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All These Things In Time
Tuesday, 15 July 2003
Well, so my summer sucks, how about yours, prom was funn, and lauren hun you know i'll always be there for you no matter what. I have to, well i don't have to i just want to work all summer at my dads office, its experience for when I do get a job. I want to hear from you guys tho so e-mail me or call me or something, i'm not totally restricted from having funn, so if you do call i'm allowed to do stuff. Colleen dyed my hair last night a light ash blonde, i like it. Humm.. i have gas i gtg i'll ttyl i love you all l8r days

Posted by blog/yourhere at 2:42 PM
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Thursday, 19 June 2003
Yea yea this is the almost end of the exams..only a french one let...humm this gum is good..o well, so..yea i love you allan, i really don't know what i'd do without gveme reason for waking up every morning...i hope Jacklyns party is a good one:D..HOPE..People really piss me dad for example, i can't stand him he thinks that since he is my dad he has the right to tell me what to think and when to think it...well i hope he goes and like gets hit by lightening...cuz he might as well.....i wish i had the guts and wasn't such a baby, i wish i could tell him i wanna live with mom, i can't stand living with him...but o well...I love you so damn much allan i never want to let you go.-love

Posted by blog/yourhere at 6:30 PM
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Wednesday, 11 June 2003
YeA so it's my gd.10 prom/grAd dAnce w/e you wAnnA cAll it...The prom itself mAy not be All thAt greAt {Although me And my friends usAlly pArty things up And mAke them fun} but the After pArty is gonnA rock...JAcklyn is hAving A pArty...her mom hAs "rules And RegulAtions" but its All good i'm sure it'll be Alot of funn AnywAys...I hAve A stupid peice of shit french project thing to do for my French exAm but i'm thinging of doing it not doing it @ the moment...but yeA...funn times..i gtg tho And Annoy my sister l8r dAys y'll...i love you AllAn & LAuren & PIlAr....i love you All.
lAter dAys....

Posted by blog/yourhere at 3:44 PM
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