8:04 PM 2/16/04
Yep, News.. This is the news, this is a new layout.. Not as many frames. =)
8:41 PM 2/16/04
Yeah, Hello. I have a little bit more content than i did before. I like this layout alot more aswell. It's quicker, i think. I added some mudvayne stuff. I shall add more once i get around to it.
10:05 PM 2/16/04
Yes, i have a media list now, So far all it has on it are all of the cd's i own, and all the mp3's i have on my computer. It's just a list, i haven't decided if i'm going to link them somewhere, and where to link them. I also updated the Tool lyrics, they have section links now, i also added my message board.
10:22 PM 2/16/04
Arlight, so far i have this up. There isn't very much on here, but it's still here, it would be most helpful for someone to post on either my journal or post in the message board and give me suggestions. I'm up for anything. I have time. Well, on the weekends i have time.