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Okay, this is just a little rainy/snowy layout I made ^_^ have fun with it, enjoy blah blah blah.

Be sure to leave the link to Ere Serene in the sidebar and be sure that it's visible.

Just edit this text to put your main rant and stuff, can you tell I have nothing to say? But I will rant on.

Because see, the writing space grows bigger after you pass the crystal =)

This is what a Link looks like. Like it, eh?

Rant rant rant rantity rant, rant rant rant. More rants, lalala. Keep it going.

Oh, the picture is from Anime Theme.

Layout was quickly made in PSP7, thank me thank you ^_- I think I'm quite done ranting now, so I'll just leave you to yourself now. Have fun with the layout, enjoy, hope you like it, yada yada.

Layout By:

This is the sidebar, your links, anything sidebary-ish, goes here ^_^ You know what to do with it.