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name: asia kristine isaroskul

description: 5'3",straight brownish hair to my shoulder blades,116 lbs,scary pale ^^

likes: sleep,caffeine,friends,gummy bears,cuddling,incense,music,loving,being loved,skin,the way Byron smells,stuffed animals,cream soda,balancing buddha on my tongue,comedy central,reading,hugs,..things

dislikes: people,day time,touching,humidity,crying,angry people,when buhhda falls off my tongue,ESPN,insects,politics,diet coke,loud sounds,...things

music: Acidbath,At the Drive In,Atreyu,From Autumn to Ashes,A Perfect Circle,David Bowie,Bikini Kill,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,HIM,Eve6,Lacuna Coil,The Doors,The Cure,Gackt,Malice Mizer,nine inch nails,Ozzy,Velvet Acid Christ,Mindless Self Indulgence,Orgy

tolerable people: (in no particular order..except for Byron being first) Byron, Tina, Kay, Derek, Jess, Paul, Luke, Mariana, Lindsay, Lizzie, Adri, Carlo, Alex, Jessica Crouse, Chu, Adam, Mariah, Vince and Amy, Jeremy, Jimmy...there's bound to be more people who I can stand to be around but I've mentally blocked them for the moment