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FRIDAY; MARCH 11, 2005
Thank god for pain killers!

Ok! Where to start off I guess so much has changed in my life lately like my layout for instance hehehe I love it and thought it was so cute when I saw it I love Paris Hilton... Simple Life for life baby!! hahahaha don't ask but I am addicted to that show. Hmmm... well lets start when I got back from vacation.

I went to work last Monday and I seriously was dreading it because I honestly dislike my boss so much and she is nothing but a bitch to me excuse my language but it is my site so oh wel1. Anyways, she did nothing but bitch all that day but I tell yah it was soooo nice to see the girls I missed them so much. When I came home that night I was thinking to myself I need a new job I can't handle this nomore. So I made up a few resumes and then I was trying to think of places I can work. So the next day I wasn't feeling too good and didn't want to go into work so for the first time in my life I called in sick I couldn't believe it, although I had to bring my car to the dealer ship for an oil change and while I was waiting for my car I was offered a job as a receptionist making $14.00 an hour which is $5.00 more than I am making now plus more hours so of course I took it!! I START ON MONDAY!!! Hehe I'm so excited!!!!!

Ok.... thats it for the good news.... dun dun dun!!!! Yesterday morning before work I had a dentist appointment to go to for my cleaning and check up as always right, but when I got there I was in for a whole other treatment... I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled oh my god it hurt so bad I seriously never ever felt so much pain in my life... getting it taken out didn't hurt neither did the first 2 needles I got in my mouth but the last one that goes into the roof of my mouth oh man tears just poured outta my eyes the dential assistant was like wiping my mascara tears she was soooo sweet!!! So anyways, after the agonizing hour at the dentist I was going to go into work and ask my boss if I could just take the day off but when I got there she wouldn't let me. So I had to work all day with NO painkillers no nothing. I was in so much pain I was pale and having hot flashes, so at the end of the day I told her it was my last day working for her and she needs to learn how to treat her fucking staff a little better than she does.

Hehehehe anyways enough of my little rant hehe sorry!!! I am almost done revamping the site and I'm totally inlove with it but I really really want to get hosted I'm sick of these friggen' pop ups and ads they are seriously a pain in my bummy!! Well thats all for now kid's I hope you enjoy I think this is the longest post I've ever wrote..... Have a nice day

time: 12:23PM
tune: Lenny Kravitz - Lady
posted by: Jody

Getting back on track...

I had the time of my life on Vacation it was friggen amazing.... I saw my family and childhood friends it was so fun. I'm not a drinker hahaha but trust me I was smashed three sheets to the wind it was awesome!

So we left on the plane tis morning and I totally hate flying I cried most of the way home because I'm going to miss them all so much. Also I'm going to miss Corey the most you are seriously the best guy I've ever met hahaha thanks for asking me out when we were drunk and thanks for the kisses even tho we dont remember them I bet they were good. Can't wait to see you again soon!!!!! As for everyone else I met and hung out with I miss you guys so much and I'll never forget my last weekend home hahaha it was unforgettable well the parts we remember anyways!

Anyways, it's time for me to unpack and then crash I'm so over-tired it's sad really. Good nite all hope to hear from you soon!

time: 12:02AM
tune: Bare naked Ladies - What a Good Boy
posted by: Jody