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Sound Diary
Saturday, 25 October 2003
Oxfam Shop & My Last Break

Oxfam Campaigns Disillusioned by the 'truth' of Just Cuts, I strolled along in the mall trying to enjoy the rest of my day. I stopped by at the Oxfam shop and bought a few packs of their Maya Gold chocolates (life supplements for my uni study) and two 2004 people diaries. Then I went into a coffee shop where there are lots of magazines to read and sat down and relaxed. This was, my very (very) short and last break I would have until the end of this semester (Nov 19).Oxfam Shop

Posted by blog/wildact at 4:38 PM EAST
Updated: Saturday, 25 October 2003 10:53 PM EAST
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Saturday Part2: Visual Revitalisation

Car Park The Saturday afternoon was devoted to my very long-postponed visual revitalisation - rejuvenation, should I say. The last hair cut I had was labelled as 'The Mad Dog's Bite' so it must have been a healthy choice to just end the postponement. Nevertheless, the new chance I gave to both myself and to hairdressers in Australia did not turn out to be a success, either.

I drove to the Indooroopilly Westfield Shopping Town and decided to give the Just Cuts there a try. Just CutsIt was dissapointing - Just Cuts may be less in price but so are their services and skills. When I was not happy with the length and asked for 1cm shorter overall, they told me that I have used up my account and it's time for the next customer. On the back of the receipt it states that all cuts are guaranteed ('...because we are so sure you will like our cuts...'). Well, I didn't like it and I asked for an adjustment but I was kicked out of the shop - How do you define that guarantee then? It would be just bizarre, too, if the hairdresser would agree to recut my hair if I had held my complain back for a few days and come back with the receipt on another day. All in all, the no-appointment system sucked, too, because it was way too busy for adopting an no-appointment system. I was told to wait for 15 mintues but ended up waiting for an hour.

Conclusion? You bet I've thrown both the member card as well as the receipt out - I will never visit a Just Cuts shop again.

Posted by blog/wildact at 4:22 PM EAST
Updated: Saturday, 25 October 2003 10:52 PM EAST
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Saturday Part1: Physical Revitalisation fact it started with 'visual revitalisation' first. Uni study has been crazy in the past month and I have withdrawn from most of my gym activities. Saturday's Body Balance class (like yoga) is my only possible commitment at the moment. The preparation when the weather was still cold a couple of months before was easier - I could get by being slack on my shaving duties (come on, I know I'm not the only one using seasons as an excuse)!

After preparing (shaving) myself in the right outfit for the class, I headed down to my Body Balance class of the week. My favourite parts would be the Taichi in the beginning, the Balance in the middle, and the Relaxation (meditation) in the end.

However, recently not even this gym ritual works its full magic on my exhaustion...I think it definitely is about time for a long summer break.

Posted by blog/wildact at 4:04 PM EAST
Updated: Saturday, 25 October 2003 9:43 PM EAST
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To the rest (literally)
No rest and no relaxation is as good as a deep, peaceful sleep. One of the best things I enjoy about Australia is its natural environment. Day and night, you hear all kinds of sounds of nature (Want to hear them? Click Sound 1 Sound 2 Sound 3 Sound 4). In winter it tends to be quieter but on some lucky nights one can hear sound of some night owls in the suburb (pity it didn't happen during my recordings :-)

I am an night owl myself, too, but I was too worn out to stay up late. I hit the sack as soon as I blow-dried my hair. It was strange having a MD recorder put on during my sleep, but I fell asleep all the same, and snored...a little (Nah, you won't even have a chance to hear THAT on this blog).

Posted by blog/wildact at 3:43 PM EAST
Updated: Monday, 27 October 2003 2:41 PM EAST
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After the Feast

laptopWhat did I do?
It is always nice to just do nothing and spend time quietly, after having had a very busy period, and after having a very filling buffet feast.

I refreshed myself further with a long shower, washing my hair, brushing my teeth. After I dried myself and dressed myself I sat down in front of my computer and started chatting with my friend in Kyoto.

Internet radio is usually the background music to all my activities in my room. Since my last visit to Canada I have developed a habit of listening to its local internet radio (such as CBC Calgary or La Premiere Edmonton). The FM Champla station in Naha, Okinawa Japan is also my favourite.

Posted by blog/wildact at 3:27 PM EAST
Updated: Saturday, 25 October 2003 10:45 PM EAST
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Sushi Station on Friday night
It was going to be a weekend when I would have a rare chance to just go out, not read my dossiers or write essays or do research. The mid-semester break did not serve anything at all. I was still punished by two assessments which were due right after the break and so the weekend of 10-12 Oct became my very first break instead.

With this in mind, I was in a semi-carnival mood as I came back from uni late Friday evening. My parents were ready to go out and have dinner at the Sushi Station in West End, where they serve more than Sushi in a buffet style. I changed my cloths quickly and hopped on Lexus with them.

Our old friends - the Cheong family - decided to join us for the night. Mrs. Cheong called up my mother as we drove towards the City. I have not had dinner with them in 10 years, it surely added a sense of festivity to our little event.

Dropping by at Cheong's place, we decided to call up the restaurant and postpone our booking. None of us knew the exact address and contact number of the restaurant so we resorted to Yellow Pages and Chinese newspapers.Search 4 Sushi Station

We arrived 15 minutes later than our appointed time. It was not a busy night - good for us, so that nobody will compete with you over your favourite dish. The restaurant is in a much better shape now that the owner and the management have changed and the buffet now has much more to offer on its menu. My favourite dish was the fresh, raw oysters but it is now replaced by sashimi and I'm quite disappointed by that.

Posted by blog/wildact at 2:54 PM EADT
Updated: Monday, 27 October 2003 2:42 PM EAST
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