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Bill gates schedules a meeting right away. He's late, and the members of the newly found group start to talk amongst themselves. Master Chief: All right boys, if you don't already know- I'm your leader, master chief. Now, I'm not gonna be doing anything fancy here, we're going to win by hammering the basics. Fisher: So basically you're suggesting we all stand in a line opposite the enemy and shoot at them? Master Chief: Well, in a nutshell yes. Fisher: I should've known. Master Chief: What the hell is that supposed to mean? Fisher: Well that's pretty much all you do in Halo. Stand in the middle of some uninspired level and shoot the same looking aliens over and over. Master Cheif: You have something against Halo? You want to go? Right here? Ill fucking dual wield your ass- Sonic: Yeah really you don't have much room to talk Fisher. OH GOD SNEAKING AROUND IN SHADOWS IS SO FUN- if you're a pussy Fisher: I'm sorry I didn't realize being a slight bit realistic was the same thing as being a pussy. Then again you're a hedgehog that can run at supersonic speed, I don't expect you to know much about realism. Sonic: OH GOD YES CALL ME A HEDGEHOG IM SO OFFENDED Max: I know I would be Sonic: Oh stay the fuck out of this. Go pop some pills or something. Conker: How about you get off MC's cock sonic. I think that's a pretty good idea. Sonic: How about you stfu Blinx: HOLY SHIT GUYS everyone: WHAT? Blinx: I THINK THIS KID NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION, HE HAS NO ARMS OR LEGS Sonic: That's rayman you fucking dumbass Rayman: FUCK YOU MEAN I HAVE NO ARMS OR LEGS MC: Ok now everyone, shut the hell up. As I was saying, we're going to be resorting on the basics of combat to win this war. You guys need to realize this IS a war. You can DIE. There is no rewinding like in Prince Of Persia Prince: Are you suggesting I can't fight MC: Well no, but now that you bring it up Prince: Oh fuck you MC: Name one guy you've ever heard of that is actually cool that uses a dagger Rayman: Hey didn't one of the ninja turtles use daggers MC: I rest my case. Max Payne: I like how we're accomplishing a hell of a lot of nothing MC: Do you want to try leading? Do you? DO YOU THINK THIS IS ALL FUN AND FUCKING GAMES? Max Payne: Careful chief, don't pop a vein MC: I'm gonna pop you in 5 second if you don't close your fucking mouth. Sonic: Seriously. Conker: Hey sonic what's the difference between you and an elephant? Sonic: What? Conker: An elephant doesn't kiss chief's ass Blind: OH I GET IT! You just implied that Sonic was kissing chief's ass. That was pretty good. Sonic: Oh you're fucking dead Conker: What are you going to do ram me to death. I'M SO AFRAID OF YOUR SPEED! REALLY I AM! Shit, even rayman has better powers than you and that mother fucker doesn't even have arms. Sam Fisher: Yeah sonic- no one here likes you. Conker: Sam do you think you're cool because you have a deep voice? DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES PEOPLE RESPECT YOU? Prince: Ok conker you're starting to get a little bit annoying Conker: Oh go back in time you fucking pansy Rayman: Holy shit he tried you like a fiddle Sonic: THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE Just then, spawn pulls out his ax and murders Spiderman. Rayman: HOLY SHIT! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT? Spawn: I never liked his comics Sonic: OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! YOU MADE US ONE MAN SHORT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LIKE THE GOD DAMN COMICS Spawn: I never liked sega. Want to be two men short? Conker: I think that axe is compensating for something Just then Bill Gates walks in. Bill: people people let's stay focused. Someone get this dead body out of here, pack it with money, and then dump it into one of my oceans of money. Anyway, we must stay focused. You all will respect me and chief. We WILL take down Sony....

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