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Hello, and welcome to the Blast of Fire offical guild website. Here you will find out all about ways to make LOTS of NP and how to succeed in the world of neopets. I am currently still constructing this site so please be paitent. If you have any comments of concerns please neomail me and I will respond to you A.S.A.P. Please realize though, that from September to June I will take more time to respond as I am still in high school so it may take up to 2 weeks for me to respond. Links to different sections of the guild are below. Please don't neomail me saying that there are none because there are.


From July 22 to July 30, 2003, I will be on vacation in London, England. Please note that as I will be vacationing that no up-dates will be made to the guild. This also means that you will be unable to claim any newbie packs. I may have access to the internet in my hotel but currently I doubt that I will have enough time to make any significant updates to the guild.

Newbie Packs

All new members to the Blast Of Fire guild are entitled to claim a newbie pack. All you need to do to claim a pack is click here and find a pack you like. Then trade a worthless item for it. The newbie packs state that they are for the Taking Neopia By Force guild. This was my old guild and I haven't had time yet to cancel all the lots and restart them again. I am usually on my neopets account once a day or at the most, once every two days. I will then accept your trade and you will get your pack. If you want the item you traded back please neomail me and state the trade ID number, your user name and which item you offered for the newbie pack. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU TRADE FOR THE PACK. If you recieve a message that you didn't win a trade then that means that anther guild member put in an offer to claim a lot before you. You just need to claim another pack. There are plenty of newbie packs to go around.


Here are links to different sections of the guild site as well as back to neopets. All links are drop down menus. Just click on it to open it and click on the link. To closr the menu just click on it again.

  • Solutions and Cheats To Games!
    Poogle Solitaire
    Cheese Roller
  • Ways To Get Rich!
    NP Making Tips
  • Worlds In Neopia!
    Neopia Central
    Space Station
    Mystery Island
    Krawk Island
    Lost Desert
    Haunted Woods
    Roo Island
    Jelly World
    The Ruins of Maraqua
    Terror Mountain
  • Free Dailies(Click Here)
    Fruit Machine
    Healing Springs
    Coltzan's Shrine
    Giant Omelette
    Giant Jelly
    Your Bank Interest
  • Dailies That Cost(Click Here)
    Buried Treasure
    Haunted Kiosk
    Winter Kiosk
    Wheel of Misfortune
    Wheel of Mediocrity
    Wheel of Excitement