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About three months ago, a game that I had really wanted to get coming out soon. I wanted to buy it but ad no money. So, for the next couple of weeks, I saved money where ever I could. I ate tray lunch at school but now think that it would have been wiser if I had just eaten cardboard instead of that garbage. I borrowed money from my brothers and sisters which, to this day, I have never paid back. And I also traded in games that I didnít play anymore. I know that I must sound really desperate but, at the time, I really wanted that game. After two weeks, I had saved up enough money to buy the game but no one wanted to take me. My oldest sister is a nurse and is just about always busy so I didnít think I could ask her. My brother is almost always out somewhere doing god-knows-what so I couldnít ask him either. And my parents would have never taken me to buy a game especially one that cost fifty dollars. The only person who actually had the time and a car was my other sister. the thing about my sister is that she is very lazy and wont admit it. she kind of like some of those fat people that you hear about that instead of admitting that they are fat would just call themselves big boned. just replace the fat with the lazy and the big-boned with i'm just tired i'll do it later. so to get her to take me, im promised to do a wash and vacume her car which was kind of funny because the the next day,after i washed it, she took it to get it washed at another car wash. till this day i still wonder why she had me wash the car when she was just going to get it washed somewhere else. so the time had finally come. she took me and i was finally able to get my game and with the extra money i saved buying it used, was able to buy another game. and so for the next week i played that game every day after school untill night came. and seeing as how long i would play it everyday, it came as no suppries that i beat the game in one week. and when it was finnaly over, i felt a little disapointed. sure the game was great and had a great storyline that i think had a better story than most moveis that i had seen, it still felt like somthing was missing. SO in the end, i traded the game for a playstation portable which is a pretty good deal seeing that it cost about two hundred dollars right now, and the game i bought with the extra money has become one of my faveriote games. i am also saving my money again to buy accesories for my PSP and decided that i would not go as far as to eat tray lunch again at school. i just hope that somthing else doesn't come out that i really want that comes out and lets me down again. but if that does happen again, maybe i'll get lucky again and trade it for a Playstation 3.