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Welcome to our Wedding Help Website! Where our goal is to collect 200,000 dimes for our upcoming wedding next June 2007! As you know weddings have become increasingly expensive, and for two working students is just not something we can afford! Donators will have an advertisement or a weblink on this weddinghelp site, hopefully generating more traffic! Top Donators will be listed first! Help make our dreams come true! THANKS FOR VISTING OUR WEDDINGHELP WEBSITE! Please email if you are interested in contributing! What are we planning? We are hoping that if we receive enough money to have the wedding we dreamed of without breaking the bank! Who are we? My name is Noelle and my fiance's name is Tim, we just got engaged in April and hopefully can raise enough dimes to have a wedding with all the people we care about! We are both students who also work to keep up with our bills! Why Donate? Help us make our dream wedding come true and receive advertising on our website! How long will this site be up? It will be up until august 2007 unless traffic picks up then we will keep and donate the money over our goal to charities!