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"The blue sky is infinitely high, crystal clear...that's what the world should be...a world of infinite possibilities, laid before us, crystal clear."   

- Kintatsu (Samurai X)

.man in blue.

carlo trinidad.kane.6570 days old and still authentic Bio student at UP Manila.a certified goofball.serious.lazy.pathetic.talks to computers.talks to anime and internet freak.a sucker for blue and orange.timid.unpredictable.


+ Cooking almost anything edible

+ Blue and orange objects

+ Surfing the net till the wee hours

+ Reading and writing fanfiction

+ Billiards, badminton & basketball

+ Non-stop anime marathons

+ Final Fantasy & other RPGs

+ Listening to my mp3 collection

+ Barkada road trips & gimiks

+ Talking to myself

+ Contemplating my existence

+ Playing the flute ala Kenny G (wait...he plays the sax, right?)

+ Anything cheap and/or digital

+ Rainy days & Fridays


+ Britney Spears

+ Tangent lines & SN reactions

+ Late night traffic jams

+ Rainy days without an umbrella

+ Fridays with exams the next day

+ Used-up prepaid internet cards

+ Every other bad stuff


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(more to come...^_^)



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