious. Check it out. Peace to all two of you who have seen the site. For those of you who are interested in really awkward things, here is a link to the Break-In '05 revisions document that was just crafted yesterday. If you don't know what this means, this means that the actual developement of the game is about ready to start.

Below are some buttons that you can click on to see different things on the site.

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