les poemes//

/ the door
written : 07.22.03
sometimes i feel so empty
like if you were drinking my blood
you wouldnt even notice
i tear at my tears
trying despratley to scrub them away
with the pain
alone and without you
i fear the loss
like all the times before
when you told me you needed time
and to take it slow
let's just be friends
a door pounds at my heart
with no opening, and no desire to be opened
there is no key
it was tossed away
when i gave my heart to you one day
way back when things were sweet
and time was of no issue
but now
i watch you search for the key
to open the door
of new oppritunties

/mental block
written: 06.28.03
thoughts savagley rip through my heart
my mind aches for answers
but shes not here
graphic pictures left open : for who to see ?
everyone but me ?
less time spent enjoying company
more time spent, out with friends
im dying slowly
curse her !
fucking pornographic images belong HERE !
its all a mind meld
eye candy for the soul
but its getting old
i want my "old" girl back
i need to sit back and wait
i have a mental block
and im irritated

/ lori nicole : mystical
written : 06.24.03
her beauty ; is pure enchantment
in my mind i see nothing more genuine
being with her is nothing short of mystical
she sets my mind miles away from everything
and makes the world her own
sipping sprite; as the world passes us by
at ease
comforted by oblivion
the serenity and warmth she contributes to
this relationship, sent by the goddess
because even in the worst of times
everything was perfect