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The Wrights of Connecticut


. . . . .a place to explore our past

The purpose of this site is to:
 - Help us get to know those that came before us.
 - Share pictures and stories with other family members.
 - Connect with distant relatives that share our common ancestry.
 - Locate lost pictures, stories and artifacts.
 - Provide help to new family researchers.


Tracing our roots
If you're reading this, either you are a close family member that was told about this web page, or you are a genealogist who came across it while doing a family name search. The information you will find in these pages is not guaranteed to be one-hundred percent accurate or complete. In fact, it's a work in progress by an amateur (at best) genealogist.

Looking for ones ancestors can be an exciting and rewarding enterprise at times. It can also be very frustrating and time consuming. I've likened it to trying to solve a hundred year old mystery by looking back in time through a telescope. There are many aids available.

Some are listed here:

  • State and county vital records.
  • Federal and local census data.
  • Written works of reliable (and not so reliable) genealogists.
  • Local historical organizations and libraries.

Even with all of this information, you will hit a "brick wall" sooner or later. Therein lies the greatest pain/pleasure of this addiction called genealogy. While the brick wall will be your greatest frustration, breaking through it will be your greatest joy. Temporarily, that is. Until the next brick wall. Then the next breakthrough. etc...etc. So it goes on and on.

Learning to use and interpret information sources like the ones listed above will help, but sometimes a little luck or a tip off from a fellow researcher is all you need. I've found clues in the tiniest of details. Like who was living next to whom when a particular census was taken. Or when someone that responded to one of my message board posts told me the "Julia" was an Americanized version of the Norwegian "Gunhilde".

That brings me back to one of the main reasons for building this site. It's to help us all pool our information and see if we can trace ourselves back as far as possible. Find our family farms or kindred estates in the countries of our origin. Like I said, the information on this site is not nearly complete and not presumed to be correct. I'm hoping that piece by piece we can put the puzzle together so that we, and future generations, can look back and be proud of our heritage.

My main ancestral lines

With the help of many researchers, most of whom I don't know, here is a brief look at my four main ancestral lines and the first individuals known to these shores:

  • Wright - English/Scottish - Benjamin Wright 1610-1677 or James Wright 1701-1769 This mystery has yet to be solved.
  • Odegaarden - Norwegian - Chester Odegaarden 1904-1949.
  • Deutsch - German/Bohemian - Anton Jacob Deutsch 1872-1938.
  • Madland - Norwegian - George Jensen Madland 1849-1952.

Let's add the other four lines to make it an even eight:

Wright - Ronning   Deutsch - Prashak   Odegaarden - Haugerud   Madland - Dragvold     Great-Grandparents

Wright - Deutsch   Odegaarden - Madland     Grandparents

Wright - Odegaarden     Parents

Wright     Me

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