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September 30th, 2004
Ahhhh i tired soo hard to do this EVERYDAY...but i guess college life isn't playing with AIM...Im typing as quick as possible because i have to go in a few minutes...First to practice volin for my lesson at 6. Then INTERVARSITY at 8! i'm excited because we are supposed to have a really GOOD speaker today! YAY!!! I love the people at IVcause they can take my insanity! Anywayz...then the people at IV will prolly go to chatter's! more FUN! cept i get to go back at around 11 or 1130 only to write a paper and study for a big math test...Speaking... of calculus... i MISSED CLASS today...WAHHHH!! My teacher takes off 5 quiz points for everyday you miss...this is my SECOND time...our quizes are only 20 its like a FAILED a calc quiz already. :sigh: What happened is that today i have an 8 am lab so i wake up early for lab. THen i get back round 930 and force myself to keep awake so i wont miss math, but instead i fall alseep and wake up to realized calc JUST ended...GREAT! i'm sick of missing class! if i miss a class i want to be that i DITCHED not i was stupid and slept in. Gotta practice! Oh...if ANYONE is bored on any thursday at like around 1130 call my cell and WAKE ME UP so i dont miss math. okay that was actually a very long entry...i miss all my uiuc-er/napervillians! i'll visit soon!
Song(s) of the day: Undignified (good enuff to be Song of the day twice!)
*She will be loved (maroon 5)

September 28th, 2004
I gotta make this quick cause i gotta go to my small group...all ive been doing all day is PROCRASTINATING for studying my two tests tommrow. (one which is a thrid of my grade!!!) I actually really like my gov class (cept for the whole test part!)
Song of the day: Undignified

September 27th, 2004
I don't do anything fun more...I missed my ride to my retreat this weekend cause i didn't get the right time... Oh werlls..I watch too much tv and sleep way too much...My life has become tv, sleep and more sleep...:sigh: next weekend im gonna go to a build with Habiat..That should be funs!

September 21st, 2004
Um...i feel...very...craptacular...Loud music is Good.
(0.0) i've heard the Yellowcard CD atleast 20 times already

September 19th, 2004
Yeah...this is my first weekend not at U of i and I MISS IT!! Contrary to popular belief i DON'T go there. ISU is fun but U of I is FUNNER! (Yup college makes you S-M-R-T!) Oh i went to see princess dairies 2 on saturday with my roomie. it was soo cute!! Then i went home and um..slept..Thats basically my life now. Sleep sleep eat sleep. then wake at around 1and freak out cause i didn't write my papers. Stay up so "late" that i see a sunrise...i should go out more, but i'm too darn lazy! ~EDIT~ i forgot to say what i did TODAY. I went to "the rock" which is the sister church to illini life.