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Welcome to the Maverick Cat Coalition. We are a federally registered charitable organization dedicated to providing protection, care, comfort and shelter to wild (feral), stray domestic and companion cats. Utilizing a Trap, Neuter/Spay and Return (TNR) program, Maverick Cat Coalition works to humanely reduce populations and the suffering of wild and domestic homeless cats in your community.

In the past, communities encountering a stray cat problem would typically catch the cats, take them from their site and have them euthanized. This, however, did not solve the problem; as cats were removed, others quickly moved in to fill the "vacancies".

They tried a different approach: catch the cats, neuter/spay and release them back to the same location. Researchers noticed the colonies would then stabilize and, through attrition, naturally reduce in size. They concluded that TNR was an effective and humane method to control feral cat populations.

That's why Maverick Cat Coalition has joined with other animal protection groups around the world in adopting this progressive strategy.


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