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1) AWM
AWM - Training Material
AWM Style Pages

2) Bulletins

ALSP Assessment Bulletin
Bilingual Markings
Hole Plugging Manufacturing Process Step
Hologram Labels - New changes
Notes on IFS
Inspection Guidelines for Crimps
Label Requirements for Wire
Ultralink - new procedure documention and inspection instructions
Recognized Component Mark Data Page
Requirements for Regrinds and other additives
Lampholders - Marking Requirements
Unauthorized wire cable at End User-(Rev:6/18)

3) Calling Cards
ADA Card
ATA Card
JGZ Card
JRF Card
MAP Card
MPM Card
RLB Card
QSEE ID 2004

4) CDA
CDA News Brief
CDA Form
CDA Contact Form

5) Cenelec
PD CIG 021 – June 2004
PD CIG 022 – June 2004
PD CIG 023 – June 2004
PD CIG 024 – June 2004

6) Contacts Folder
Asian Inspection Centers List
Field and Office Information List
FUS Contacts
FUS Coordinators
Individuals to Call for help
Reviewing Office Fax Nos
RROP Revised -7

7) Data Sheets

Appliance Wiring Material
Data Communicable Cable
Testing Data Sheet
Decorative Outfits
Flexible Cord Datasheet
Label Transfer Form
Luminaires Datasheet
NCR - Notice of Change of File Responsibility
On-Call Format
PS Cord Datasheet
Processed Wire
X Radiation Datasheet

8) Forms
01 Electronic Form
02 Electronic Form
04 Electronic Form
ALSP Assessment Form
Delivery Receipt
In-Plant Training Record
Inspection Record form
Inspection Report form
Label Record Sheet
Leave Form
Missing Procedures/ Revision Form
NCR Form
Performance Evaluation Form
Procedure Error Report (PER) Form
Supervision Record
Supervisory Trip Report
Variation Notice Form (Page 1)
Variation Notice Form (Page 2)
Wire and cable Test Equipment form

Field Service Manual

10) Guide-Tables
Billable L - Summary
Cord Entry and Wiring Protection
Electrical Safety Testing
Fabricated Plastic Parts Program
Factory Assessment for Spark Test
Flammability Ratings -Table
Grounding Continuity Test
IEC Symbols
IFS Lotus Notes - Guide
Insulation Material for Flexible Cords
Label Permanency Test
Lamp Types

Marking Requirements
(PGDQ2/PGJI2) - Definitions and conditions
Mfr’s Test Program
PRV Guidelines
PWB Assembly instructions
Printing UL Marks – Guide
QMFZ2 Material Abbreviation
Tables for Flammability Ratings
Temperature Test Exempt
Test Surface available at UL
UL 153 Guide

11) Inspection Frequency
Guide for Establishing Inspection Frequency
Inspection Frequency - Summary

12) Letters
Acknowledgement Receipt
(IPI) Initial Production Inspection Notification
No Production Notice
On-Call Service
QSEE Envelop
Subject 801E
SVIS Activity Report
VN Resolution

13) Lotus Notes
Document Distribution System (DDS)
IFS Lotus Notes - Guide

14) MAPS
Atlas Metals
Carmelray Ind. Park
Casa Cebuana
Crown Asia
Currey International
D & L Industries
Dai ichi
KEC- Dusan
Nature’s Cavite
Nature’s Roxas
QSEE Office

15) Monitor Sheet
12 mm flame test
AWM Monitor Sheet
BICC Control Sheet
BICC Monitor Sheet
Decorative Lighting Strings Monitor Sheet
Decorative Outfits Monitor Sheet
Flexible Cord Monitor Sheet
Flexible Cords Control Sheet
Harness Monitor Sheet
HK Weekly Time Sheet
HS Craft Monitor Sheet
ICAC Quarter Summary
Portable Lamps Monitor Sheet
Processed Wire Monitor Sheet
PS Cord Monitor Sheet
PS Cord Plug and Connector Sampling
Type L Label Transfer Form

Revised Procedure for FUS Sample Tags
FUS Samples - Asia Reviewing Office
Summary of FUS Samples - Asia Reviewing Office
Sample Tag Info
New HK address for FUS Samples

17) Time Sheet
FR Time Report for IIP
Guidelines for QSEE Time Sheet
INFOCOM Internet
Time Sheet V409

18) Traceability Manual
Traceability Manual

19) UL Directories

20) UL Standards


21) UL RCD 2004
Recognized Component

22) Various

QSEE Logo Word

23) Wire

2896, 20624, 20861
Flexible Cord Procedure
Inspection Guide for AWM – Style 1015 Inspection Guide for AWM – Style 1569
SJT,W Procedure
SPT-1/ SPT-2 Procedure
SR Test (Range And Dyer PSC)
Wire Harness – Fire Door Q & A
XTW, CXTW Procedure